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How has ASEAN handled Covid-19 in 2021?

The Botched Vaccine Roll-out in ASEAN

It's truly the stuff of nightmares.

How many SE Asians are affected by this stunning lack of Covid-19 vaccines? Is this an issue of extreme and life-or-death concern to the people? Here's the answer:



Covid Relief Fund repayment

Scammers Scammers Everywhere

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NOTE: A "farang" is a man or woman in SE Asia, often Thailand or Laos or Cambodia, who is a "light-skinned western european" or from north America. It's not a derogatory term at all, though it "can be". It's just a word to describe light-skinned westerners.

I live in SE Asia, nearly a decade now. I am preparing to leave for a thousand reasons, plus a few tens of thousands more.

Currently, I am unable to get a Covid vaccine. I've offered as much as $1,500 for the first dose of any vaccine. I am old and have three co-morbidities -- blood pressure, asthma, and diabetes. Yet. I. Can't. Get. A. Vaccine. In. SE Asia. Can't I just fly out and get one from any nearby country and fly back in, all on the same damned day? Sure. I can fly out and get one with perfect ease for about $20. Even lowly Cambodia has them, as does Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, and many other Third World countries -- but my current country won't let you back in until....well....they're not sure. Check back in 2022 for an update. Most other countries will let you back in. But not mine.

What's the current date? It's nearly Aug, 2021.

I used to jokingly tell friends and family, who all already had vaccines in the US, Canada, the UK, Mexico, Finland, the Philippines, Cambodia, etc., that I probably wouldn't get a vaccine in SE Asia until....what? MARCH of 2021? Of course I KNEW it would REALLY be February. It was a joke to say I'd have to wait for March.

Yet here we are.

This country's official explanation for its stunning, jaw-dropping handling of the Covid issue is that "We thought we had it under control by closing the borders."

Close the borders for how long? Forever? That's what it would take. So why couldn't they simply extrapolate this out with about 4.3 seconds of elementary logical thought?

This country made no plan whatsoever beyond closing the borders. And when their own corrupt Immigration officials allowed thousands of Covid-infected illegals to sneak (walk) into the country and infect the entire nation, what then? What was the nation's plan to deal with that inevitability? Because that's precisely what happened. They had no plan. Extrapolation is an utterly unknown concept to the SE Asians. Try to explain it to them -- they'll simply stare at you like deer in headlights.

So now here we are. SE Asia is swarmed with Covid (we're labeled "dark red" now in my area because normal red wasn't horrible enough -- when everyone is dead will we be labeled BLACK?), and there isn't a vaccine in sight -- not even really for the locals (unless you're one of Buddha's "special people"), but absolutely, positively not for expats. Even though our expat home countries vaccinated every person from this country within their borders, AT OUR EXPENSE, AND AT THE SAME TIME WE VACCINATED OUR OWN PEOPLE, SE Asia won't even let us BUY OUR OWN vaccines in SE Asia! It's as if it's a planned, concerted effort to squeeze us (and our money) out of their country(s) -- because, of course, they're already rich beyond comprehension -- why, the daily factory worker wage is now up to $13 per day! So why would SE Asia think it needed to improve its economy by allowing filthy rich expats to come in and support the people and businesses (and government)? No reason. No reason whatsoever. The expats can die. If they're smart enough to figure out they won't be getting a vaccine this YEAR, well, then, they can just take all that cash to some other country because SE Asia. Doesn't. Want it.

This is a classic example of dumbness and rampant, unchecked racism, a particular and peculiar inability to extrapolate ANYTHING AT ALL -- along with the complete and utter belief that they are vastly and by far the most perfect and most intelligent beings on this earth, while in reality....

SE Asians have ZERO real world knowledge. Most have never heard of WWII, even though the Japanese simply walked in and took over one country and sacked it for any and all materials they wanted. They stole and raped and murdered with wild abandon and virtually ZERO push-back from that government-- Hell, hardly a quietly mumbled objection beyond the first week when the people were slaughtered in the streets along the Laos border. Yet almost none of today's SE Asians outside of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos have ever heard of anything about WWII. International Space Station? When asked point blank, many, or most SE Asians will regard you as if you're so naive as to be unworthy of their reply: "It's only American cartoon. Not real", will be their smug, dismissive retort, and you'll be waved off with the flick of the wrist, and a smirk, and maybe a chuckle to other superior natives present. Non-SE Asians of the world are SO DUMB, after all! Oh, must we tolerate their existence? It's SO difficult to tolerate them! International Space Station! How stupid do they think we are in SE Asia?!

In the north of my country there is a government school which has a world globe upon which all countries, every single one, has been carefully blacked out by magic marker -- except this one. I'm surprised they left the oceans blue or the ice caps white. Maybe this is standard school issue here, I don't know. But that's perfectly representative of the depth and opacity of the bubble they live in.

When will farangs (expats) get a Covid vaccine in SE Asia? The government says maybe early 2022. We must wait for ALL citizens to get theirs first, my own expat hospital told me in writing. Meanwhile, the USA puts SE Asians right into the same queue along with US citizens for Covid jabs. Has anyone mentioned this to the US State Department? Maybe it's time to send SE Asians back to SE Asia. If only I were King of America, oh, the wonderful chaos I could wrought! (Yes, yes, I used it incorrectly but I like it anyway so back off).

Here's an update on my friend's effort to get the vaccine. As I mentioned previously, he had made some "special deal" with some obscure hospital clear across SE Asia, and he had a solid appointment a month ahead of time. Here, in his own words, is how it went:

"So, km travelled a little under 1200 to get the ever so wonderful Chinese vaccine. But, something is better than nothing. Of course, though, nothing goes to plan. After checking before leaving that the appointment was still good 15 hours before appointment time, we're told sorry; we are cancelling all the appointments until more vaccine arrives. We used it all up!"

I'll say bluntly, I doubt they ever had a single vaccine in the facility. They probably thought they had some on the way, but someone in this government diverted it. Or, maybe they never had a deal at all to procure the vaccine, and just thought maybe they could get some before everyone arrived. Again, I know of NO (zero) farangs as of this date who have received ANY vaccine or have ANY HOPE of getting one as of late June, 2021, even though ALL SE Asians in the US who wanted it and in every other farang country have either gotten it already, free of charge, or can get it with a day's notice, for free, if they desire. The situation is pretty Goddamned putrid.

And "President" Biden (Whistler's Brother) just announced he's going to GIVE millions of vaccines to foreigners in foreign countries. Foreigners. But not to Americans in foreign countries. Wait a minute! I'm still paying US taxes by the wheelbarrow load. It was MY money that bought THOSE vaccines! Yet I can't have one!?

Ah, Biden, you pudding-headed fucking imbecile. You couldn't run a 7-11 and I mean that literally, not just as an insult. I would bet my actual physical life that this man couldn't manage a 7-11, that he'd be fired inside of 90 days. Yet he is....what? Ruler of what?!


I'm now in receipt of a letter from the USA Embassy here. The image of it appears below. The letter is self explanatory but it claims that Biden will put 7 million Covid vaccine doses into several SE Asian countries, hopefully for the purpose of allowing Americans to be vaccinated by SE Asian governments, who appear to be refusing to allow any expats to get the jab. It was the tax dollars of expats who created the vaccines, and the western nations have long vaccinated SE Asians, for free, in the same queues as the citizens of those countries who paid for those vaccines, yet the governments of the SE Asian countries don't seem to want to allow Americans in SE Asia to get vaccinated.

In any case, the US says seven million doses will be in SE Asia by the end of June, 2021, with a heavy emphasis that Americans be vaccinated with this GIFT. He sort of alludes to the notion that he can't FORCE the SE Asians to use this gift to vaccinate Americans (who paid for the vaccines), but he "sure wishes they would". Do you think this heartfelt hope will sway the SE Asians to vaccinate us here?

At the end of June, 2021, I am unable to track down even the scent of a vaccine. I've registered with four different databases now (more every day), and when I go back to check status, all records are gone. My local girlfriend has tried to register me in four more new ones, but each time she gets stuck because the form won't proceed unless you input a valid national citizen number -- which no expat has.

I've tried myself to trick these online systems into accepting my data. I've been unsuccessful. Now, as far as we can tell, there are NO registration programs for ANY expats. Period.

My local girlfriend was told by a nurse-friend to go to _______ City hospital and FORCE them to accept my registration, even refusing to leave unless and until the police were called. She did try this, and was not allowed to enter the building once her intent was known (she should have kept her mouth shut until she was inside). But honestly, once she left, the SE Asians would just delete the registration anyway. Don't think so? Then you haven't lived here as long as I have.

Another local hospital announced it had some quantity of vaccines. A website registration was required. I completed one, but when I didn't hear back I went in person anyway. The queues consisted 100% of SE Asians. Two hours after the announcement they were gone. I know of NO farangs who got one and I didn't see a farang there.

Now we KNOW the USA has dumped SEVEN MILLION doses into a handful of ASEAN countries, with the strong admonishment (or a whimsical hope?) that they really oughta be used for the Americans whose tax dollars made the vaccines available in the first place, yet there is not the tiniest hint of these vaccines being in this country in SE Asia.

The OCR version of the letter is below, so that search engines can find it, underlines mine:



To My Fellow Americans in [SE Asia],

In the past few weeks, many of you have asked about the availability of vaccines in SE Asia.

I want you to know that I hear you and understand your concerns. I am providing you with an update
on the actions our government is taking to ensure you have access to vaccines.

The Biden-Harris Administration has embarked on a global effort to address this pandemic by
sharing 80 million vaccine doses worldwide by the end of June and 500 million more in the coming
year. The first 25 million of these doses will soon be released, with seven million going to
countries in Asia, including SE Asia. We continue to advocate with the [government] for fair access to vaccines by our citizens [remember this line]. We are heartened by government commitments to vaccinate Americans and other foreign nationals who reside here, just as SE Asian and other nationals are receiving vaccinations with ease in the United States.

The U.S. diplomatic mission has not been spared by COVlD-1 9, as several families in our
community have endured tragedies from this terrible pandemic. Across the world, many countries
are grappling with surges in COVlD-19 cases and emerging variants among largely unvaccinated
populations, requiring this crisis to be resolved on a global basis. Our government is therefore
taking a methodical, equitable, and science-based approach to direct vaccine doses to the most
seriously afflicted countries.

The U.S. Department of State is unable to provide vaccines to the millions of Americans who reside
outside of the United States. For those who wish to return to the United States to be vaccinated,
information on vaccine availability at the state level is available at Meanwhile,
as SE Asia pursues its vaccination program, I will continue to advocate for your equitable access,
keeping in mind that many local citizens are also waiting for their own vaccines. I welcome your
personal experiences with vaccination conditions in your area, and have set up a new email account
( to receive your submissions. We continue to provide updated information on
COVlD-19 on our Embassy webpage at

We will work with the government to ensure you are served in line with their
goal to vaccinate all residents without regard to nationality

The United States has made significant progress in fighting this pandemic, but I agree with you that
the work is far from done. I am optimistic that vaccine availability in SE Asia will increase as the
fruits of American technology are made available to the world. Our own heath agencies here in
SE Asia continue to work side-by-side with local colleagues to develop vaccines and therapeutics
to defeat this pandemic over the long term.

I will remain in touch with you in the days and weeks ahead as the situation develops.

With best regards,

Michael G. Heath

Charge d' Affaires




Here's a vastly better and simpler solution: Send the damned vaccines to the American embassies in these countries and vaccinate ONLY holders of US passports.

Like France did.

Like China did.

Like Russia did.

Like India did.


Done deal.

Stop the hang-wringing, whining and mealy-mouth appeasements.

Our very lives are at stake here.

Try to grasp the fucking concept.


On the last fiasco, the SE Asians were advertising the stick for $60.

But of course the nurse to administer the stick was going to be almost another $60 (you were told when you arrived).

But of course they didn't have any sticks to sell anyway.

Monkeys Wearing Pants.




Shortly after midnight on July 1, 2021, we received an alert saying our local Hospital had a lot (a batch) of Moderna vaccines and registration was now open. We called them instantly and were told that, for ONE vaccine was 6,800 baht, or about $290 usd. I was almost willing to pay it. But then they said they MIGHT arrive in January of 2022. I still might have gone ahead and registered. But then they said you must pay the total fee upfront. And stupid me, I STILL might have paid for this scam, but when asked if we find another vaccine earlier, can we get a refund. Answer: NO. Well then, if the vaccines don't come in in January 2022, can we get a refund? Answer NO. So we simply hung up.

In the morning of July 1, I checked their website to find a completely different story. For one vaccine a prepayment (total payment) of only $65 was required. And the vaccines "should" arrive in October of 2021, but could remotely possibly be as late as January 2022. This was a good enough deal so I tried to register and prepay. Lo and behold, their entire allotment had sold out by 2 a.m., or two hours after they opened registration.

Welcome to SE Asia, folks.

I am ramping up my efforts to sell everything I own here in hopes of simply leaving this insane asylum behind.

Enough is enough.

If it were ONLY this vaccine nonsense, that would be one thing that a person might endure -- IF they physically survived it. But the SE Asians are like this with absolutely every single interaction, bar none, and it's getting measurably worse every year. Honestly, I think there's a ground-water contamination that's making them progressively more stupid every single day. Speaking of water, we are without water easily three times per week in a major metropolitan area. Often it continues long enough that our water tank is depleted and we must "shower" with bottled water, and this has continued for 9 years. We lose electricity many times per day. Absolutely every single device in the home must run on UPS batteries (fleets of them), yet our electric bill is right at FOUR TIMES what it was in a beautiful California suburb in the US. You order food deliveries that never show up or are the entirely wrong items. You pay for car insurance only to find that the broker only created a fake policy and ran away with the money. I once went to a doctor for a recurring foot infection. He tried several antibiotics but none worked. Finally he called me in one last time and had a gigantic syringe that he wanted to inject me with. I said ok. And it hurt like hell. But after the injection I asked for the name of it in case it did work -- I wanted to keep the name in my records. He laughed and shrugged and said he didn't know; his friend had given it to him. THAT is SE Asia. Yes, it did work. But no one knows what it was, not even the doctor who injected it. He has no clue what it was.

It's a never-ending string of this bullshit, day in and day out and now that peculiar [local] arrogance / incompetence might actually take my life via Covid. So enough is enough.



Several nights ago the following occurred:

About 11:57 p.m. we get an ANOTHER alert from a local hospital saying they were opening Covid vac registrations for farangs at midnight straight up. No prior warning whatsoever.

My girlfriend asked me, "Do you want?"

Of course I want.

So she starts the registration for me on the non-English-only page.

Then at the end she says ok, it's $226 us.

I say no. Forget it. That's absurd. Maybe I'll get Covid and die, but I won't succumb to thievery like that.

Then I immediately reconsidered, remembering my offer to corrupt local officials of up to 50,000 baht and it turned out they weren't corrupt ENOUGH.

Then I asked, really? $226 for one dose? I was ready to deal.

Yes. It it will come in January 2022 (just like the previous offering that never materialized).

2022 was the red line in the sand.

Ok. They can fuck off.

I had been through so many of these absurd registrations and none of them, not a single one, ever, ever, ever came to fruition.

She closes the connection.

In the morning a friend shows me that it was REALLY about $66 for one. Where did the infamous muddler, my girlfriend, get the absurd figure for one dose? No clue.

So the price was ACTUALLY for she and I BOTH: Two doses each. And maybe in October.

I tell her to go back and pay for one dose for me. I'm willing to gamble $65 against it never showing up at all, or another source opening up sooner.

But just then my friend shows me that they are sold out and were since before 12:16 a.m. when HE tried to register.

So, fuckity fuck fuck fuck. I'm screwed from every direction.

I raged at girlfriend much of the day. She's used to it these days. She says Covid won't get me; an aneurysm will. I'll take it gladly. Covid is killing us even if we don't contract it.

Sitting here at 2:50 p.m. that next day we get an alert from the hospital: "If you want to keep your place in the vaccine queue you have ten minutes left to pay."


She didn't even know she had fully registered.

So she scrambles for eight minutes trying to get them to remove her vaccines. But of course they won't.

So with 30 seconds remaining I pay the full $300.

Done deal, right?

Oh, silly boys and girls. This is SE Asia!, where if you tried to include this insanity in a dime novel it would get removed from the shelves because the plot was so unbelievable it couldn't even be loosely based on real life. This wouldn't even fly in Alice's Wonderland. Nothing like this COULD ever happen nor would any writer try to pass it off as fiction.

Where does that leave us, sitting here in a hot-zone marked "dark red" on the maps because every tenth person now has Covid? Even the kids on my street have been force-tested and forcibly removed to the Covid internment camps where they sleep on cardboard cots with no AC and their parents can't even visit them, because the hospitals are full (UPDATE: Now the internment camps are completely overflowing).

No. The vaccine situation is even worse than that. Here's what I posted on this hospital's page:

"Latest I have is this:

The hospitals were never allowed to order vaccines directly from the manufacturers, and the manufacturers didn't want to deal with non-government entities anyway. Why? I think it's about liability. The manufacturers demanded and got blanket release from liability from the GOVERNMENTS in exchange for speeding up the vaccine process. I think they can't get that level of release from anyone but governments.

A bunch of hospitals therefore got together and asked the local government to order in a total of about five million doses. The local government said ok. So the hospitals went out and booked as many slots as they were allotted vaccines, and took the money from whoever was stupid enough to pay it (me). In the case of my local hospital, that seems to have been 5000 doses. Those were gone in less than 16 minutes, which shows the otherworldly demand.

We were told to expect the vaccines from October 2021 to January of 2022. Of course no one really expected delivery to be January of 2022 because that would be nearly a full YEAR after it started going out to the rest of the world. Think about that. Nearly a FULL YEAR late. And that would be too ludicrous even for SE Asia.

But many of us went ahead and paid cash for the probability of getting a vac in October 2021, which would still be about 8 or 9 months after much of the rest of the world got theirs.

But it turns out that the local government didn't order the vaccines at all!

There was a huge disagreement in paperwork (because this is SE Asia). And we are finally told, as of about the 2nd of July, that the paperwork has been sorted and the order is ready to be finally placed (it should have been placed before the hospitals even took the bookings -- in fact, it should have been IN THE STOREROOMS before they started taking our money).

Except the local gov now says it doesn't have the money to place any order at all.

What happened to all the money the hospitals collected for the government order? You can speculate all you want. This is SE Asia and Third World countries are Third World countries for a REASON which seldom has anything to do with lack of resources or opportunities.

In any case, speaking with Moderna, they say that even if the vaccines were formally ordered and paid for TODAY (July 5), other orders have slipped into the queue now ahead of SE Asia, and it would be AT BEST the first QUARTER of 2022 before this batch -- you know, the ones we PAID FOR -- could even possibly be delivered to SE Asia. That means maybe April 30, and that's if the order were placed TODAY, which it has not been. And if they SAY the first quarter, you KNOW that means at LEAST the SECOND quarter."

Even once the order arrives locally, it will sit in Customs for weeks or maybe a month and a half while Customs wrings their hands and schemes endlessly on how they, too, can scam a small fortune off of this before they clear it. And of course some percentage of the shots will disappear, if not the entire shipment.

Then, once cleared, whatever's left will take two weeks to transport to some storage facility locally, where it will be split up among the hospitals.

Then it will take three weeks to get transported out to those hospitals (it often takes two weeks for me to get a pair of shoes from 60 miles away), and when I order from the US, they're here in 4 days -- except that in the past four years Customs along with UPS has stolen EVERY. SINGLE. THING. I. ORDERED. FROM. AMAZON. That's 100%.

The few remaining vacs that end up at the hospitals will get stored improperly so that only a fraction of those survive.

Then it will take a week to get around to calling those pre-paid customers.

Then your appointment will be two weeks after that.

And when you arrive, you'll be told they are sold out. Please try again next year.

You think this is negative thinking? Watch and learn how things are done in SE Asia.

I'll document it all right here.


In the US or any normal, thinking country, you'd demand a refund. The hospital would argue and stall. You'd file a small claims court lawsuit and you'd have your refund in three weeks.

But this is SE Asia. No such mechanisms exist here. I was curious about the fact that the hospital wouldn't accept credit cards to pay for the vaccines. Now I know why. Bank transfers only. Irreversible if they don't deliver the product. No chargebacks.

Lives are literally at stake, mine included, with three serious co-morbidities (asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure (and age)). Thank God I'm not fat although if I sit around in lock-downs much longer I will be. You can draw your own conclusions about this. I know what I think. I still believe the Hospital did more or less what they could when they could do it. But their hands were tied behind their backs by a government that is frankly terrifyingly inept. Terrifyingly inept. And let's not even begin to address the issue of honor.

I live in a "dark red" zone, probably the darkest, reddest in all of SE Asia. I'm not willing to sit through this until they are dragging bodies in back of cars to the nearest intersections where they are doing mass burns at night, like they did in India. If the vaccines I PAID CASH FOR (myself and local partner), won't be coming for ANOTHER NINE MONTHS OR MORE, then I think it's time to demand a refund and simply leave SE Asia in the rear-view mirror forever. I've never even read fictional accounts of anything even remotely as crazy as this. I've never seen ineptitude this profound. I swear, it's clinical.

And yet, the American gov, to which I pay wheelbarrows of money in taxes every year, also steadfastly and flatly REFUSES to do anything to help get Americans poked. The best they can do is send several million free vaccines to SE Asia and POLITELY ASK IN A MEALY-MOUTH LETTER that "some" of those vaccines go to Americans. And I have some beach front land to sell in Atlantis. Seriously, I do! It's not cheap because it is, well, you know, PRIME. But we can make a deal; I'm sure of it.

Still, SE Asia says THOSE vaccines never arrived. Where are they? Inquiring minds want to know!

Honestly, if SE Asia wants us out (or dead), then just stand up straight like real men, not bloody ferrets, and say it out loud. No more screwing around. Grow a backbone. Seriously, SE Asia, just say it. I realize that many of the farang expats in SE Asia are just worthless knobs. I know that. I know SE Asia sees it. I know that a large percentage of farangs are not wanted here EVEN BY ME. I have websites about the low quality of farangs here. But still, if the local government wants all farangs and their money out, just say it out loud like adults, because that's truly, truly what it's beginning to look like.

At first glance THIS might make one think there was a tiny ray of hope poking through the clouds, but if there is, it's only a penlight held high above the overcast.

Here's the protein from this:

Pfizer has stepped up to donate 1.5 million doses to SE Asia.

That's the good part.

Now the ridiculous part:

Only 20% of them are mandated to be used for "foreigners".

They don't say Americans.

They say "foreigners".

There are three million "foreigners" here just in this country. Who gets preferential treatment? Not Americans, whose tax dollars and ingenuity CREATED the fucking vaccine, along with the Brits.

Of this tiny batch, there are (if they arrive) enough vaccines to inoculate 150,000 "foreigners" in SE Asia. I always imagine that Brits and Yanks are sort of interchangeable when talking about farangs.

But they won't arrive until, AT THE EARLIEST, the first of 2022. Don't be surprised if it's more like April of 2022, just like Moderna.

There are roughly 3 million "foreigners" living in this SE Asia country, but most of whom come from Cambodia and Burma. But they're classed right in the same group as Americans and Brits. A foreigner is a foreigner is a foreigner. If 300,000 doses get split evenly between 3 million "foreigners", well then, Pokie. We're screwed. Again. And ever.

In the end, sometime in 2022, IF this batch even ever arrives and is not stolen by some miscreant in Customs or mishandled in the freezers and ruined while being distributed, or sold exclusively to SE Asians or to other countries under the table, how many AMERICANS will ultimately be vacced from this batch -- you know, the vaccines that YOUR TAX DOLLARS PAID FOR?

I'll go out on a limb here and say the number will be lucky to be ANY. There are maybe 30,000 Americans in-country now (I don't know how many Brits). They're almost all old and with multiple co-morbidities (we all retired here when we got old and sick for God's sake!). But it's turning out, "This ain't no country for old men." A percentage will be dead from Covid in another HALF OR THREE QUARTERS YEAR or more. And do you actually believe the SE Asians will "reach out" to Americans to come on in and get vaccinated even if vaccines are available and allocated specifically for farangs?? No. It will be kept very quiet with few, if any public announcements of availability, and when no Americans or Brits come forward to claim their allotted vaccines (because they didn't know about them), they will be "distributed" elsewhere.

300,000 vacs to be shared equally to farangs (oops, foreigners). Well it was a fun dream. For about 20 seconds.

Would you like a microscopic glimpse into what it's like to try to get ANY Covid-19 vaccine in SE Asia? Remember, this is only a glimpse. I had either registered, or tried to register, with every single one of these. Of the few (about 8 as of this writing) where the registration seemed to go through, all data was gone (for expats) within one to five days when we went back to double check that we were still in the database (in many cases the registration websites themselves were simply GONE). Ok. Here you go. This refers to the GIANT JUNE 7 ROLLOUT:

Despite the public health minister assurance that SE Asia is still on track to commence its vaccination program on June 7 and more vaccines are arriving throughout the month, many hospitals are postponing their vaccination appointments due to shortages.

I now (July 7, 2021) know ONE (1) local who has received ONE Sinovac dose, and I know FOUR (4) farangs who have each received one dose (manufacturer unknown). ALL of those four were given the jabs "under the table" by "special arrangement" from local government officials in the capital. NONE got a jab through normal, legal channels.

Maybe other expats HAVE received a jab through normal, legal channels, but I don't know any and I have not even heard a rumor of that happening. Not once.

Is the reader BEGINING to see the tip of this iceberg?

It's actually far and vastly bigger than this, but I want to know if people are even BEGINNING to grasp the dire emergency expats in SE Asia are living with. We're dying. We're dying for lack of something that's nearly as plentiful as hamburgers in many other intelligent countries. Yet not only can we NOT get it, it appears to me as though there is a concerted effort to KEEP US FROM getting it. Honestly, that's how it's beginning to appear.

I received a piece of news today that is as yet unconfirmed. If I confirm it to be bogus, I'll remove this statement or I'll mark it as not true. If I confirm it to be true, then this statement will stand. It is this:

The local government is due to receive a batch of Pfizer vaccines in the next few days (by mid July, 2021, as the news reported). Instead of giving those to "the public", whether locals or expats, they have decided to give them to "front-line workers" (probably meaning high ranking government officials "in the loop") as a -- get this -- THIRD vaccine. No one can make this up!

[UPDATE]: This hasn't been formally decided as of July 7, but it has been proposed by government officials. These vaccines appear to be the doses given (GIFTED!) to SE Asia by Pfizer on the condition that at least 20% of them were to be used on farangs.

Honestly, writers could never write a sci-fi novel and include stuff like this. The publishers would deem it far too fantastical and unbelievable to publish.

How do I feel about SE Asia right about now? I have no words. I'm a writer by trade -- countless national and International magazines and nine books. Yet my Thesaurus does not have adjectives adequate to describe what's going on here.

I came to SE Asia after my wife died. I was to live out my life here. I bring 240,000 baht into this country every month (the average local wage is 13,000 baht per month) and I help support around 80 local orphans. But honestly, I'm done. I'm done. Even lowly Cambodia (Kumboosha) has vaccinated around TEN TIMES as many of its citizens as this country has, and this country says it's all going exactly to their plan.

At this moment everything I own is for sale here. But of course I can't get, literally, five cents on the dollar for ANYTHING because the expats (those who can afford my stuff) have either left, are considering leaving, or have already decided to leave. NO ONE wants to add to their burden of STUFF here at this point in time. I have a contact that I've used for a decade to unload all my unwanted stuff. He says it's not just a bad market right now -- there is no market at all. In fact, it's worse than that: expats are either giving their belongings away, or are simply piling them on the street for SE Asians to pick up as they find them. I suspect a lot of departing farangs, like me, know that whatever they ship outbound for their home country will simply be picked through by Customs, or, as seems to be the modus operandi now, Customs will so completely and inextricably obfuscate the export process that not even a team of attorneys can untangle it, and the shipper will end up abandoning all their possessions before they even get out of the country. That means that Customs gets to simply take home the things YOU OWN, that THEY LIKE. This has been documented in local public newspapers hundreds of times, yet Customs simply doesn't care and will not change. This is beyond common for imports across SE Asia, even lowly items from Amazon such as cotton buds (true story -- Google it), and so it appears to be true also for outgoing shipments.

My choices will likely come down to this: Leave my things on the sidewalk in front of my shop, or hire a boat and throw it into the sea to keep them from Customs. In either case, when I'm out of here, I'll expand this website to reveal what I really think of SE Asia after a decade, with proof, and I'll religiously do the SEO to put the website at the top of every Google search that includes the word "____". The SE Asians are good at blocking anything they don't like, and I'm good at moving content to new servers and domain names.

I do have another option for the disposal of my belongings. I can burn them in the street. I have a five story shophouse FULL and brimming with things I've purchased here over a decade. Perhaps some expats who are destined to die here from Covid because the government won't give them a vaccine, would like to be burned on top of that pile. I swear, I'll do it if those are someone's last wishes after being butt-fucked and killed by this government.

Monkeys Wearing Pants.



On the evening of July 7, 2021, as it looks more and more as though SE Asia is going to use a batch of desperately needed Pfizer vaccines intended partially for Americans, to give their own chosen few a stunning THIRD DOSE of Covid vaccine.

I was just about to pen an open letter to the Embassy here, and cite many of the facts and concerns contained within this website, and to point him specifically to this website, and to beg and plead for help getting vaccines to Americans here. But honestly there's no damned point. This was already done by multiple Americans (above), and it accomplished exactly nothing, except another limp-wristed appeal to the local government by the American government to include the vaccines they were GIVEN....for Americans. The local government clearly has no intention of doing this until they have absolutely nothing better to do, and Michael Heath clearly is so far behind the knowledge and experience curve on this that he is utterly impotent in effecting any ACTION in this regard at all.

Yes, a few thousand Americans could get together and pen a new letter AGAIN, and the US Embassy would then respond (maybe) with another pathetically weak "suggestion" to the local government AGAIN to include Americans in the distribution of this GIFT of vaccines, which the local government would ignore completely, and all that time and ink would have been wasted. Again.

I now believe that the ONLY way any American will get a vaccine before the first or second quarter of 2022 is to fly out and walk to any corner pharmacy and get it in 15 minutes and then -- and then what? Come back to SE Asia? Only a blithering fool would do so. Once you escape, STAY ESCAPED. It's crystal clear SE Asia wants us out anyway. And meanwhile, every local from this country in the US (300,319 as of 2016) can walk into any clinic and get a vaccine on the spot with no questions asked. What I wouldn't give to be in charge of local immigrations in the US at this moment.


UPDATE July 8, 2021

The evidence is growing that the Sinovac vaccine simply doesn't work. In some areas, almost as many people vaccinated with Sinovac as not vaccinated at all are contracting Covid. Some of that is attributable to the Delta variant, and some not. Honestly, what would anyone expect from China.


UPDATE July 9, 2021

I now know one (1) farang from the UK who has received the AstraZeneca vaccine, for free, legally through the local government. He is 35, a trained athlete, in perfect health, and spent all of 2020 and the first half of 2021 loudly proclaiming to all who would listen that Covid was a good thing for the world because there were "too many people". That's verbatim -- yet he's first in line and eager to get this stick. I posted this on the local hospital Facebook and it was removed within 90 seconds.


UPDATE July 10, 2021

Some of us have resorted to "alternative" methods to get a vaccine and thereby hopefully save our lives. It is possible I will have one jab in around a week (not Sinovac). I will keep the readers posted.

In the meantime, for your entertainment, the following are an illustration of how the Chinese -- you know, those SMART and HONORABLE and TRUTHFUL people to the North, are spinning the Covid debacle. Obviously it's beyond laughable. The problem lies in the fact that the SE Asian countries actually believe it, which is precisely China's wet-dream.




C'Mon, China! Why not just say you've only had a grand total of 43 Covid cases and only one fatality in two years!? Why not say that!? It would be exactly as believable as the lying bullshit you fucking worthless morons have declared above! And China wonders why it is utterly and wholly reviled around the entire world. THIS IS WHY. The Chinese vaccines don't work even now! If they're not working around the world, THEY DIDN'T WORK IN CHINA EITHER! Many countries are giving up on them entirely! Yet these fucking Monkeys Wearing Pants want the world to believe THIS!? Seriously, China, go fuck yourselves, assuming you can even figure out how to do THAT. Jesus Christ what a Goddamned abomination that country is. Ferengi all the way. Hell, the Chinese make the Ferengi look decent and smart!



And in case you were thinking of getting the Chinese Sinovac, as an example, because you can't get anything else, it appears not getting anything else would work just about as well without the vaccine reaction risks. Good ol' China, our friend and yours -- NOT. Recent studies are showing that the Sinovac vaccine is enjoying a half-life of a whopping....wait for it....40 days. Would you expect anything else from China? If you've been duped into buying ANY Chinese product in the last 30 years, you already know the answer.



Great place to live and work, eh?

And such fine people too, those Chinese.


UPDATE, July 17, 2021:

On this date I received my first dose of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.

This was administered at a hospital in SE Asia, providing by far the finest service I have ever received OR SEEN or READ FICTIONAL ACCOUNTS OF anywhere in the world. Period. I used to think my local hospital was the best. No. It's a distant second compared to this one. I wish I could reveal its name; I will be able to in time. Look somewhere around the very end of this page. When it's time, I'll post it there. Very regrettably, I have been sworn to secrecy as to the provider AND the hospital, and I'll honor that.

I CAN say that it was the result of a program initiated by a foreign government other than America.

The jab was free, as will be the second one.

It must be clearly stated that this foreign government cared about me and my predicament far, far more than my own US government, who steadfastly refuses to do ANYTHING to materially help its own American citizens in SE Asia. Bluntly, the American government has become a total and unmitigated disaster, or, more bluntly and accurately still, a real piece of shit. America is now a write-off, a joke, the laughing stock of the world -- a place starving SE Asians no longer even aspire to living in and that's a fact.

Ironically, the day before this vaccine administration, I received a notification from my own American government that I had to pay back the entire $1800 I had received as Covid relief payments. I thought it had been a gift. No. It was a loan. Additionally, they charged me $3.11 for the use of the money, which I only received in March of 2021 -- a full YEAR late.

I'll say it again. America is now a real piece of shit.

They wouldn't give me a vaccine. They wouldn't let me pay for a vaccine. They wouldn't help me in any way whatsoever on any level. And now they take back my Covid funds.

It hardly gets any shittier than that. I had to pay this back from the funds I save every year to pay my SE Asian health insurance. The amount was, almost to the dollar, the amount of that premium. If there's any way on earth America can fuck you, it will, and it will do it gleefully and with less than no remorse.

We give the US government nearly everything we have, plus a little more, then they tease us with a Covid relief payment -- and are a full year late on giving us THAT, and then, three months after we receive it, they take it back.

America, you've become a real piece of work. Would I fight a war to defend America? You've got to be kidding. I'd simply look the other way. I mean that literally.

Some tips to those farangs looking forward to a vaccine:

Today there were quite a few turned away due to high blood pressure. My BP runs about 130/80 and has for years. However, today I had to get up at 5 a.m. to meet the appointment, and so I drank two big cups of coffee to wake up. I never drink coffee, so it hit me like a giant firecracker. I normally drink a good bit of water in the morning, but today I was rushed and didn't have time. Today I was super stressed about getting or not getting this vaccine, because my neighborhood is now classed "dark red" as a Covid zone and school kids right in my alley have it and we are in total lock-down. Getting the vaccine was critically important to my physical survival. It was that important. I also suffer hugely from "white coat syndrome". When they checked my BP, it was 197. Of course I knew that was a mistake. Second check was 204. I told them to change machines and they did. That yielded 219. --By far, by far the highest of my entire life. They made me sit for five minutes and relax. 212. They made me sit an additional 30 minutes. 214. Just this alone was causing me untold stress. They made me go sit in another room for five minutes. 206. They make me sit and look out the window at a beautiful city-scape for 30 minutes. 197. I showed them all the BP measurement recordings on my phone, and even photographs of my blood pressure at 126, 131, etc, over months. They were unswayed. Finally my girlfriend explained about the coffee and lack of hydration. An older nurse said, AHA -- and brought me eight bottles of water. I drank all of them, and sat another 30 minutes, and the BP was marginal. They passed me to go get the jab. Once in the "jabbing room", the administrator of the jabs looked at my chart, saw all the high numbers, and said no, no way. I showed him my BP records from previous months. He said no, no way. I asked him to go find me a doctor who would clear me, and he left, talked to the nurses, and came back and said ok. No doctor needed. By this time I was up to 171 over 80 again. I got the jab anyway. Their continual scaring me was just driving it up again. Upon returning home and sitting awhile, I was back to 135 over 82.

Moral of the story: If you have BP problems, do NOT drink coffee, energy drinks, etc., for at LEAST 24 hours before going in, and probably more like 72 hours. DO stay well hydrated, but not drowning in fluids. If you're stressed enough over the jab in general, or about the possibility of getting turned away, or if you have severe white coat syndrome as I do, then ask your GP doc for something to calm you a day or three prior. Go pee before the BP check. Don't have a full colon. Eat very light before going in. Maybe (maybe) up your BP meds dose for five days before the jab. All of that might knock your BP down as much as 40 points, if it's unusually high. Don't drive yourself to the hospital. Don't eat a bunch of starches/sugars just before going in. Lots of people today got turned away, and a few were not only turned away, they were placed immediately into wheelchairs and carted off to see cardiologists, right then and there on the spot. This whole Covid issue and associated vaccines is an extremely emotional issue from a number of different angles. The whole thing probably ALREADY has your BP spiked to some degree.

In fact, let's do this:

This comment is designed to possibly help a few of you get through the blood pressure check required to be administered your Covid vaccine (whenever that may be).

I had prepaid for four doses of Moderna at my local hospital. It was looking like we might get them in October, then January of 2022, then first quarter of 2022, and now we are hearing dark rumblings that the local gov is talking about "re-appropriating" much of the batch that we paid for, so that some of us, or all of us, might not get it at all, with a big NO REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES stamped on our receipts.

I did receive an AstraZeneca jab last week. The opportunity came quickly and I was sworn to secrecy as to the source until some later date. Suffice it to say SE Asia helped me NOT AT ALL, and suffice it to say that my own American government helped me NOT AT ALL. The vaccine was free. I got the jab courtesy of a foreign government from a country I've never visited, but now love, and rest assured, when I am free to roam a little (about 4 weeks), I will seek out citizens from that country in bars and cafes (if SE Asia still has any by then) and I WILL BUY THEM THINGS LIKE BEER AND FOOD. I will. Believe it. There's a HIGH probability that country just saved my actual life and I don't forget people who save my life. I had tendered registrations to dozens of hospitals and agencies all over SE Asia for five months. This one in the capital was the first one to come through. I JUMPED on it, like anyone with three (four including age) co-morbidities would.

Curiously, however, I barely, barely got the jab at all. My blood pressure, with medication, runs about 125-135 over, say, 80. For my age and weight that's quite well controlled. I never had a moment's concern about having my BP checked when I went in for this stick. It never entered my mind. Imagine my chagrin, then, when I was nearly 220 over 100 on the first test. I think many of you will find yourselves in a similar situation if (if) the day ever comes that you get called in for a Covid vaccination, so this comment is designed to possibly, hopefully, help some of you with borderline BP, prepare for the BP screening. On my day, far too many people got turned away. One of them cried and it broke my heart. Here's my list of POSSIBLE helpful solutions for STICK-DAY. After all, these things are, as of July of 2021, about as difficult to obtain as a brick of gold in the sands of the Sahara. You do NOT want to go through all the insane BS of finally, finally, finally getting hooked up for a jab in SE Asia, and then get turned away on jab-day because your blood pressure was too high, and then maybe lose that place in the queue and have to start all over again, which might take months, during which time, if you live in a dark red zone, like I do, might very literally cost you your life. High blood pressure can cost you your life "someday", but it can cost you your life on jab day far more quickly and decisively.

1. DO NOT drink ANY caffeine products within at LEAST 72 hours before jab-day. A full week is better. Two weeks? Better yet. NO energy drinks. No frikkin' Red Bull or anything else. Not one. In fact, no weird and wonderful ANYTHING that you don't drink or eat every day.

2. Do stay well hydrated with mostly just plain water. Do NOT gorge yourself and over-do this. Just drink a bit more than you normally do, to be very sure you aren't even slightly dehydrated without knowing it. Often, dehydrated people don't feel a thing. But your blood pressure knows.

3. Try to RELAX about the possibility of getting turned down for the jab. Yes, it's critically, vitally important to your very physical survival at this point in this region, where half the people in my own soi have Covid. But if you don't get the jab, then you don't get the jab. There's still hope. Try to stress as little as possible about it. I was personally absurdly stressed about it. Try to get registered into all the vaccine queues you possibly can, so that if one falls through (many have for me), maybe you have another one coming up in five or ten days. That will remove a great deal of stress, and stress spikes your blood pressure, which might prevent you from getting the very thing you need to make that stress go away. Yes, it sucks. It's Catch 22.

4. White coat syndrome? I have it in spades. I have no idea why. I have doctor friends. I worked as a veterinary assistant for some time on ranches through the SW US and I trained and doctored wild horses for many years. I've conducted countless minor operations and procedures on critters, mostly horses, and I thoroughly enjoy doctoring animals, no matter how messy or gross. I'm not scared of ANYTHING medically-related. So why do I harbor this silent terror in hospitals and doctors' offices? I haven't a single clue. But it's there, and it's there to a ludicrous degree, and it very sharply, very seriously spikes my BP. If you have it, I have no suggestions for you whatsoever. If you can afford it, have a nurse administer the jab to you in your home.. Maybe you suffer from it but don't know it.

5. White coat syndrome. No, this isn't a duplicate paragraph. The night before my jab, I KNEW I would suffer hugely from white coat syndrome, so, I took a Xanax. I take about three or four per year, in special circumstances. I don't like them at all, but they take the edge off my "perceived" stress in really bad situations. I thought one would lower my BP. They also make me feel stupid and dull and uncoordinated. I have no idea whatsoever how anyone could get addicted to that crap. Anyway, I took one, thinking to counteract my white coat syndrome. And, outwardly, psychologically, it seemed to work. I felt calm. I felt fine. But then there's this from the medical books:

Quote: "People who take blood pressure or heart medications should probably not take Xanax because it can cause adverse interactions. Though Xanax and other benzodiazepines can induce a feeling of calm, they can also increase blood pressure, which can be problematic if you are taking other medications to regulate it."

Okidokie then. That was another huge influence on my bizarre BP on stick-day in Bangkok. Go figure. And there are plenty of other seemingly innocuous substances that can disqualify you from what might be the most important vaccine of your life. Don't screw around with new things.

6. Maybe increase some of your BP meds a good week before you go in for the vac. CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST. I take just enough to keep mine hovering around 125 to 135. I could easily bring it down to 115 if I wanted, but I don't LIKE taking drugs, so I use the barest minimum I can. Next time, I'll increase mine a week early, so that, at home, I'm running 120. Hopefully, then, at the hospital, I won't go over, say, 135. That's my plan.

7. In addition to no caffeine, no carbonated drinks either. They have strange effects on the body that we're just now beginning to unravel. Not even carbonated water for 72 hours.

8. No alcohol for a week. Can't do it? Then that's Natural Selection at work and I'm sorry for you. I don't have a lot of sympathy in that area.

9. Go pee before you're due to get the BP check -- maybe 15 minutes.

10. LOOSEN YOUR BELT. Loosen it quite a bit, maybe five minutes or more before the check. Loosen it after you pee, for instance. Having a tourniquet around your waist can increase blood pressure.

11. Don't look at pretty girls or handsome guys. Think about the deep, cool forest, the rabbit friends you'll make, the cute fox, the beautiful soft green moss on the trees, the silence, the peace. Do this for TEN MINUTES before you get checked. Much longer is much better. An hour?

12. If possible, get them to bring the machine to you and check you where you've been sitting, dreaming of the forest. Try not to walk even five feet to the machine. Tell them you're concerned about your BP check. A compassionate and intelligent nurse will understand. They did that for me without being asked (it was the best hospital I've ever seen or read about in any country around the world).

13. Don't drive yourself to the hospital. SE Asia traffic and local drivers are positively guaranteed to spike your blood pressure, and it can stay spiked for hours afterward. Take a taxi if you must, and don't take a cheap taxi. Take the most luxurious model you can book.

14. No loud music in the car. Soft classical has actually been PROVEN to lower blood pressure, even if you don't particularly like Classical.

15. NO FIGHTING WITH YOUR SPOUSE FOR AT LEAST ONE WEEK BEFORE THE STICK. Hopefully, you have a kind, helpful, calm, understanding significant other. I wish I did. I have the opposite. We had a nasty fight on the way to Bangkok because we were running late and she WOULDN'T GET HER BEHIND IN GEAR, then she yelled at me because I snapped at her and the rest was history. You don't want to be late. You don't want to lose your slot. Hopefully your mate understands this. Some don't, or won't. How many points did that add to my BP a little while later? God knows what that did to my BP. Here's a short story to illustrate the results of stresses coming from human interactions like this: I used to be a helicopter pilot -- logging. My peers dropped out of the sky with ridiculous regularity. Every good pilot friend I ever had, I lost. A very great deal of effort was put forth by the American FAA to get to the bottom of these seemingly senseless crashes. They spent millions on in-depth studies -- really good studies. Among other things, it was found that something like 77% of all pilot-error helicopter crashes in this application (logging and crop dusting) were preceded by a fight with the pilot's wife within 72 hours previous to the crash. The pilots were so preoccupied trying to deal with that emotionally, that they made a mistake. Things like that take your attention away from the most important things and spike your entire system into a Fight-or-Flight mode. That stress stays with you and derails you far longer than you think. So again, if you have a bickering wife, put her in a hotel a couple of days prior to your appointment. Send her to a resort or to see Mom. Or, just send her to the moon! Whatever. Just get her gone. Just get yourself some true, quality PEACE a few days before. Your blood pressure will thank you.

16. Don't eat sugars and starches the day before. And also, although I have no proof on this next suggestion I "believe" it can have an impact: NO SPICY FOODS for 48 hours. If your stomach is working hard, even though you may not feel it, you blood pressure will rise to deal with it. A few points here, a few points there, and you're disqualified for the jab and that snotty-nosed kid running around your condo building sneezes on you, and eleven days later your life has ended. It's a sucky way to go.

17. Go exercise? No, probably won't help. You need to start that 3-6 MONTHS before you ever go to get your BP checked.

18. Lose weight? Don't bother. Going on some bizarre crash diet four days before your appointment might have a reverse effect. Start losing weight 6-18 months BEFORE you have a critical BP check.

19. Internally, psychologically raging at the local government and China for putting us all through this utter and complete insanity? That's a worthy pursuit -- but NOT for a few days before you are to be checked. Just put that whole fiasco out of your mind. Not forever, because no one can forget this insanity forever. But for the time being. Studies have shown that if you try to stop thinking about or fretting over something "forever", that causes more stress than if you just went ahead and stressed over it. BUT -- if you tell yourself there will be plenty of time to stress and curse IN THE FUTURE, then you can often temporarily lay to rest the BS that's spiking your blood pressure NOW. It's a matter of tricking the brain temporarily.

20. Pray. I personally pray to The Great Pumpkin and I've had good results. If you believe in God, try that. There are over 5000 Gods in use in the world today. Maybe the one you pray to is the right one. It has been proven by a great many formal, SCIENTIFIC studies (yes, real science) around the world that PRAYING WORKS. It works regardless of your belief system. Believe in God? Pray. Don't believe in God? Pray anyway. I promise, even The Great Pumpkin listens.

That's the best I have. Maybe others have other ideas. I saw too many people heartbroken on Saturday in the hospital because they were turned away from a life-saving vaccine because their BP was too high. When it was looking like I was going to be turned away as well, with no hope in sight for a new appointment, I looked very carefully at the latches and hinges on the big windows that overlooked the concrete parking lot many floors below the hospital waiting room. I was affected THAT MUCH. And my heart went out deeply and profoundly to those being told to simply go away. It was horrendous to watch.

Can you say, "Thank you, China?" I'm not going to argue whether or not China STARTED the virus in the first place -- that's for another website. But it is absolute black and white fact that for MONTHS after knowing what they had in this virus, they halted all DOMESTIC flights inside China, and didn't reduce a single INTERNATIONAL flight to and from China around the world. Those are facts. They aren't disputed. And WITHOUT ANY OTHER FACTS WHATSOEVER, this tells the thinking human being what they need to know about China. Of course that's only one grain of sand on the beach -- do the research or shut the Hell up. The truth will set you free (and make you hate China).

When I'm allowed to reveal the source of these vaccines here in SE Asia, I will do so. The thing is, they only had so many doses, and they don't want to be swamped and completely overwhelmed by frantic inquiries from desperate, soon-to-be-dying Covid victims. All doses are spoken for and queued already. There are no more. This effort CANNOT HELP YOU. There is ZERO point in ANYONE contacting them at this point because their vacs are gone. But if people here in SE Asia get even a whiff of a vaccine source anywhere on the horizon, they will completely stampede this facility and maybe screw things up to the point that those already in the queue might not get theirs. This is what it has come to in SE Asia. It's panic buying now -- except that there's almost nothing to buy, due to the astronomically, stunningly bad planning of the local government. I think [a country] remains nearly the worst IN THE WORLD for vaccinating its people, and because of their really stupid choice of the Sinovac vaccine, even the 2.7% of their population who HAS been dosed will need to do it all over again with a vaccine that works -- which is ALL OF THEM. Except Sinovac. The other Chinese miracle, Sinopharm, is slightly better, but not so much that anybody really wants it. Good job, China. And what are those 1.4 billion Chinese suckers going to do when their Made-in-China vaccines wear off and they start dying again? It's already happening, only a couple of months after the jabs. 10 doctors in Indonesia just died after having been fuloly dosed by two sticks of Sinovac. More to come.

Thank you again, China, for all that you do for (to and against) the world. We can't say it enough. You're a real class act of Monkeys Wearing Pants. Honestly, China, fuck you up the ass with a wad of rusty razor wire. You deserve absolutely no less. No less at all. I mean that with all my heart. The misery you've caused through your Goddamned mental retardation, unspeakable incompetence, and stunning arrogance is beyond all calculation, forever.

Here's a little tidbit reported in the local media, regarding what the gov is telling SE Asians to do in response to the "dark red" zones quickly flowing across SE Asia like sci-fi's "The Blob":

"local [-] just had a live press conference - unfortunately, still no concrete details on what restrictions are coming, what measures will be taken, etc, even though many areas of SE Asia are classed as "dark red" zones with absolutely no hope in sight and no or very few vaccines even in the pipeline.

The conference, announced hours ago, essentially announced that there is no announcement yet around stronger restrictions and mandates.

However, the [-] spokesman did say (seriously) that local people should wear masks at home, distance from their own family, refrain from any travel, eat alone even at home, and clean their fridges. Those were his statements, not ours.”

Yes indeedy -- that will fix it, I reckon.

Monkeys Wearing Pants.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Let's see, just briefly, is there an alternative to zipping ourselves up in body bags and sipping cat's milk through a swizzle stick to avoid this and stay alive? As luck would have it, there is! And what is that? LET THE PRIVATE SECTOR BRING IN ALL THE VACCINES THEY CAN GET. Trust in Greed. Greed CAN be used for Good. As usual, the private sector will solve it in short order.

Memo to government:


We're in trouble here.

We're dying in droves.

Our ship is sinking.

And there's no one at the helm.

A few random tidbits below:

“SE Asia’s Department of Rail Transport has requested that passengers no longer talk on trains in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
As well as wearing face masks and making sure they socially distance, passengers should not talk to one another or on the telephone, the DRT chief Kittiphan Panchan said.“

Not a vaccine in sight on any horizon, but THIS ought to solve it all, EH HOMER?!

Want more? Okidokie:

I make NO BONES about this: I hate the Chinese. I hate them. Does that make me a racist? I don't fucking care. I live with these animals and they have TAUGHT ME over a decade to HATE THEM. I do. I'm clearly not shy about it. I'm differentiating between the Chinese born and raised as mainlanders, and those who were raised in sane places. The latter are fine; I have many good friends from that group. I have only enemies, mortal, from the former group. So here's one tiny reason why:

You had to sit for a full 30 minutes after my AZ jab to watch for reactions, and different nurses came to everybody maybe every 3 minutes to ask if you felt ok. Everybody was fine. In the center of this waiting area, maybe 80 people, a big area with plenty of distancing, they had set up a table with a nurse and they were giving away free bottle of Advil or something. Some people took a bottle, thanked the nurse politely, and backed away. A Chinese lady came and took ALL of them, until her purse was overflowing. She cleaned out ALL of it, left a few bottles on the floor that fell back out of her purse, and walked away. THAT, and a million, billion, trillion similar encounters with "the Chinese" have caused me to HATE the mainland Chinese. Don't like that? Go sit on it. 

And then there's this.





(this website is a work in progress).