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Gecko Properties in League with Jay A. Solomon


Pattaya, Thailand, isn't the scammiest place on earth, believe it or not. It's up there in the top ten however. I think much of India is worse, and Cambodia is at least a tie. I've seen really heinous crap in the eastern bloc (old Soviet countries). Scams abound, even in the USA. But Pattaya has more than it's share, especially in Real Estate sales and rentals, and, odd as it may seem, the scammers are more often than not EXPATS, and not so much Thais, as one might surmise. The scammiest rental people I've run into have been Aussies. The Brits are second place. Americans are third. But Real Estate, homes, apartment and condo rental scams aren't the only problems in Pattaya. Here's a brief list of their other extracurricular activities they partake of for fun and profit in Pattaya:


Gems Scams

Tuk-Tuk or Tour Bus Scams

Jet Ski or Scooter Scams

“Good Intention” Scams

Wrong Change Scams

Victim of Crime Email Scams

Closed Tourist Site Scams



Note to thieves:

If you steal long enough, from enough people, you will sooner or later, inexorably, run across a victim who stands up straight in front of you, and puts out their hand, palm forward, and says

No. More.

And if you keep coming at them, they will dissect you from the inside out.


Our complaints about Gecko Properties and Jay Solomon, including but not limited to:


1. Lying and misrepresenting the property

2. Charging rent on property not owned

3. Using an illegal contract

4. Refusing to effect critical repairs

5. Effecting repairs in a grossly faulty manner

6. Renting a property not fully habitable

7. Masturbating on our bed (we walked in on Solomon)

8. Stealing the deposit at termination of contract


Real Estate Agent Scams and Scammers:

This web page...


...contains and includes our opinions, hunches, experiences, suspicions and best guesses concerning real estate scams and scammers in Pattaya, Thailand.

All of Thailand, SE Asia and especially Pattaya (Chonburi), are hot-spots of and havens for real estate and rental property scams and scammers, most often at the hands of dishonest foreigners, especially Brits, Americans, and Australians.

The region is a cesspool of dishonesty and dishonor, and these people, usually acting as real-estate "agents", sometimes seeming to be "well established" and eminently "reputable" in a region, can and will lie, cheat, steal, scam and fleece you for every last baht they can pry from your cold dead hands. They've been at it a long time and they know every trick. Steal a penny, steal a buck -- it's all just good clean fun for them because it's how they're wired and a leopard can't change its spots. They have no morals whatsoever, like any used car salesman from over on the wrong side of the tracks.

And most importantly, these outfits KNOW that there is truly no such thing as "law" in Thailand. It ALWAYS comes down to which side pays the biggest bribe. I don't mean to say it's "kinda" like that, or that it's "often" like that, or that it's "largely" like that. I mean to state explicitly that it is virtually ALWAYS like that. Got a legitimate beef with a scamming real estate agent (and who doesn't)? Try, I dare you, to find legal relief. I double-dog-dare you. The ONLY way to combat these sleaze-bags is to fight them in their own way.

In Thailand, these scum-bags are greatly encouraged because, even if the laws against scamming worked, Thai laws bizarrely and energetically prohibit ANY kind of true accounting of the actions and misdeeds of the scammers. Punishing those who tell their experiences at the hands of scammers seems to be the one and only thing Thai law takes seriously. Read that again and commit it to memory; it's the truth.

Scammers can scam you with complete and total impunity. Complete and total. But if YOU try to even tell your story publicly, you'll go straight to jail. Telling the truth is a criminal offense, not just a civil one. Read on through this website for much more detail on that sorry state of affairs. The scammers can actually PUT YOU IN JAIL for merely telling the truth about what they did, and they put victims in jail ALL THE TIME. That's why almost none of the expose type websites mention the business or personal names of the scammers. The scamming, thieving, lying real estate agents (or any other criminals) can put you in Thai prison, but you aren't allowed to tell anyone what they did. Try to let that soak in, and you will then finally begin to realize just how far down Alice's Rabbit Hole you have fallen.

That's why, also, this page is hosted on an AMERICAN server, posted BY an American, FROM WITHIN America, and protected by the U.S. First Amendment, for which I am an expert. We also maintain a renowned First Amendment attorney who screens our work.

It comes to our attention that among the vast litany of websites describing scamming Realtors and Real Estate Rental Agents in the Pattaya, Thailand region, specifically lamenting the dastardly deeds of Real Estate Agents and Property Rental Agencies, many are talking about their experiences with some of the same misfits and con-artists we describe below, however those pages are posted by victims still living in Thailand or hoping to someday return, and so they are tragically prevented from naming names. In other words, read through the Google results for "property rental scams Pattaya" and you'll find almost none that divulge the names of the thieves or their agencies. But more than a few are talking about Gecko and Solomon.

Victims still living in Thailand are terrified of telling their truths publicly because they know what can happen: Jail.

WE....aren't limited by that.

WHY....aren't we "limited" by that?

First, we're no longer in Thailand and no country on earth would extradite anyone to Thailand over such a patently insane law as the Thai statute that makes defamation a CRIMINAL offense. Remember that under Thai law, it states explicitly that "The truth shall be no defense in a charge of defamation". Think about that for less than two seconds. What is defamation?

Here it is:


/dɪˈfeɪm/ to damage the reputation of a person or group by saying or writing bad things about them that are not true: Mr Turnock claimed the editorial had defamed him.


In order to be guilty of defamation, the allegations cannot be true.

But not in Thailand.

In Thailand, "Truth is no defense".

Is that utterly, completely and terrifyingly crazy?

Of course it is.

But Thailand is a crazy place, about 415 levels down in Alice's Rabbit Hole. That's what makes it interesting. It's also why sane people give up eventually and leave it. The insanity wears on your soul and your sense of Universal Logic.

In any case, no country on earth is going to extradite anyone to Thailand under a charge of stating true facts about someone else. If we never go back to Thailand, we ain't goin' to Thai jail.

But wait a second. Going to Thai jail might be just what the doctor ordered!

Let's think this through! This is fun!

"Is it illegal to leave bad reviews in Thailand? Whether or not you believe all the rumor mongering of a random Reddit thread, you do need to be careful with hotel reviews in Thailand. This is because defamation is a criminal offence in Thailand - one that can land you in prison for up to two years, along with a 200,000 baht ($9341 AUD) fine. Jul 4, 2023"

To wit:

Wesley Barnes wrote a negative review about his short stay at a Thai resort. HE WAS JAILED for it. The case went instantly International and Wesley Barnes was FORCED to jump through a whole array of insanely bizarre hoops to get out of jail and also to be allowed to leave the country. Included in his deal to be allowed to leave Thailand was this:

"He was subsequently detained and charged under Thailand's strict anti-defamation laws. Police said Mr Barnes and the resort had managed to reach an agreement, which included an apology to the hotel and to Thailand's tourism authority [in order to get out of jail and be allowed to leave the country]. He was also told to send a statement to foreign media organizations that had previously written about his then possible arrest, including BBC News."

Insane? Yes. The insanity of it is what fueled the public's interest.

Remember "My Mate Nate", a prominent Thailand YouTuber (and a personal friend) who was forced to make a high-profile public apology for squishing a coin on the Thai railroad tracks as part of a YouTube stunt -- ok. Now you're getting it.

So back to our anti-Real Estate Scammer website:

Jail is BAD, right?

Well, yes, usually. But sometimes it's not. Sometimes martyrdom is a far and vastly sweeter reward for two years of relative hardship in a Thai jail.

We're now having people suggest to us that if we REALLY want to bring to this issue of rental and property scammers in Thailand, the attention it so richly deserves, we ought to FORCE the Thai government to jail us (or me, more accurately), for "defaming" Gecko Property Rentals (Properties) and Jay. A. Solomon.

That would involve traveling to Thailand and making sure authorities were aware of this website, and of my current whereabouts in the Kingdom, and then just relaxing and waiting to be arrested for "defamation".

Once arrested, just as in the case of Wesley Barnes, the case and the issue would explode onto the International scene. In the case of Wesley Barnes and his resort review (Sea View), the resort reportedly went nearly bankrupt from the reverse publicity. How terrible for them.

Would that be a fitting end for sexpat Jay Solomon and the Gecko Real Estate Scammers?

We think it would.

Solomon is basically hiding at this point. I think he may be sick and may actually be dying. I don't think Solomon cares much about anything anymore, except fucking as many young girls as possible. So sorry Jay, but one less lying scammer is, after all, one less burden on a struggling society. Gecko, however, would be free to hemorrhage countless millions of baht in a failed attempt to counter the negative publicity. That would be a gift that keeps on giving.

So let's all think this through over the next while. This idea is taking root. Gecko and Solomon should have simply paid to me what they owed.

I've lived in conditions in war and conflict regions far worse than anything Thai jail can dish out, so that aspect of this doesn't put me off really at all.

I could be civilly sued for 64 trillion baht -- and good luck collecting a single satang.

I would be sentenced criminally for refusing to take down the website and I could actually receive a LIFE sentence for that (oops -- max sentence is 2 years....pity). Imagine the International coverage THAT would garner, even for two years, and the resulting hit to Thai tourism. How long would they keep me in the Bangkok Hilton? That would depend on how much heat the Thai authorities felt like absorbing! The longer it went on, the hotter it would get. I could write a book and sponsor YouTube coverage of this case. The International media would do all the work for free. The issue of absurd defamation laws in Thailand would take center stage in certain news circles with Solomon and Gecko as the centerpieces of the controversy. The hit to Thailand and, more importantly, to Solomon and Gecko would be extreme, maybe even life-ending, from a business and commercial standpoint. And that would make the whole thing worthwhile.

I'm actually just now (July, 2024) beginning to look at this realistically. I really am.


Who are "we"?

My partner, a Thai, wishes to remain anonymous, but she was witness to this entire fiasco, and I may eventually have her translate this website to native Thai, so that Thais can understand this situation also. Thais deserve to be informed regarding the scams and crimes that are committed against them in their own country by foreigners. It's supremely regrettable, and perplexing, that their own government prevents this!

My own background is simple:

I was a commercial diver, having raised 131 shipwrecks, and as captain of a private rescue tug I performed 321 rescues in the Pacific, including twice rescuing the United States Coast Guard.

I ran tugs from Oregon to Alaska and for three years operated a sailing freighter between Vancouver and Alaska on a strict 30 day turn in all weather.

I worked in Federal law enforcement, mostly narcotics, until the corruption and unprofessionalism drove me from that. I was a semi-tractor-trailer instructor and examiner (check rides) for some years, wild horse trainer across the entire SW US, cowboy, horse shoer (farrier). A commercial fisherman for more years. A pilot, both fixed wing and rotary (helicopter logging). Logger, smoke jumper (forest fire fighter) and EMT, hunter, guide, debt collector (enforcer), and many other occupations and careers. I published 9 books and countless national and international magazine articles, earning, in the 1980's, $6 per word. I built an online business in the 1990's and retired from that and have since traveled the world, 2.5 times around it, and I've lived in every SE Asian country except one. I spent the winter of 2022-23 in Ukraine and Romania, and THAT was a learning experience.

I've owned countless rental properties throughout the western USA, Canada and other countries. I've built homes and complexes and developed commercial properties and managed large residential complexes. I know this industry all too well.


Bottom line:

I. Do. Not. Like. Thieves.

I. Will. Not. Tolerate. Thieves.

I won't fucking abide them.

I have never met an honest Real Estate Agent, although, like the possibility of aliens from outer space, I concede one may exist. Somewhere. Or not.

Financing is in place to ensure this website stays live for decades beyond my passing.

THAT, ladies and germs, is a tiny sample of the depths and heights of my anger at being screwed, cheated and bamboozled by Gecko Properties and Jay A. Solomon, of Pattaya, Thailand.

Were I ever to be diagnosed with a terminal disease which afforded me some amount of time of relative mobility, I will drastically rethink this current methodology to deal with scammers and liars and thieves, favoring some more direct approach, which would be eminently more beneficial to society.

Remember the scene in one of the Hobbit series, where Gandalf stands on a crumbling rock archway bridge while the monster inexorably inches forward, and in his most commanding voice Gandalf booms:


The creature didn't pass, either. But Gandalf paid a price.

I'm willing to pay that, and any other price, to expose and stop a handful of cheap, amoral, slimey scammers, though I suspect this website has accomplished precious little to cause this particular gaggle of worthless shits to modify their putrid behavior. Still, we know for a fact it has saved some victims from being screwed. Our crusade is to save even more.


The Last straw:

When Solomon realized he had been caught and called out, he simply withdrew back into the shadows and the moldy cracks in the squat toilet where he belongs and that was that. Many criminals, liars, shysters, etc., adopt this means of hoping to deal with being caught. They try to go invisible. That makes decent humans annoyed, but not usually incensed.

We are incensed with a capital "I", mostly due to Gecko's manner of trying to deal with this. They doubled down, got in our face, tried to screw us even more thoroughly, began lying and misrepresenting and making things up, and trying to set us up for even more scams and skulduggery. They became rude and nasty and insolent and arrogant....the smirking and the smugness and the feigned righteousness and-- THAT is what brought our full, unmitigated hatred and wrath down upon them.

Real pieces of work, these four:

Jay Solomon, Robert (Bobby) Tillotson, Steve Scholey, and Paul Blackshaw.

And THAT is largely what has fueled our undying outrage and what drives our lifelong crusade to expose them and save others from their dishonorable bullshit.

Congrats, Gecko. It is your outrageousness, your unconscionable arrogance that brought you to this point, and we're not even close to being done with you. We've barely scratched the surface. Steal from us, lie to us, lie about us, ok. But then laugh about it in meetings? Not gonna fly.

Yes, you've gotten away with a few thousand stolen baht. We hope it was worth it to you.

Now it's our turn.


Latest update, July 6, 2024


Pattaya, Thailand, Rental Scams

Condos, Homes, Pattaya, Thailand

Rental Scams in Pattaya, Thailand and SE Asia




Intro page here


What is a Gecko?

It's a filthy House Lizard. A pest.

A nuisance.

A parasite.

And yes, they bite.

It's fitting that this outfit is named after a house pest.


Rental Scammers in Pattaya

Gecko Properties

Scams in Home and Condo Rentals, Rent Properties, Homes, Condos in Chonburi, Pattaya Thailand; Truly Priceless Advice


This is a work in progress. This particular

page is about 70% completed.

This website is about 20% completed


Above: Condo and Home Rental Scammer, Pattaya, Thailand. Jay A. Solomon, a sexpat legend


Rental Scams in Thailand and SE Asia


Are rental scams common in Thailand and SE Asia?

Yes, yes they are. But you're more likely to be scammed by an expat than a native.


Data Dump for Jay A. Solomon,
Pattaya sexpat and scammer


NOTICE July 14, 2023:

We had intended to do a paid advertising campaign through Google beginning in September, 2023, just in time for "High Season" in Pattaya. We gave the website nearly a year to sort itself out in the search engines and get fully propagated, and it's nearly always the case that any site will then need professional SEO services and paid advertising to really hit its mark. Oddly enough, however, we see that this page has organically propagated far beyond our dreams and is now integrated into the very fabric of discussions regarding the perils of renting or buying homes or condos, specifically in Pattaya, Thailand. Gecko is taking center stage in the debate. That being that case, we're not sure how to proceed. Is that level of commitment even necessary now? We're not sure. Stay tuned


Rental Scams in Thailand and SE Asia


Our complaints, including but not limited to:


1. Lying and misrepresenting the property

2. Charging rent on property not owned

3. Using an illegal contract

4. Refusing to effect critical repairs

5. Effecting repairs in a grossly faulty manner

6. Renting a property not fully habitable

7. Masturbating on our bed (we walked in on Solomon)

8. Stealing the deposit at termination of contract




Gecko Rent Rental Properies, Pattaya, Thailand

and Sidekick Jay A. Solomon


Never fear -- these lying, scamming, thieving sons of bitches screwed us badly enough to make this a lifelong pursuit. This website is not really even a proper beginning, but it will have to suffice for the time being. I will say one thing before proceeding: This group of scammers is stunningly fortunate I did not stay in SE Asia to "mitigate" this despicable course and pattern of stealing and lying once and for all, as should have been done for the good of the greater community. They will never understand their luck in this regard, because they are stupid human beings. Perhaps someone can explain to them what SHOULD have happened to them. As time goes on, I become only angrier and more enraged. This ain't going away.


This is a negative review of Gecko Properties, Pattaya, Thailand

Gecko Real Estate, Thailand


A review can't GET any more negative than this unless it was describing homicidal pedophiles.


We consider Gecko Properties, Pattaya, Thailand, and Jay Allan Solomon, condo and home landlord, to be little more than scammers, liars and thieves. In fact, let's rephrase that to be more accurate. We don't consider them to be "little more" than that, we consider them to be exactly that: Liars, Scammers and Thieves. And probably a lot more than that, that we haven't even documented yet.


We do note, during the Fall of 2022, that Gecko has undertaken Herculean efforts to try to "top-fill" any search for their business by subscribing to dozens upon dozens of little websites that are mostly designed to make search results for a given business show up in search engines ABOVE the negative site(s) in question. We expected that and even predicted it further down within this website. That means that Gecko Properties is more than a little concerned about any of you finding and reading this website. In Thailand they can hide the truth by using Thailand's bizarre defamation laws. In the real world, the outside world, that tactic doesn't work. They truly don't want people to know how they handle business and are willing to go to incredible lengths to keep this websaite hidden. Don't worry -- we've been at this for decades longer than Gecko Properties and those efforts will be turned against them by using the exact same strategies they are attempting to use to keep their dirty laundry hidden from potential customers. What a bucket of pathetic sleaze bags.


Here's our case in considerable detail with much more to come as time allows:


Remember: Negative reviews of businesses are mostly ILLEGAL in Thailand. That's why you'll ONLY find glowing and positive reviews of this business as posted from in-country. But THIS review comes from a USA source. You will NOT get the truth from any Thai website about any bad business.





Jay Allan Solomon and Gecko Property Rentals, Pattaya, Thailand


Address of the home in question:

30/7 Park View Villa Moo-4
Opposite Soi 23/2
Nongprue, Banglamung
Chonburi, 20150

Owner Jay Allan Solomon in partnership with a Thai (identity pending)


We currently own 84 domains. 75 are unused. If this one is blocked
in Thailand, it will be replaced effortlessly. You can't block 'em all.

That's a tiny sample of how angry we are at being lied to and cheated.




Due to a horrifically bad previous rental on a huge shophouse in Pattaya, Thailand, we lost two businesses and many hundreds of thousands of baht due to a lying landlord. Subsequently, before we moved into Jay Solomon's house in Nongprue, I told him repeatedly that we could not tolerate another dishonest landlord experience, that we had been through more than enough over the past two years, and that we needed a long period of time with NO PROBLEMS, and in which ALL THINGS IN THE HOME ACTUALLY WORKED, and in which THE LANDLORD WAS HONEST. Jay A. Solomon, Pattaya sexpat, listened each and every time, and assured us this rental would be different. Yes, it was different -- it was even worse. Jay Solomon is a blatant, bold-faced, unrepentant liar, and that's the fact.


The site is going public with only this page in the beginning, but will be expanded very substantially so as to more fully illustrate the problem in Thailand when struggling to interact honestly with DISHONEST FARANG RENTAL AGENTS and DISHONEST FARANG OWNERS. Farang merely means "westerner" (not from asia). It's a GIANT problem and growing exponentially, as more and more lying farang owners and slippery farang agents realize that no one in Thailand is allowed to warn others of their illegal, and outrageously dishonest and dishonorable behavior and business practices. They have a free reign to scam and lie and cheat and steal from property renters and buyers and the Thai government ACTIVELY PROTECTS THEM with defamation laws that state clearly, among other stunning lines, that in cases of defamation, "the truth is no defense". This keeps Thailand backwards and in the dark ages and it allows and encourages farang scoundrels, liars and cheats to operate businesses in Thailand with impunity. I am in the US now, where the laws are effectively OPPOSITE to Thailand. In the US YOU CAN STILL STATE TRUTHS AND OPINIONS and the law aggressively PROTECTS you. That allows for a society to BETTER itself by being able to WARN OTHERS of the snakes in the grass. That makes snakes less likely to bite, and it makes unwary citizens far less likely to blindly step on those vipers, and get bitten. But Thailand, apparently, likes the farang snakes.


I am out of SE Asia forever. This site posts by a US citizen under the protection of the US First Amendment and it is not only my right to post it, it is my DUTY to warn others in Thailand of the dangers and pitfalls of dealing with unscrupulous farang landlords and sleazy farang property rental agents.


Want a 16-second summary of the lessons to be learned from this page? Here it is:

(1) Don't ever, ever rent a home or anything else from farang "agents", even if it seems like an OK move at the moment. Too often that rotten street sushi tastes fine going down, but it WILL come back to haunt you -- maybe even kill you. Why take the chance? Their practiced, studied and orchestrated mission in life is to screw people, both farang and Thai, as thoroughly as possible, just as surely as a viper's mission in life is to bite and poison and kill its prey, and make no mistake, you are the agent's prey. You are their mark. Your pocket is there to be picked, through any cleverness or deviousness required. The agent's mission is to screw you right up to the point of utter immorality, and then a little more, while remaining just barely inside the law. Or maybe a little outside the law. Or, in this case, a LOT outside the law, with principals, we believe, (the land owner, agent, and property management company owner), facing a maximum of 10 years in Thai prison FOR EACH INSTANCE.

(2) Don't ever rent from farang SE Asian drunks, imbeciles, or sexpats, (quasi pedophiles) (or any other sexpats in any other region for that matter). They have the morals of a testosterone-saturated Billy goat when it comes to women, and those amoral values extend to your interactions with them as well. They'll screw you too, and that's a fact because there's something "off" in their brains.


Do I have any advice for the principals in this story?




To Jay Solomon: STOP LYING. For God's sake you lie when the truth would serve you better. It's habitual.


To Robert Bobby Tillotson: GROW A BRAIN. I don't believe you could competently re-stock shelves at 7-11.


To Gecko Property management, Pattaya: HIRE BETTER PEOPLE and learn the concept of honor.


To ALL of them: Stop committing criminal acts by breaking Thailand renter's laws (check near end of page).


This website details JUST ONE of the problems you may encounter when dealing with Gecko Property management, Pattaya. There are countless other possibilities. Jay Solomon stated that Gecko's contract with him was ridiculous, full of very cleverly worded little clauses that he apparently missed before signing, all designed, he felt, to schlepp money from him in ways he never imagined possible. Jay stated several times that he was very unhappy with Gecko and wished he had never contracted with them. He provided a couple of examples regarding their bizarre fee structure, designed to extract money from the client that Jay felt was not fair or due. One of his complaints was that it seemed next to impossible to get rid of them, even if he went with another agency. He would have to continue paying Gecko. They had him locked in, in some peculiar ways, Jay said, so that they continued to collect fees on his rentals even if he wanted out of their relationship. Forever? He wasn't even sure about that! Indeed, this is what "agents" do. This is it. This is their SOP (standard operating procedure). They really have no skin in the game whatsoever. They don't own anything. They're not responsible for anything. They merely provide a listing base where landlords, desperate to get their shoddy, over-priced rentals rented, can go and contract and hopefully find a gullible renter through the agent's advertising schemes. Of course that landlord loses a hefty piece of change to the agents who, realistically, do almost nothing except show the house a few times and print out a boilerplate contract which, in this case, appears to be a blatantly illegal document, even to the point of being a criminal offense with jail time attached. Once rented, the agent provides no appreciable services at all, not to the renter, not to the owner. It's what Myth Busters might call A SCAM (and they're what you call....experts). Their entire operation could be run on a bloody laptop in someone's basement. I will say one thing: Solomon, Gecko, and Tillotson all deserve each other. Three peas in the same nasty little pod and God speed them all to Hell. While Jay bashed Gecko, Gecko did not bash Jay. But they will in time. It can't be helped if you know Jay Allan Solomon. You WILL come to loathe this man; I believe it is universally guaranteed.


Jay? Jay Solomon? Is that really you? (no, it's not). These shots aren't staged. They're real, and you can click a scene like this maybe 200-400 times a day if you walk around Pattaya and look. Do you want this guy as your landlord? Of course you don't. But I feel like, in Jay Solomon, that's what you get.


This website will go live sometime between Aug. 1, 2022, and September 20, 2022. It depends on how much more data there is to add during that period, and whether or not I have yet left Thailand. The sooner I leave, the sooner this goes live. This website will be served by a $1000/mo advertising campaign and will show prominently for all search results for strings such as "Gecko Property Management Pattaya", "Jay Solomon", "Jay Allan Solomon", "Jay A. Solomon Pattaya", "Robert (Bobby) Tillotson", "Bobby Tillotson Pattaya", "Condos for Rent Pattaya", "Homes for Rent Pattaya", "Commercial Properties for Rent Pattaya", "Scammers Pattaya", "Fraud Pattaya", "Bad Agents Pattaya", and a handful of other appropriate keywords. The site will remain active for the remainder of the lives of all principals.



This page is about:


Jay Allan Solomon,

Gecko Property Management,

and Robert (Bobby) Tillotson

(aka "Digger")


Our sincerest advice:


If you MUST visit Thailand, do it only as a vacation experience. Stay ONLY in better, world-chain hotels. Do NOT consider any kind of long-term residence or life; it will grind you down in time. Do NOT consider ANY kind of business; YOU WILL LOSE EVENTUALLY, usually at the hands of scamming farangs.


Are you considering renting a home, condo, or commercial property in Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand? This guide will help you understand which landlords/property management companies MAY be reliable, honest, or trustworthy. Do any good ones currently exist in Pattaya? I knew one -- but he passed away. I know no others. Can you merely look online and see reviews of various property management businesses so as to keep yourself safe? No, you can NOT. Why not? Because in Thailand, if anyone leaves a negative review, EVEN IF TRUE, EVEN IF DOCUMENTED, EVEN IF PROVEN IN A THAI COURT, that person can and will be JAILED (and sued) by that landlord or property manager. If you peruse the reviews of these types of businesses, you'll only find perfect, beautiful, glowing references. BECAUSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN SCREWED OVER BY THEM DON'T WANT TO GO TO THAI PRISON BY TELLING THE TRUTH. Fortunately, this website isn't produced in Thailand, isn't hosted in Thailand, and its creator is no longer in Thailand and will never visit Thailand again. He is also an expert in US First Amendment law.


Thailand touts itself as the "Land of Smiles" (LOS).

That is incorrect.

In reality, Thailand is the "Land of Scammers" (LOS).

But ironically, the vast majority of the scammers are FARANGS, not Thais.



Regarding what we consider to be outright fraud by:


Jay Allan Solomon and Robert Tillotson

and Gecko Properties, Pattaya, Thailand:

Gecko continues to employ Robert Tillotson.


A Guide for Buying/Renting Property in Pattaya, Thailand







Quick overview:


What is this page about?


It's mostly about Jay Allan Solomon, a Thai real estate "tycoon" (in his own mind), and disgusting sexpat.


Imagine this (or try):


In your current house in a nice suburbia neighborhood, upscale, manicured, trimmed, quiet (you thought), great neighbors -- well, TOLERABLE neighbors, because "great" ones barely exist anymore but that's for another website. Imagine that you wake up and need to go somewhere -- maybe take the kids to school, or maybe to a doctor appointment, or maybe to work.


But there are two cars actually in your driveway blocking your way out.


U say wtf?!


You go looking for the owners. You find one and tell him he can’t park in your driveway but he flips you off and walks away.


You go look for the other but never find them.


You say ok. Enough bullshit. You're now going to be late for your appointment.


You go call a tow truck.


They ask, are you the property owner? You say no, you're just the renter. They say only the land owner can authorize a tow.


So you call the landlord, a difficult acquaintance of seven years, and you explain the situation and tell him you need a tow truck please.


He stumbles around for awhile and then finally admits, uh, no, that driveway is actually public property. There is no authority to tow anyone.


He had clearly and repeatedly represented that house as including YOUR driveway. He said it in no uncertain terms, in front of witnesses, three times.


Stunned, you ask him what to do.


He says to go ask the drivers again. So you try to.


But those cars are gone and a new one is in its place. You go look for THAT owner but never find them.


You can’t even get your own vehicle out.


So you call the landlord again and he admits he lied about the driveway and then says sorry, he doesn’t want to deal with it anymore, and hangs up. He simply hangs up. The trouble with this line is that this particular owner won't admit that he lied, even though he knows he did. He said the driveway was yours, but then he says the parking area is not yours. But he didn't lie of course. He but he did lie. Later, he refuses to take a polygraph at your expense.


Really, try to imagine that.


So what do you do?


As it turns out, all of this is completely moot BECAUSE THE PROPERTY OWNER DOESN'T HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO TOW EITHER!! Because it's NOT HIS LAND!! He just lied and said it was.


Read it again:


The landlord simply lied and told the prospective tenant that what appeared to be part of the home property by any level of common horse sense (the driveway for God's sake) was, in FACT, what was being rented to the tenant.


In REALITY, however, the landlord didn't own that area, had never owned it, COULD never owned it, and he knew that at the exact moment he swore loudly, emphatically and clearly, to the tenant, in front of witnesses, that the driveway WAS, in FACT, part of what the tenant was renting, contracting for, and paying for.


That man, Jay Allan Solomon from New York City, a greasy sexpat in Pattaya, Thailand, lied through his fucking teeth and by God THAT is a Goddamned fact.


This is just another problem in a long litany of problems with this same landlord (Jay A. Solomon).


Once you walked in and found him on your bed, pants unzipped, hand down his pants wriggling around, staring at his phone screen. THAT was awkward! Maybe he had your girlfriend's panties stuffed in his pocket. How would you ever know? But problems with this man are not so unusual. He's nearly 70 and doesn't like females over 23. Got it?


So, seriously, what do you do?


Probably, you'd file a lawsuit suit for invalidating the lease with his misrepresentation, and then move. The lease was rendered null and void the moment he misrepresented (lied about) the property. You'd eventually win the lawsuit because the lease was invalidated by his lies. He simply took your money on false pretenses for a product he didn't have and couldn't supply. Done deal.


Yes, you could do that, if the Third World country you lived in had any meaningful, enforceable laws or real courts. It does not. Court is out of the question. Any court in any SE Asia country or Kingdom is a deep and sticky quagmire of chaos and bribes.


So you think about just moving.


Except this lying landlord refuses to let you out of the lease -- the same lease HE BROKE -- so you will lose a $1000 deposit. And he has the unmitigated gall to say that's a "very generous offer", and Gecko's dumb minion, Robert (Bobby) Tillotson, parrots that exact phrase to you, in writing! You want to retort with something like, "And my fist up your ass is also a "very generous offer." But he might like that.


But still you must move. No one would put up with bullshit like this. No one.


There's only one problem with moving to escape this kind of nonsense. This is the SECOND TIME this exact same thing has happened in only two sequential moves. Two for two. 100%. In the previous fiasco you lost two commercial shops and a huge sum of money because that landlord, too, had lied about what the property included. Nice enough lady. At least she was apologetic and contrite when caught. But a liar all the same. Just like this American, Jay Allan Solomon from, where else, New York City (NYC). I suspect he was a shyster there as well. So many of these guys are drawn to Thailand, where they know no one can even report their heinous misdeeds.


At some point you just say to Hell with it all. You've been in that rat-trap country for ten years. Things like this come up far too often, because the farang population is Scammy as Hell (SAH) (it's not called LOS for nothing. It stands for "Land of Scammers". It should be "LOFS" (Land of Farang Scammers). It also stands for "Land of Salmonella" ( but that's another story. The Thais want you to think it stands for "Land of Smiles", but they don't smile, not genuine smiles, and they know that's BS and laugh about the whole LOS thing. At least THAT makes them smile. For a split second. I think they don't smile much anymore because they feel the oppressive pressure, like a dark and brooding cloud, of scamming westerners all around them. They feel like westerners, who are the Master Scammers in SE Asia, are taking over their Kingdom and ruining their lifestyle, and they're absolutely correct, and that's sad, even tragic.


Anyway, enough is enough. Goodbye. And so you go back to your home country where, even if and when things get screwed up, and they will, you have a long list of logical recourses to fix it. In Thailand, the government protects the western scammers very aggressively and that is nothing short of bizarre. To the extreme detriment of its own Thai people, the Thai government will protect the western scammers. My God that is backwards.


True, in a situation like this with the nasty parkers, you can often, or even usually, get people to move when you ask them nicely. But who wants to be bothered with trekking around the neighborhood, knocking on doors, asking if anyone there or there or there is the owner of the vehicle that is blocking your garage THIS TIME? Who needs it? Who wants it? Who would tolerate it? NO ONE WOULD. I don't want to go through it even once or twice a year. But Jay Allan Solomon thinks you should spend your life walking around the neighborhood knocking on doors, because he lied about what was included with his house. (note-- as we tried to move out one of our fridges JUST TODAY so the buyer could truck it away, we had new people blocking this space.)


Our plan when we first saw the home was to allow girlfriend to buy her own car and keep that vehicle in the space next to the gate that this landlord, Jay Allan Solomon, swore and promised repeatedly, clearly, and loudly, in front of witnesses, was our space exclusively and that it GOES WITH THE HOME. That's a verbatim quote. It's not "sorta" what he said. It's precisely what Jay Solomon said. That's not an "opinion" and it's not a "guess" as to what Solomon said; it is what. he. said. It's precisely what Jay Solomon said, AT LEAST THREE TIMES, each time knowing full-well HE WAS LYING.


Imagine, then, our supreme and undying rage when we discovered that Jay Solomon had lied, and was a liar, and that the parking area property had nothing to do with this home, and that he knew it when he promised otherwise. Can you imagine that rage? No, you can't. We had expended a HUGE sum of money to move there and we'd only been there three months, and now we had to move AGAIN, and instead of helping us get out of the mess, both Solomon and Gecko were being extreme obstructionists, trying their level best, even illegally, even criminally, to screw us EVEN MORE.


As noted above, we had just moved out of a 5-level double shophouse BECAUSE THAT OWNER LIED ABOUT THE PARKING. We then moved INTO a new home, thinking we had a whole new lease-on-life where girlfriend could have a car. So we move INTO that home, being promised AGAIN that the property had dedicated parking, only to discover that we were YET AGAIN, just in the space of a number of months, the victims of YET ANOTHER GODDAMNED FUCKING LIAR, this one named Jay Allan Solomon, of Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand.


I'll ask the question again, rhetorically, and I'll answer it again, truthfully:


Q. Can you imagine 1/100th of our rage?


A. No, you cannot.


Brutal, bloody homicides are routinely committed around the world for far less than this. But let's look at what happened next:


Once Jay Solomon admitted that the parking area did NOT go with the home, and that we had no legal right to keep offenders out of it, we gave him notice to vacate. Jay Allan Solomon then refused to let us out of our lease, and it gets far worse than that, as you'll see below.


I'll be out of Thailand forever in a matter of days but here's my prediction:


If Solomon continues this bullshit -- and why wouldn't he? --He's been doing this his entire life -- then I predict that someone will sooner or later take his life. People will NOT tolerate this kind of fraud forever, especially when the fraudster doubles down after committing the fraud AND TRIES TO COMMIT EVEN MORE FRAUD. Someone, somewhere, will take him out. I truly don't want that to happen because I believe that when this son of a bitch is dead, his problems are over. I believe that he's a miserable, miserable piece of human shit now (let's call him Gollum), his health is failing, his quasi-prostitute girlfriends are pecking away at his bank account, and that he will continue to be miserable for as long as he lives. That's why I wish Jay Solomon a long, long life.


That's mostly what this website is about.





Gecko Properties Sucks

Gecko Real Estate. Co.,Ltd

感言 - Gecko Properties

Pattaya, Thailand







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Stealing from me is BAD.

And there WILL, I promise, be consequences.

Who woulda thunk it?



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We're headed back to the US by August 30, 2022 after a mind-numbing TEN YEARS here, almost all due to BAD FARANGS.

The Thais are PRINCES compare to the Goddamned farangs.

Get the fucking bad farangs (drunks and sexpats) out of Thailand and I'd be happy to return and there are tens of thousands of decent people from around the world who openly say that exact same thing.


The scams, the dishonor, dishonesty, stunningly bad business practices -- the western Caucasian-owned and run businesses in Thailand, with rare exception, are among the very worst in the world; deplorable and stupid and incompetent beyond description. Just shameless scammers and fools, and Monkeys Wearing Pants.


This chronicle will feature in detail the antics of one supremely unintelligent landlord in the area of NongPrue, Chonburi, Thailand, and a "world-known" (sort of) Real-Estate firm.


The land-owner =

"Jay Allan Solomon" aka "Shiron"

USA Passport 435914505

215/178 Moo3

Na Jomtien, Sattahip, Chonburi

Thailand, 20250




The Realtor/Agency =

Gecko Properties

116/127 Pattaya Klang Road,

Moo 9, Bang Lamung, Pattaya, Chonburis

aka "Mr. Hankey Property Rentals"



The agent within that firm (Gecko) =

Bobby Tillotson, (UK)

aka "Robert (Bobby) Tillotson"




Thai law says that in complaints of slander or defamation (quote): "the truth is no defense". That's actually the law. Imagine that. What a dark and backwards place in that respect. And that's rather the capper for us. We're done and gone. We implore the King of Thailand to implore the Prayuth government to get a handle on this backwards legislation FOR THE GOOD OF THE THAI PEOPLE, so they can openly report the scams and thefts committed hourly by farang businesses across Thailand and thereby help victims warn their fellow Thais about bad farang businesses. The Thai people have lives that are difficult enough, without being the PREY of these unscrupulous farang scammers and louts. Please, King Maha Vajiralongkorn, (aka Rama X), take a hard look at the growing problem of bad farangs in Thailand, especially business owners, and if you're not willing to JUST GET THEM GONE, then at least allow the population to expose and report on their ludicrously bad business practices, so that other Thais can be forewarned. As it stands, people are terrified to report even the worst farang businesses. At least allow the good people of Thailand to report on the whereabouts and behavior of the snakes in the grass, so fewer people will be bitten.


When thinking of renting anywhere in Thailand, but especially in the tourist areas, like Chonburi, this page will help you immeasurably in knowing who you MIGHT get a fair shake from, and who you most definitely will not.


We hold 84 domains at present. 75 are unused. If this one gets hacked or attacked, blocked, screen, etc., any number of others are ready to automatically step in.


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Introduction (pinning down the details):



On June 29, 2022, after enduring three months of relative Hell in a rental home in Nong Prue, Chonburi, Thailand, due to what I can only describe as a kind of bizarre mental retardation in an American landlord, Jay Solomon, we gave notice to vacate about 9 months early on our lease. We stand to possibly lose about $1000 for breaking the lease. We've said we believe we have enough documentation on the insane, incompetent antics of the landlord to counter, and win that back in court, because the property was very seriously and willfully misrepresented (lied about).


The agent (handling the rental for the owner)(Robert Tillotson of Gecko Properties in Pattaya) has indicated they do want to take it to court. So be it. In Thailand there really is no such thing as "court" in any normal or logical sense as the rest of the world knows the term. It all depends on luck. And money. Maybe this Realtor has enough money to beat us. Maybe they don't. Either way, we'll document the entire case right here, no matter which way it goes, and no names, facts, hunches, suspicions or allegations, will be redacted. Men died for our First Amendment in the US. We thank them because without it, no society can evolve to live in the light. No society knows who the crooks and shysters and scammers are. No society can trust ANY business to do ANYTHING properly, competently, or honorably. No society can evolve and develop in the darkness of a shadowy land of secrets.


Thailand happens to attract the world's shysters because they think they can do whatever they want in "The Kingdom" and enjoy complete protection from exposure. They're partially right, but regarding being exposed by people outside of Thailand, like me, they're dead wrong.


Maybe this Realtor can beat us monetarily. It'll cost them to try. The thing they can NOT beat, however, is America's First Amendment, and the truth will cost them far, far more dearly than a lousy few thousand dollars.


At this moment our thoughts run to initiating a full-on lawsuit against these shysters, seeking the refund of ALL monies except used rent, but including moving costs both ways, lost time, and other damages. We'll talk with our attorneys soon to see what might be feasible to recover.


We. Don't. Like. Liars. We really don't and we'll go the extra mile to nail and/or expose them.


Hewlett Packard admitted to spending over $60,000 in an attempt to beat us by forcing us to remove a website which detailed their illegal antics. We expended the cost of a stamp ($.23) to swat them down. The website stands today, 30 years later, while HP wrings their hands and fumes. Truth: when confronted in life by scammers, thieves, liars and bad "property managers", Truth is the gift that keeps on giving. Forever.


This landlord's goose is already cooked. There's no way he can redeem himself or his reputation at this point. We have seven years of data on this guy (I rented from him twice before and do I have stories to tell), and so do many others, some of whom are willing to talk. Figuratively, he gets the red-hot poker up his ass.


The Realtor, on the other hand, hasn't really done anything YET (as of this point in the page -- read on) except to say they will take us to court if we try to force them to return our deposit -- and this was said, amazingly, before they even had one scintilla of a clue what our case was. Their knee-jerk reaction was to simply scream COURT! COURT! And I think that says all one will ever need to know about this outfit, Gecko Properties, or any other sleazy "agents". I suspect that kind of illogical obfuscation is going to be their M.O. They've already set the tone of their demeanor, even before knowing what the problem was. Ya just gotta wonder....


So let the games begin, Eh Jay?







When my wife died in the US after 40 years of marriage almost to the day, I hung around a few weeks to tidy up affairs and then literally pinned the tail on the donkey of SE Asia. I arrived in Thailand shortly thereafter and lived in Bangkok awhile, but the culture shock was too extreme and there was NO ENGLISH (there's much more nowadays). My hotel suggested a nearby town where the weather was a little cooler and there was a lot of English spoken. It sounded fine and I was charged 2700 baht for the 1300 baht taxi ride to Pattaya. I had never heard of Pattaya before.


This web page contains and includes my opinions, hunches, experiences, suspicions and best guesses.


I went into a hotel, got settled, and around dusk headed out to find a restaurant. Pattaya was the most bizarre place I had ever seen. I'd been in Saigon back "in the day", but it was nothing like Pattaya. I walked along the waterfront sporting the typical farang open jaw (farang merely means pale skinned westerner -- it can be derogatory, or not, just as many terms can be derogatory, or not (i.e. black, gay, whatever). Pattaya was quite exciting and there was just enough English.


I stayed in the hotel a few months but found that I was disgusted by 75 year old men wheezers/geezers dragging 16 year old prostitutes off the beach, into their rooms, one after another, and put out the word I was looking for a permanent room. A lady in her 70's, and looking every bit of it, who worked in a nearby bar as a cashier, said she'd help me find one and so next morning off we went in a taxi, and we found a room. As it turned out, the room was owned by a friend of the taxi driver, who was her brother in law, and I was quite scammed on the price. But it was only a 3 month lease and that would give me time to think. Money, really, was no object at all. With a bit of financial rearranging I could have bought the 300-odd room apartment building.


I did rent the room and then rode back to the bar with the older lady (cashier) and settled down to have a coke. I thanked the lady profusely for her help and tipped her well. But she treated me like a leper. I couldn't figure it out. I let it percolate a few days, figuring she would either get over it, and tell me what the problem was, or not. Of course I didn't understand Thailand or Thais at all at that point. A few days later I asked one of the bar girls if she knew what the problem was with the cashier. I'd had a notion we might become friends. The girl rolled her eyes and said, "You not know?" I said no! WTH?! She laughed and said maybe I misunderstood something, but after getting you the condo, you were supposed to stay there and have sex with her. I was stunned, shocked, and blown away. I'd had less than no interest in the woman. I found her exceedingly unattractive and quite coarse. But I can be normal friends with all kinds of people. But that's what had angered her -- I only wanted to be friends. Had I known that was understood to be the deal I would have never accepted her help. Crikey.


The room was one small bedroom (studio). No bathroom, no sofa, no cooking counter -- literally only room for a bed. I noticed that every morning I woke up with a cough and a gray film on everything. I assumed it was some weird Thai pollen. Then it was revealed that they had been plagued by this for many years and that the cause was found to be a leak in the concrete that joined this building to the Buddhist crematorium on one end. That was finally sealed, and the gray dust was gone.


I also noticed that even though I only slept a few hours per day in this dingy room and used the AC only then, the electric bills were much higher than the 5 bedroom home I'd left in the hottest part of California. I was paying $600/month there for full home AC which ran 24/7, yet this tiny room was costing me $800/month (about 26,000 baht, which was far higher than the room rental) in electricity. I inquired at the desk and was told that's just the way it was. I asked to see the meter and was told that wasn't possible. At that very moment a young farang (fAllang, here, to those who won't bother to speak Thai correctly) was shouting at the staff in the office, asking this very same question.


I did later learn that a room like this should have been costing me around 1000-2000b ($30-60) (or less) per month in electricity, but that the building management had sealed off the meters and was adding their own cap on the price. The name of that building on Pattaya Thai near the old Tukom building was "Center Condo".


When my lease was up I opted to move out. I was paid up on rent and had given proper notice and very simply asked for my 25,000 baht deposit back. The landlord, a nasty, fat sex-pat from Australia (gray pony tail, the whole bit) said no. There would be no refund. I asked why -- I'd already paid the building's own cleaning crew to make it spotless and dispose of all the dead cockroaches and geckos. But he was resolute. I offered to call the police and the staff was very uncomfortable. The owner then said there would be no refund because the safe didn't work. I was stunned. I had never used it! And how would he know if it worked or not? He was in Australia at the time, pretending to temporarily doctor aborigines in the outback (he was a nurse).


He wouldn't budge and I wouldn't leave. I had gotten along perfectly well with this bastard. I could only imagine that he was angry because I was leaving and I'd been the best sucker he'd found in decades.


I finally brought in a safe repair man as all the staff waited, looking morosely at the floors, who tested the safe in every way and proclaimed it fine and he related that to the staff who related that to the scammy landlord. The owner then said not only would I not get my deposit back, he would be taking me to court for the broken safe. The safe man again got on the phone with him and assured him the safe was perfect in every way. Then the staff and office ladies talked to him one by one and said the same things. The owner still refused to allow the deposit to be refunded. I told him we were going down to the office, all of us together, and we would meet the police there. We all did go down to the lobby and waited for the police.


After another 90 minutes of arguing with the staff and the police, the owner was convinced to allow the refund of the deposit or perhaps there could be a "problem" with his VISA upon his return.


He allowed the refund.


I moved into another condo in one of the "View Talay" buildings in Jomtien, owned by our sexpat friend "Jay Allan Solomon". It was another tiny room but at least had a bathroom and a hotplate. The view was ok, and the price was acceptable for those inflated times. The AC worked and the electricity price wasn't being padded by scam artists.


On one occasion Jay called me and asked if I could go down to the condo office and retrieve some document he needed. I didn't think much about it. It was slightly annoying (why couldn't he get it himself?) but really not a big deal. I was up and down from my floor to the office area where the pool was many times per day. I agreed and shortly went down and asked for the document. The Thai behind the counter gave me a disgusted look and loudly threw down a stack of folders and said very pointedly, "NO. We do not help Jay. He come here and make many many problems. We will not help Jay." I said ok, well, ok then, and I left without Jay's document.


Then I realized why Jay had asked ME to go get it. He didn't want to face them himself. I see now that this man left a stinky trail of drizzling runs every place he operated in Thailand, and that's the truest testament to his character.


I related this exactly to Jay and he looked down, shook his head, and said "No, no, that's not correct. I've never made problems in that office." But I saw that he was not particularly welcome in the other building where I stupidly rented the second condo from him either. It seems Jay had a reputation that followed him like a giant rancid fart.


I had stayed there a year, in View Talay #1, but the place was constantly in need of repair. Jay Allan Solomon had promised to install a safe for nearly a year, for instance, but had never gotten around to it, and since bank accounts in Thailand were difficult or impossible to get for the uninitiated at that time, I was often carrying around $5-10K USD and that was a bad situation.


I harangued Jay Allan Solomon enough to come and install the safe, which ALL condos have, except his. He was a late 60's something Jewish man but showed up with a live-in Thai girlfriend perhaps 23. Jay Allan Solomon tried to install the safe which merely required four screws (through-bolts) to be installed down through a heavy plank in a closet deck that was not easily removed.


Within 3 minutes I could see that Jay was profoundly out of his element. He fumbled with absolutely every aspect of the simple job, couldn't get the holes drilled, then drilled in the wrong places, and then finally could NOT figure out how to put the screws, washers and nuts together through the holes in the little safe (about the size of a loaf of bread and weighing nothing, made from sheet metal as I recall).


I ended up doing the entire thing for him, often catching glaces from his girlfriend which indicated she knew EXACTLY what kind of fish she had caught in homely old Jay Allan Solomon. She was embarrassed BY him and FOR him and it all just made me cringe. She was there for the money.


Once installed, Jay Allan Solomon told me under his breath, "Hey, thanks for getting me out of that -- I'm glad my girlfriend didn't see it. Didn't want to lose face in front of her." Of course, little did he know, he already had, and I think he probably did on an hourly basis. She knew exactly what a damned blithering oaf he was. But she didn't care. She was there for the bucks. I think Jay Allan Solomon had a dozen or so condos about that time. Solomon confided to me later that she asked him to sign over four condos. Yeah -- nice girl.


In the end I didn't like the sexpats and I didn't like living around them and that's ALL there was in that building. They WILL annoy you absolutely to death. Crude, loud, drunk, vulgar, stupid, fat (but with so-cool gray pony tails and 9 month old Hardly Abelson tattoos). If you're not one of them, you won't like them. And I'd decided I wanted more room anyway. Like a real bedroom.


Jay Allan Solomon had another condo that sounded just right, and, actually it was. It was a mile away and I moved all my belongings on 1000 trips on my motor scooter. You collect stuff, as a rule. It's uncanny.


I had looked around in that nice little corner condo awhile before making the deal. I was on floor 7, overlooking an "entertainment" soi. There was bar noise, but it was ok. I knew that going in. Jay said the noise was no problem and, indeed, at first, it was tolerable. Just normal bar music and drunks and squealing bar girls. I signed and paid and actually had about six fairly happy months there.


Weird things happened on a regular basis. I was out front one night, just watching the throngs of people and enjoying the warm evening air. A ladyboy came and sat down next to me -- very very close to me -- and asked if I wanted "short time" (about an hour in any dark space that might work). I said no, but thank you for offering, and we sat and had a nice conversation about all kinds of regular life things for an hour. Then I went upstairs and to bed. Upon parting she said she wished all farangs were as nice as me. I gave her a light hug good night.


Around the same time the next night, there was a horrible commotion downstairs. Screaming. Screeching of tires.


It turned out that same ladyboy had come back, hoping to talk to me. In my place was an asshole farang -- some nasty, putrefied Brit who told her to fuck off or he'd kill her. Pretty typical British demeanor here, but they never have what it takes to back it up. They are just fat mouths. The Brits here are loathed, I think, second only to the Russians. Completely different personalities and each will drive you to homicide equally as effectively, but for different reasons.


In any case the ladyboy simply and unceremoniously stabbed him to death. He went down in a spray of carotid blood and the ladyboy panicked and jumped back from the scene, right into the path of a speeding motorbike taxi, who hit her and killed her. Very sad. But that kind of bizarre thing is common enough in this bizarre place.


This condo was another mechanical wreck. with an embarrassingly dimwitted repairman (Jay Allan Solomon) trying and failing to maintain it.


On one occasion the washing machine stopped draining and I mentioned it to Jay Allan Solomon, and then started taking my laundry out to a Thai-run service"in the building about twice a week.


Jay Allan Solomon tipped over the washing machine and started to unbolt the drain pump. Easy machine to work on. Part of the pump casing was translucent so you could see any debris stuck in the pump. A silverish coin was clearly visible. Jay Allan Solomon launched into a nasty tirade directed at me, nearly yelling that he thought I had put that coin in there and and this was really pissing him off and I was really going to have to pay for this. I helped him get the coin out because that was beyond him. It was oblong and smooth and had been in there probably for decades, just rolling around, getting polished like a pretty stone, and it was clear I'd had nothing to do with it since I'd only been there a matter of months. I held it up and showed it to him. He did manage to grasp that it was ancient, but apologize for his insulting rudeness? Nope. Not our Jay Allan Solomon.


At about the six month point a new bar started up immediately below my windows and blasted music so loud the other bars in the soi ended up calling the police on that bar countless times. The Brit owner was hated and reviled, even by bar owners ten bars either direction from his. It was impossible to sleep and tenants on my side of the building would take turns going down and threatening the jackass, all to no avail. This went on for three more months. Ah, those Brits.


I finally explained to Jay Allan Solomon that I couldn't sleep and had had enough and had to move. Jay Allan Solomon asked if there was a resolution. I said I didn't think so, but if you're determined to try, you might swap out these cheap single pane windows for good quality double-panes. Or, if you REALLY wanted to do your best to fix the problem, go to triple panes, because the place was unrentable as it stood.


Jay Allan Solomon thought it over and decided on triple pane replacement.


It should have been a simple enough job. Everything with Solomon SHOULD be simple enough, but it never, ever is. You select your glass at the dealer, and find sliding frames that will fit in the existing tracks. Takes, what -- an hour? You just lift the windows out and drop the new ones in. No tools required. There were about five big windows on that side of the condo, encompassing two rooms.


Jay Allan Solomon came in with the windows in the frames only to discover that he had bought frames that wouldn't fit in the existing slides (he'd shockingly mis-measured). So he took them all back. But this is Thailand and returns for ANY reason are virtually unheard of. The only solution was to completely remove all the track frames and hardware from the concrete walls, right down to the bare concrete, and install all new sliders. This was a monumental job. All windows had to be taken down to their bare concrete holes, and then cleaned and reshaped, and then the new hardware had to be drilled into the concrete and bolted in.


This took a week or two. --Dust and noise and a whole crew in there from morning to night, every day.


During this time I had no coverings over the open holes in either room, and rain and wind blew through with wild abandon. This is a monsoon kind of country. In the daytime there was no AC and at night the rain soaked the condo. It was wonderful.


But finally it was done and we eagerly awaited the blasting music that was sure to come that very night. And it did, right on schedule. And there was absolutely zero improvement. Zero. Not a single decibel. It was vexing.


In the morning I informed Jay Allan Solomon, and he said no, that was utterly impossible, and he began, as he always did, intimating that I must have somehow done something to make the new windows not help with the sound. This blame game was and is Jay Allan Solomon's M.O. It's how he deals with his own incompetence. He must have been a real prize through his school years. And he still is.


Jay Allan Solomon came over and we looked and looked and looked, trying to find some way all these workers, or me, could have screwed this up. But every window was installed correctly. Well embedded in the walls and sealed.


I asked Jay if the glass was two pane, or triple. He said triple. But why did it have zero effect on the bar music?


I was curious how much the gap was between all three panes of glass so I got right up to the window with a magnifying glass and tried to observe that. But man! Those clearances must have been really, really small.


Then it hit me. There was no gap at all. None. This was single-pane glass. AGAIN.


These were the very same single-pane glass that he had just taken out. Except for being new, they were the exact same glass! SINGLE PANE AGAIN!!!


I gasped. I audibly, unconsciously gasped. And I could see on his face that he knew I knew. I asked him why in God's name had he paid a truly exorbitant sum to rip out one whole side of a concrete condo, only to replace the windows with exactly what he had just removed!? I remember asking the question hoarsely. I could barely speak it. I was in shock. At that instant I truly came to realize that Jay was mentally handicapped. I don't mean this as an insult, though in fact it is. But I mean it as a statement of my most fervent belief. I believed then and believe now that Jay Allan Solomon is mentally handicapped and the disease has progressed over the years.


I would say to Jay, here and now, just give it all up. Sell the condos, and just stay home, in bed, with the girls, and I will teach them the most efficient ways and methods of scarfing your wallet and getting money out of your banks. You can no longer operate in the outside world. You're incompetent at every single level and turn. Just go back to bed with your teenagers.


Jay Allan Solomon looked at the floor and said quietly that the glass man had had a surplus on this single-pane glass and had sold it to him cheap, assuring him it was every bit as effective as triple-pane.


Jack in the Fucking Beanstalk.


I gave notice at that moment, on the spot, and moved out within a couple of days to an expensive penthouse in a building in Naklua. I was done with Jay Allan Solomon and his endless stupidity and his incompetence and his mind-numbingly annoying demeanor and I wanted some peaceful life without the BS. I moved out at four days into the new electricity billing cycle. My electric bill normally ran about 2500-2800b per month. Jay Allan Solomon messaged to tell me that in the four days I had been out (days I had been moving in to the new condo and wasn't even in Jay Allan Solomon's condo) that the electrical usage was 1200b. At that rate it would have been 9000b per month. I then knew he was simply a lying scammer and I immediately blocked Jay Allan Solomon. That was enough. By God, that was enough.


Jay Allan Solomon is one of those guys -- there aren't a lot of them but we've all seen our share and are left with affected vision and PTSD because of it -- who, for some strange, unknowable reason, shows a solid eight inches of his ass crack every time he bends over. Maybe your fat plumber does this too. There should be a law -- actually there is. I can't imagine that any man would not feel this draft. But I am convinced that they don't -- or maybe they like it and secretly hope people will stare down into the stinking greasy depths of that nasty crevasse. I averted my eyes as quickly as possible when Jay Allan Solomon's ass crack presented itself. I might have mentioned it to him once but I'm not sure. His girlfriend always glanced at me and rolled her eyes when that monstrous black hole was presented for inspection. Someone should have told him in no uncertain terms. But I don't think guys like Jay Allan Solomon really care.


(not Solomon, but you get the idea -- used with permission)


I've only known two Jews in my life. One was my attorney for a very short time in Canada. I found him to be shockingly, criminally greedy, almost to the point where I questioned his sanity. He was an incompetent attorney and I felt that he was so off-putting to the judge that he could have gotten a better deal had he not been. I know there's a lot of animosity toward Jews around the world (there was that Hitler thing, of course). I had only known that one Jewish man at time and certainly he'd been a one-off, an anomaly, a fluke. Right? I genuinely wanted to know why the world didn't particularly like Jews so I Googled it once, thinking it probably had something to do with some clash of the religions or whatever (my God is better than your God). Google didn't offer anything definitive and I never have figured out why they're hated. I mean, my two experiences with Jews, that attorney and with Jay Allan Solomon, couldn't possibly be indicative of the behavior and demeanor of the average Jew on the street, could it? Certainly not! If that were the case, well, they'd be universally reviled the whole world over, and that's certainly not the ca--- Oh, wait.


I remain completely open minded about Jews. Only having known two, both of whom were abject clunkers, tossers, wastes of flesh, but that can't put one off on an entire people. Can it? Can it?


I leased for a year in Naklua, but it was the SAME BS. I had five water heaters in that condo. I replaced them seven (7) times in the space of that 12 months exactly (five of them once and two of them twice). I replaced them with only the brands the owner allowed because the owner was a cheap-charlie Brit who thought it was better to replace each water heater every year at a cost of 3000b, rather than to spend 8000b and only have to replace them every 10 or 16 years. The guy wasn't Jewish but he should have been -- penny-wise but dollar-stupid. The other side of the coin with this owner was that he was probably THE most honest and logical and straight-up farang I'd met in Thailand. He was a first class man and landlord all the way around, except for being terminally cheap, and I would have been pleased to rent any of his properties, forever. He died of cancer and that's a tragedy. But Solomon continues to suck the earth's air. That's a tragedy also, for a logical society.


The high rise next door to this high-end condo got the idea that they could get more tenants if they made every night karaoke night by the pool, until the wee hours of the morning. I never saw more than three people attend (maybe three adults and two kids once). But they blasted that insane shit out of their open-sided pool area, exactly at my condo, for 10-12 hours a day/night. I complained -- Hell, everybody on that side of the building complained. Management over there just stared at us like deer in headlights, as if to say, "Sleep? Why on earth would you ever want to SLEEP?" TV? Why on earth would you want to watch your TV? The tower was of the open center type, so that music blasted and roared up through what was effectively an echo chimney and drove the tenants mad. If it drove us mad in an adjacent building, imagine how it must have been for that building's tenants. I cannot imagine, frankly, but it persisted for months until I left and probably for years after that.


One night a large Jewish presence two floors down from me erupted into an all-out brawl on their balcony (they were raucous every night but this was the pinnacle), which woke the whole building on that side. The Thai residents living in nice homes directly below them all came out and threw rocks up at them on their balcony. Building tenants below me were pounding on their door all night. The manager despite promising to come over and "straighten it out" next time it happened, could not be reached (we tried repeatedly all night). Nothing dissuaded them this gaggle of Jews. I started to wonder if my strong interest in visiting Israel was profoundly misplaced. I now believe it was.


The building manager, a lady of perhaps 65, put on a nice audio show with the elderly tenant immediately opposite of my living room, while I had three young female students there with their Thai mom. The sex must have been otherworldly because the noise was astronomical and banging the walls didn't stop it. My building manager was quite vocal. It HAD to be machine-pleasure because the old Jewish tenant couldn't have lasted five minutes. 2.5 hours was well beyond his capabilities. He could barely make it up and down the abbreviated staircases in the building. This kind of thing was every few days, sometimes every day, in that condo in Naklua.


This building had been advertised as a "long time" lease building only -- never, ever to be used as a "hotel" for drunken expats and their prostitutes. I checked that carefully and explicitly before I leased because I had run into that nonsense before. But it was used for that anyway. Many units were rented out nightly and many more weekly to short-stay sexpats who filled every waking hour with boozy parties with lady boys and very young girls. That made the living experience miserable. The Russians are too cheap to run their AC's so they all open their doors and windows and place big fans in the hallways, blasting their TVs, and their kids ride bicycles through the halls, slamming into tenants' doors and walls. It was a real nice place.


My lease ran out and I moved to a little town-home nearby. The maintenance issues were dismal even with the German owner living next door -- a nice but illogical and cheap-as-a-Jew man. One by one appliances went out and for the most part STAYED out for my two years there. He simply didn't want to maintain the place and couldn't figure out why people should think he must. One of the ACs developed a problem which we paid for to have repaired three times. We asked the owner to fix it once and for all, stating that we had already paid the repair bill three times. He simply wouldn't do it. So we ended up having to run the big AC in the living room, on high, all night, and using fans to try to duct cooler air into the bedroom so we could sleep. Finally the big AC died as well and he grudgingly replaced that with a tiny one, which could no longer cool the bedroom, and we endured that for our last five months.


The farang neighbor on the other side brought in some yapping little dogs. Yapping little dogs can be supremely annoying, but these were three hundred grades beyond merely annoying. No one had ever seen anything like it. The soi en masse called the police countless times with no relief (there IS no relief, mostly, in Thailand, for noise). The soi, all together, had the Italian fool arrested for it once. No relief. In the end, 11 homeowners in that soi signed a formal complaint to the mayor and submitted it in person. There was no relief. It was submitted again. There was no relief. It was very forcefully submitted a third time with no relief and we moved.


At the move-out inspection meeting there was found to be a grayish dust track on one wall, about three feet long, where an extension cord had hung between a table and a lamp (his table and his lamp). It was merely dust and when the landlord complained, I began to wipe it off with my finger, which worked perfectly. But he stopped me and said NO! (in German). That cannot be cleaned! I must repaint the entire wall! And one of his vinyl sofas, which had badly cracked armrests when we moved in, had armrests that were slightly more cracked when we moved out. The German landlord wanted us to buy a brand new sofa. At that instant I realized he was merely another farang scammer, lying to keep the deposit. He schlepped all but a few baht of my deposit. Once I realized he was a dishonest man, I cut all contact with him. He sent people to my house twice to ask me to come and be friends with him again. I sent them away. Still, he was twenty nine levels better than Jay Solomon.


We then moved into a huge semi-mansion in Naklua. It was yet another maintenance nightmare.


Things here are maintenance nightmares for several reasons:


1. The original construction is done by universally incompetent, lazy and slipshod workers.


2. The construction materials and fixtures are ALL of the very cheapest and inferior Chinese grades.


3. No maintenance is EVER done until something catastrophically fails, and then it costs five times as much to replace.


4. The repairs will be done by the same profoundly incompetent workers.


5. Any materials used in repairs will ALSO be of those same grossly inferior Chinese grades. It's nearly impossible here to get anything else because, after all, Thailand is merely a subservient province of China.


While there, a pipe under the house broke and the water bill was 8000 baht where normally it would be 130 baht. We paid for the repair BECAUSE THE OWNER WOULDN'T and it was found that two plastic pipes had been joined together with the male extending into the female coupling by probably less than 1/8 of an inch. No way it could have ever held, but it had for years, until it simply didn't. We had no way of knowing the pipe had burst way up under the house. We paid for the repair because the owner, an elderly farang who owned 17 houses in that village and three high-rise towers in Naklua, refused to repair it and then, when presented the bill, he refused to pay it either. Who ya gonna call? Ghost Busters? There is NO effective of rational court system in Thailand. Seeing that this would be the pattern forever, we moved.


This web page contains and includes my opinions, hunches, experiences, suspicions and best guesses.


We went next into a gigantic five story shophouse a few blocks away. GF wanted to start a shop out front and she began building one and amassing materials and stocks. We paid this owner a "fee" to move in of 100,000 baht (similar to how it's done in Japan), plus three months rent in advance. We then invested another 180,000 baht into making it livable. Complete paint, roof to bottom, every room. Every faucet needed repair. Every drain was clogged. No toilets worked and one was irreparable. It was all on us. The entire electrical grid needed upgrading. We found that only two of the building's seven AC units worked. Ok, we thought -- let's get the five repaired. But when we brought in crews to do that we found that those five units had NO PARTS INSIDE. Nothing. Not even compressors. Even the copper wiring had been removed from the conduits and the walls. The owner had made NO MENTION of this, even though she'd lived there 20 years. We repaired them all. And a curious thing was that when it rained, water SHOT from inside the walls, out the electrical outlets INSIDE THE HOME. Why? Because the concrete walls were of such stunningly low quality that when the rain hit the side of the building, it was soaked into the porous concrete, and accumulated inside the walls on the lower floor, and when, say, several feet of water collected in there, INSIDE THE WALLS, the pressure began to force that water out through the electrical outlets and any other cracks or holes, and into the home. Ah, Thailand.


We were concerned about the area in front of the shop, since GF wanted to build her drive-up food stall out there. We asked the owner and were told that was our area, of course. We said we were still worried about it, and so she amended the lease with the promise that we had complete and total control of the front area and were welcome to use it in any way we wished, exclusively. So GF built her shop out there. But almost immediately, after the shop (two shops, actually) were up and running and doing well, we learned that "our space", as allowed in the lease, was actually a "common area" and could be used by anyone -- even as a public parking lot for cars from the street. The owner had had no right to speak for it at all. Anyone could use it. So anyone used it. GF would come out to open the shop and find it completely blocked by cars from the bars from the night before. We seldom found the owners of the cars (mostly drunk farangs) and even when we did, they just flipped us off or argued. Such lovely people. They parked very kind of vehicle out there, blocking GF's shop, nearly every day, and GF fought with them bitterly. Bitterly. And all the other shops in the strip had the same problem. When she placed some ceramic flower pots there to dissuade cars from parking in the eating areas of her shops, a man who had owned the building TWENTY YEARS BEFORE and now had no association with it whatsoever, arrived and told her she couldn't place flowers there, even though the entire area was covered by flower pots in front of all the other shops only a few feet away. AND HE NO LONGER OWNED ANY PROPERTY IN THE AREA AND HADN'T FOR TWENTY YEARS OR MORE! Stupefying arrogance.


GF very nearly attacked him, but she knuckled under and moved them "to avoid problems", as Thais usually do, usually to their own detriment. I put everything back and although we saw him drive by often, he never glanced in that direction again. Unfortunately the car parkers simply moved them in the night or smashed them, so none of it helped keep her shops open.


We brought the owner back to the shop and confronted her about the discrepancy between what she had signed in the lease, and what ultimately turned out to be true (that we couldn't stop anyone from blocking our shops). She finally looked down and admitted, yes, she had lied. We had no control over the area the lease clearly SAID we had control over. GF shut down her shops and merely watched the drunks come and park 24/7.


The finale came when a Harley Davidson repair shop moved in almost next door and gleefully razzed Harley engines for mostly farang customers all day and night. You could watch them -- they often weren't checking anything about a repair job except to glory in the cracking, barking noise of the new set of straight pipes they'd just installed. People closest to them fought them as if at war. Several other families moved away to escape the interminable cacophony. Those closest to the shop had called the police literally dozens and dozens of times. They provided no relief whatsoever.


We started home shopping again.


This time we ended up being taxied out to a home in NongPrue, a few miles from our shop, by "Robert (Bobby) Tillotson", the Brit agent from "Mr. Hankey Property rentals, Pattaya, Thailand -- oops, we mean Gecko Property Rentals". We met a man who was presenting a very over-priced home. But it was at the end of a tight little soi, and we honestly couldn't figure out how it could be anything but pleasant and serene.


After talking awhile, suddenly I recognized the owner -- it was none other than Jay Allan Solomon. Long lost idiot Jay Allan Solomon. I hadn't seen him in many years and with his mask on, I hadn't recognized him. What could be the odds.


I remembered instantly what a moronic pain in the ass the fool had been, but he was friendly enough and apparently never figured out that I had blocked him so many years before, and we really wanted the house, and at that time we believed we wouldn't be dealing with idiot Jay at all, but rather with the rental agency, Gecko, and money wasn't a problem, so we asked everything about it before consummating the deal.


I hated this man, so much so, that I had blocked him in a region where having a network of farang friends was almost critical to survival -- but I had still hated him enough to block him years before. Yet here he was. I decided to be the adult and simply purge from my memory all the insane bullshit this man was responsible for in years past. This would be a new beginning. I would do a Master Reset on Jay Allan Solomon and take it as a brand new start from that moment forward. Surely, surely this fool had grown up and found another brain cell to rub against the one he had, and start thinking and learning what appropriate behavior was in civilized society. Surely this had happened in all these years. I mean, it must have, right? No one can keep on keepin' on at the low social level Jay Allan Solomon was operating at. In the US, he would have been ostracized, then probably eventually killed. I have a hunch his divorce records from the US (New York) will be revealing. They're available via FOIA. I'll post them right here as time allows. I wonder if his Thai divorce records are available as well. A few bucks oughta produce them.


Before moving in to this new home in Nong Prue, Jay Allan Solomon said there was a family catty-corner from us who had small children. No problem. They had a gate. They kept them inside. I watched them for a few moments. They seemed like a normal family from the bush -- no manners, no sense of appropriate behavior, no concept of indoor and outdoor voices, but still. They weren't facing us exactly (supremely sorry to the lady they ARE facing who finally has been driven to apoplexy and says she has listed her home for sale because of them), so it should all be doable for us in any case, and it more or less was. They had a large family, with maybe half a dozen adults there and several screaming kids in diapers and a mom who bellered at them constantly, with lots of parties and many vehicles who had no place to park and almost constantly blocked the tiny one-way lane. Still, had that loud house, that had been gifted to the current resident by his gay lover when he died, been the only problem, we wouldn't have liked it, but it would have been tolerable. Unfortunately, too many other problems began to rear their ugly asses.


As stated above, one of the reasons we were forced to shut down our shops in our old shophouse was because of rude drivers who insisted on parking their cars and motorbikes right in the eating areas for our two restaurants. That was the space BETWEEN the sidewalk and the steps to our shop. As I mentioned, the owner had written in the lease that that area was OURS and that we could control it for our shops. Turned out we had NO control over that area. She had lied in order to rent her shop, exactly the same as Jay Allan Solomon did in our new home. We did try to keep the parkers out of the old shophouse area with all manner of barriers and threats of being towed. Nothing worked though we fought it for a year, and it was the same situation for the entire strip of shops. One shop had been there 11 years but was forced out due to this. For the last four or five months of our stay there we simply shut down our shops and sat and watched the vehicles park where our tables used to be. We were responsible to physically maintain that area, but we couldn't use it. Ask them to move out of the seating and table area of your restaurants? Most would flip you off and walk away. Remember, they were parking BETWEEN the sidewalk and our steps! They would literally drive through or over our barriers and park actually BETWEEN the tables as people were sitting and eating with families, sometimes even knocking the tables with their motorbikes. The vast majority were loud, drunk, greasy farang sexpats. My girlfriend lost two businesses due to those losers. Please, Thailand, get these bastards out of your country, or at least learn to vet them before letting them in. I can show you how.


Finally, after being let out of the lease by the lying landlady in the shophouse, we rented from Jay Allan Solomon and Robert (Bobby) Tillotson, and that's why we were so keen to find a quiet spot on a dead-end soi, and to be sure, sure, SURE that no one could park and block us as they had done for two years at our big shop. Unfortunately Jay Allan Solomon lied through his fucking teeth, just to get us in. Welcome to the world of Monkeys Wearing Pants (idiot farangs) Thailand.


Incidentally the lady owner of the big shop was mortified at what she had done. When finally confronted, she admitted lying and hung her head and refunded our deposit. That owner gracefully let us out of the lease, of course, BECAUSE SHE WAS A LIAR and she knew it and she was sorry for it. At least she had that tiny fleck of remorse, quite unlike Jay Allan Solomon who lied and then tried to double down and fleece us even more.


Jay Allan Solomon did volunteer to me that the old condo with the noise problem, where he replaced single-pane windows with, wait for it, single pane windows, remained vacant for over two years. And he said I'd been right about the problem and the solution, and he had eventually put in proper sound-barrier windows, and then it rented. I guess Jay Allan Solomon really showed the world HE wasn't going to be pushed around. Two years of lost revenue because he was just that stupid.


To reiterate, Jay Allan Solomon explained that the parking spot just outside our gate of the new home was OUR spot. He explained that it went with the house, so if we had a second car, we could park it there, because that was OUR area and we could put anything we wanted out there, forever. You'll see his exact words transcribed here, further down. We took him at his word, apparently not remembering the bullshit with the common area at the shophouse. Jay Allan Solomon was a farang, like me. No cultural misunderstanding there. We understood each other. The area was ours. Ok. Got it. Noted. Thank you. No need to repeat it (but he did). Your word is your bond. Ah, but this was an ex NYC Jewish Realtor. Honor? What's that? That's an outdated concept and the philosophy of the foolish, right? It's rather like the Chinese philosophy of "working smart", and stealing is easier than working, so that is ok. Stealing is merely "working smart".


I paid the required lump sum, 25,000 for the first months' rent, and 25,000 for the last month's rent (I thought), and 25,000 for the damage deposit. Standard contract, just like every other country on earth. Same contract I had used on my own rentals for decades in the US. Same basic template. No worries.


We dealt with Robert (Bobby)(aka "Digger") Tillotson to get it all set up and going and it was more or less smooth.


After signing and moving in, Jay Allan Solomon was out every day, complaining that we "sure had a lot of stuff". Well, yeah, it's called MOVING Jay! Are we breaking the lease in some way, I wanted to ask him after each of his little tirades about how much "stuff" we had. But I kept my mouth shut. Honestly. I hated Jay Allan Solomon. I had seen him on the street in Pattaya with his 23 year old occasionally, years before, after I blocked him, but I always turned away so he didn't see ME. I wanted nothing to do with the embarrassing, silly damned oaf, but this house was just what we needed, and we could keep it strictly business, and we really only had to deal with Robert (Bobby) Tillotson (and "Mr. Hankey (Gecko) Property rentals, Pattaya, Thailand"), but Jay CONSTANTLY showed up and emailed and we ended up dealing with Jay almost exclusively.


Still, it should be just fine, right? Of course it would.


Our move-in day was the 1st. The house had technically become "ours" at midnight, the night before. We showed up in mid-afternoon. No one around. We walked into "our" master bedroom. There was Jay Allan Solomon, spread-eagled on what was now "our" bed, pants opened, one hand down the pants and the other holding his cell phone, his fat red belly poking out. He was startled and quickly turned off his phone.


"Oh! You came today?"


"Yes, Jay; today is the first and today is move-in day."


"Oh! Oh! Ok!" He gets up, fastens his pants and comes out.


Absolutely an odious damned pig of a fucking man, always inappropriate, always supremely annoying. We started to wonder what he might be up to if we ever took a long trip out of the country. He had the master keys. Would he have prostitutes in our bed and pool? Or would he just come over alone and go through GF's panties and jerk off? What a fucking clod. What a fucking piece of Goddamned human shit. At that moment I realized I had made a terrible mistake renting from Jay Allan Solomon AGAIN. How stupid could I be? Apparently pretty Goddamned stupid.


Jay Allan Solomon has demonstrated that he is the consummate "sex-pat" (i.e. expat who comes to SE Asia ONLY to fuck young girls, the younger the better, and as many as humanly possible). He talks constantly about his conquests. He is very active in all SE Asian dating sites. He's ugly yes, but the SE Asian girls DON'T CARE because they're not in this for any kind of relationship -- they're in it to find any ways possible to GET MONEY, mostly to feed their starving children, put them into schools, and to try to bring some relief to their aging parents. For them, fucking disgusting, repugnant old men is a JOB, call it "Dirty Jobs" if you will after the TV series, though to this day, Jay doesn't grasp that. One type of this girl asks for the money straight up after the condom is full. The other type asks for it but not DIRECTLY connected to any particular sex act. They think they're so clever in that way. Some are more clever than others, but that is the SOLE purpose of their interest in ancient revolting farangs. Jay Allan Solomon has no concept of this, as many or most farangs here don't. They actually believe that 18 year old girls who speak no English genuinely love them after the first hour, and WANT to go to their room to have sex. Because they lo them. Right.


The girls tell me sometimes they go into the bathroom and vomit afterwards. Sometimes they cry. But they are doing it for themselves and, what's possibly even more important than themselves, for their families. Some families will push them to go find a farang so the family can benefit; some only grudgingly tolerate it. The family of the 23+- year old girlfriend Jay Allan Solomon had when I met him was vehemently against her going off with Jay Allan Solomon. They hated his guts, he admitted. She was a registered nurse in Bangkok with a great future ahead of her -- but of course not enough pay even to live on until she was in her 40's. A factory worker here earns about $3.90 a day. A nurse, maybe 60% more. A friend here graduated law school and went looking for her first job. The best offer she got was $400/month. She never worked in law but started her own online business selling noodles and she did amazingly well.


But her German boyfriend, another 70-something sexpat, had secretly changed all the ownership docs of the business into his own name (Facebook business account), and when they split, he simply stole her business. He simply stole her business. Let me say it again: This drunken German sexpat simply stole her entire business. I actually looked for him for awhile to "have words" face to face. Please understand, I am TIRED of con artists and thieves. Later, when he ran that business into the ground, she discovered he had kept one of her credit cards and had withdrawn 180,000 baht, which she must now pay back because they can't seem to find or catch this fucking geezer. And they say Thais are scammers. Well, some Thais are scammers, but in my experience, nearly ALL farangs are scammers to a far greater degree, even cheating and stealing from the Thais. I belabor this point, but it's a big point: I do not believe Thailand enjoys much of a net gain from allowing farangs into the Kingdom. Maybe allowing their money to come in is 3 steps forwards, but it's also 2.999 steps backwards. Get them the fuck out of Thailand. How many Thais would agree with this? The majority.


Jay Allan Solomon's 23-something year old GF began cheating on him almost immediately. Every time she and Jay Allan Solomon met with me, I caught her looking over him and smiling at me, giving me the raised eyebrows look. I never mentioned it to him. Not my business. But Jay Allan Solomon thought she loved him dearly and exclusively, forever and ever, and he was always eager to mention little things he got her to do in bed. I'll say it again: What a sack of human shit.


He finally caught her cheating by reading her online messages. She convinced him it was just a fling. Jay Allan Solomon believed her. He'd been here something like 20 years at that point, but still he believed her. Shortly after, she announced she was leaving him and marrying an ancient fat man in Germany. Maybe he offered her more. Or maybe he just wasn't such an embarrassing or revolting Goddamned fool as Solomon. She dumped Jay Allan Solomon flat in one solitary text, and he was devastated. That was five years ago. But every visit to me was punctuated by his threats of wanting to kill her. Great guy. Knowing now what a louse this guy is, I should have fucked her too and sent him the video. I think that was a pretty regular thing for her but Jay was clueless. God but Jay hated her for dumping him. She had simply sent him a text after some five or so years. Lot of respect there, eh Jay? Yes, you earned everything you got, bro.


We'd been in Jay Allan Solomon's new home, the one this website is really about, four days -- not really "in" as we spent 90% of our time at our old shophouse, packing. We'd had five floors there, all jammed to the rafters with stuff, plus the two shops out front that had been mothballed about 5 months before, due to the parking problem. We'd owned two of the shops out front, and we had rented to a third shop (they had been there 11 years total), but they had moved out also due to the parking problem also.


In any case, on the fourth day of bringing things to Jay Allan Solomon's home, I went in the back of the house for the first time and noticed that the reserve water tank for the house was overflowing slightly. Thailand homes MUST use reserve tanks because Thailand's public water system in some areas is a bit sketchy. Yes, they are improving it dramatically year by year, but still a long way to go. The infrastructure in Thailand is probably better than any other SE Asian country with the exception of Singapore and Hong Kong. Thais are trying very, very hard to bring it up and they are succeeding.


The city water flows into these tanks which are often hundreds or thousands of gallons, because there might not be any city water for weeks. So when the gettin's good, you gotta GIT that water and fill up your tank. Then, as you go along in daily life, you use the water not directly from the city, but from that tank, and when there is water available at any given time from the city, it is automatically replaced into the tank. It works perfectly well.


When the tanks are full, a simple float valve, such as the one on your toilet, stops the flow into the tank so it doesn't overflow. It works fine. When it works, which is usually. But periodically those valves will fail and not close off. It's usually due to dirty water coming from the city which gets into the valves and prevents them from completely shutting off the water. I've tried cleaning numerous models. Most are sealed and can't be cleaned or repaired. But they're cheap, as in $15, so you just swap them out even if they CAN be cleaned and re-seated.


In this case the tank was over-flowing at the rate of not more than half a gallon per hour. Very, very slow. But still, it needed to be fixed. We'd only been there four days. I called Jay Allan Solomon and told him about it, and live-streamed a vid of it. He immediately seemed to go into panic mode and began yelling over the phone, "HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN?! WHAT DID YOU DO?! WERE YOU BACK THERE SCREWING AROUND WITH IT?! WERE YOU?! WHAT DID YOU DO?! DID YOU FUCK THAT UP!?"


This was a repeat performance of the coin in the washing machine so many years ago and his accusatory, rude and insulting tone frankly pissed me off. I told him, "NO, OF COURSE I WASN'T BACK THERE 'SCREWING AROUND' WITH ANYTHING JAY! THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I'VE BEEN BACK THERE!!!" I was quite annoyed and still am today as I remember and chronicle this.


That backed him down, but he was virtually panicked over this and had absolutely no concept of how this could ever happen. He had 17 rentals at that time I think, and had had close to that number for some 20 years, and he had never run into this? I would have thought he'd be replacing several per year!


I removed the valve and float and sent him pictures. He went to the hardware store. It was replaced in four minutes. Done deal. No harm, no foul. But he kept bringing that up every single time he came over, which was quite a few times per week, as though he actually believed I had gone out in the back, and taken off the top of the water tank, and did.....what? WHAT, exactly, Jay? Sabotaged the float valve for fun and profit? I was beginning to remember Jay only too well and it was getting more and more difficult not to be testy with him. I just plain didn't like this man. I don't think ANYONE does..


He seemed to really love complaining about our boxes in the carport and would flip up the lids and peer inside, "Anything you want to sell? You want to sell that? You want to sell that? What about this? What is that for? Do you want it? What does THAT do? Anything for free? What about this? What about that? Do you want it? What are you gonna do with THIS?" Endlessly. Endlessly.


It was in this time period that he pulled out in front of a Thai girl on a scooter and got t-boned. She wasn't hurt badly, thankfully. --His second such accident that I knew of, both of them t-bones. A Thai man from the first one was injured very, very badly.


Jay likes to load his rentals up with flowers and other vegetation. This was the case in every place I rented from him. Ok, he's a flower guy and that's perfectly fine. But not everyone is and not everyone wants to be inconvenienced with their care. In this current home, Jay had, as always, spent a small fortune vegetating the place with far too many plants, trees and flowers. It was a significant inconvenience to take care of them. If Jay likes them, then Jay should have them in his home and not force them on others unless they also want them. In this home I was wondering if Jay could reduce the number of flowers and plants. It was all too much.


I asked what he could take away and he said he could take something like five or six plants that were out front. At least that was a start. I said great, and he did take them away. They were in perfect condition because I had taken perfect care of them, even though I didn't have the time. Jay took them home and put them inside his condo in Na Jomtien. Apparently a centipede crawled out of one on the first night and visited him in bed. They had been outdoor plants, of course, but Jay related this centipede visitation to me and seemed perturbed that I would give him back his own outdoor plants with a centipede living in one. Of course, how would anyone ever know? Jay tried and tried to think of some angle, any angle at all whereby the centipede in the plant could be construed as somehow being my fault. I watched him dodge and weave and start at it from different angles and before he could get up any steam on any particular tack he would realize how stupid it was, and be quiet for a second, and then try to come back at it from some new angle, as though he was SURE that centipede had been purposely planted in the flower box. Honestly, had I thought of it...... But absolutely nothing under the sun is Jay's fault. He pulls out in front of a Thai girl on a motorbike and she hits him broadside because she can't stop. But it's her fault and he argues that for seven hours (!)(his estimate) at the police station in Nong Prue. A guy t-bones him in Jomtien. But it's that guy's fault too (he said he paid the cop for a favorable report). He forgets to put gas in his car and it runs out in the middle of nowhere; it's someone else's fault. That is Jay Solomon.


In any case, he abandon that bizarre little centipede verbal dance before long and that and was fine -- Jay was a whack job. No big deal. Every other sentence out of his mouth is something stupid like that and you learned to just ignore it. Unfortunately, a month or two later, Jay came to me to tell me the plants had all died. He said he had transplanted them and they all died. The intonation was that maybe I had something to do with that. He said, "It's a good thing they died in my house and not yours, or you might have been looking at _______." I can't remember the end of that sentence verbatim, or the penalty he thought I might be subject to, but the message was clear: Had they died in my rental for ANY reason, I'd be on the hook for them. Never mind that they either had a disease, or JAY had killed them by transplanting them (most likely). He was just sort of fishing for any tiny little thing he could threaten me with and as always, it made me hate the fool just a little more.


I related to Jay a story about a house we had rented years before from a filthy-rich man (owner of three high-rise condo BUILDINGS (not units). That house turned out to be a crumbling mess and that owner wouldn't fix anything either, as I've related in this web page already. We actually had to file an insurance claim for a huge amount of damage to our computers because their piping had been installed improperly (Chinese style) and burst in the ceiling. The claim was paid.


I mentioned this tale earlier but here's a bit more detail on it:


Six months later, instead of our normal 130 baht water bill, we received one for 8000 baht. We assumed it was a meter problem and called the company out to verify they meter. They did so; we watched them; they did it correctly. The 8000 baht bill would stand. We then set out to look for the water leak. It was found that, under the house, two PVC pipes had been butt-joined with one of them being inserted into the female coupler by not more than 1/8 inch. That's not a misprint. They had cut the pipe too short and that's as far as it could be inserted. They glued it and walked away. Years later it eventually failed and had been flooding under the house for a month. We asked the Chinese owner to fix it. He flatly refused. WE fixed it. We presented him the 8000 baht water bill. He flatly refused to pay it. WE paid it. I related that story to idiot Jay, as a kind of joke, to demonstrate just how insanely off their rockers some local landlords were. Jay indicated that, yes, it WAS our responsibility to pay for that(!). Had that conversation taken place before I signed this lease with A. Solomon, I hope I would have been intelligent enough to walk away.


I sold Jay A. Solomon a high-end e-scooter valued at 36,000b (anywhere), for 23,000b, a few days after we moved in. He saw it while casually perusing our stuff in the carport, and as usual, "You wanna sell that? How much? How much?" I think I thought Jay would appreciate the ludicrously low price. But of course Jay would only be marginally appreciative if the SELLER paid the BUYER some sum to take something. Anyway, it was a weak moment. I was still trying to get along with Jay but instinctively I knew it was a lost cause. Still, I tried; I was trying to effect the "master reset" in our relationship. I tried to explain to him the basic operation of the thing but he interrupted every. single. sentence. That's Jay. That's Jay. "Now Jay, be careful because this button will---"


"Hey! Remember that trip we took to north Thailand? Remember that? Do you remember that, huh? It was great, wasn't it? Remember that? Do you? Yeah, all the way up there with my kids -- you remember that trip? Huh? That was great, right? Wow! That was great. Right?!"


Was it an episode of Dumb and Dumber? Yes, it always is with Jay. I had the feeling that I was maybe the only human on earth who had gone with him on any kind of trip. I am truly a moron. I need to learn to follow my gut one Hell of a lot more. Fuck nice. Nice is for victims.


He messaged me endlessly in the first weeks, asking about the operation of the scooter -- all things I had told him over and over, even in writing, but he had either interrupted me and hadn't heard a single damned word, or he had heard, and had forgotten, or he was too lazy to go read the written instructions I had sent him. It was supremely annoying. I finally started prefacing my replies with, "Jay, as I've said before...." Or, "Jay, as I wrote before...." He finally stopped asking.


One day he messaged to say he had Covid. I said ok and didn't reply. And I secretly thought.....hmmm. Could this really happen? Could the world be so lucky?


There was no clause in the lease prohibiting pets. We had a small cat. A week after we began moving in, Jay came along, as he did far, far too regularly, and commented, while in the living room, "You can have all kinds of critters running around here if you want, as many as you want. This is your home to use as long as you want it." I thought it was an odd comment because we only had one and didn't want more and had voiced no such assertion or intent. Then, later, on about half of his subsequent visits (yes, he really was here THAT MUCH) he made constant derogatory comments about having pets and once suggested maybe I could take the cat out and kill it. He had never seen the cat once.


This web page contains and includes my opinions, hunches, experiences, suspicions and best guesses.


Jay asked about the age of my girlfriend. I said she was 40-something (she would never tell me exactly -- I secretly figured 46). He then made an off-color comment about how her "little body had held up very well". How many men in the US would have knocked his dentures out for a crack like that? I wonder if those are the kinds of things that prompted him to leave the US so long ago: No one would tolerate his asinine bullshit. Sex is the predominant thought in this man's mind. It's a wonder he can tear his mind away from it long enough to competently drive a car -- oops, he can't.


Jay is transfixed with any kind of supplement that will "keep him going longer and harder" in bed (with 23 year olds or whatever). Maybe other sexpats want to hear that crap, but I sure as hell don't want to hear that crap. Good God, what an inappropriate thing to just blurt out and then rag on about for minutes, incessantly offering to bring me some. "Better than testosterone!" he would repeat again and again. When those kinds of comments come up, all you can do is turn away and change the subject and hope he doesn't steer it back to that again and again and again. Damn I hate sexpats. When he offered to bring me some of his "special supplements". I didn't even decline. I just didn't acknowledge the comments. When this ugly old rotting tuna starts bringing that crap up, and it's a favorite topic for him, it makes the bile rise up in the back of your throat. With Jay, it's usually better to pretend you didn't hear a lot of stuff.


DAMN I should have known better than to get involved AGAIN with Jay Solomon. Didn't I learn that lesson ten times over? And I should have known better than to get involved with ANY "property agent". They are mostly clever scammy scum the world over. Find a private owner and interview the Hell out of them. Take two hours. Take them to lunch. Ask them flat out if they drink. See if you can get them to drink a little (or a lot). See how they act after a couple of belts. The real character will begin to emerge. See how they treat the Thai staff in the restaurant. Ask them for the names and phone numbers of previous tenants. Seriously, do that literally! Make it a long lunch. Talk about various topics, even controversial ones, just to see if they're crazy. In the US they are beginning to develop databases where landlords and property managers (agents) can be reviewed, so unwary tenants can avoid people like Jay, and Bobby, and Gecko. That's hundreds of years in Thailand's future, and the agents who set up shop in Thailand know that full well and it's often the biggest motivation they have for coming here -- NO BAD REVIEWS ARE POSSIBLE! Imagine that! Thailand wants everyone in the dark.


Your landlord might be just a person with whom you have a simple agreement to rent a space and nothing ever goes wrong. I had ONE of those in ten years in Thailand. Or, your landlord can be an absolute horror, a bloody nightmare, an asshole of monumental proportions, a scammer, a fraudster, a THIEF as I consider Solomon, a liar, a jackass, the scum of the earth, just like Jay Solomon, and, as this website demonstrates, that can make your life a living hell.


He once asked me for advice about Thai girls. They routinely socked him for tens or hundreds of thousands of baht because he's just that stupid. I told him, "STOP GIVING MONEY TO THAI GIRLS YOU MEET ON THE INTERNET! JUST STOP!" "Well, I don't know," he said. "I think maybe this one is ok--". Then I decided it was great if they took him for everything he owned, because he sure as hell deserved it.


A bit later the water bill arrived at Jay's home.


In our five story shop, where we lived for a couple of years before getting entangled with this horse's ass, with our two shops out front (when running) and the other huge noodle shop out front, the combined water bill for all of that (three commercial shops and one five-floor home with five showers, two washing machines, a pool on the roof, six bathrooms (one for customers) -- the water bill had never exceeded 130 baht.


This water bill for four or so days in Jay's home was about 500 baht.


I immediately received notes from both Jay Allan Solomon and Robert (Bobby) Tillotson to PAY NOW.


I reminded them we had only been there four days out of that entire 30 day billing cycle and had barely been in the home during that time as we were still packing in the old shop. If our huge commercial shop was using 130 baht PER MONTH, then I argued that we couldn't have used 500 baht in four days, even with the slow leak! Jay insisted the entire leak was my fault, or that I hadn't noticed it was my fault -- never mind it was JAY who had been in the house for the month before us! It was madness. Bobby at Gecko ALSO tried to resist either he or Jay paying it. That one thing was another powerful tip-off into Jay's and Bobby's characters. I began just then to see Bobby for what he has proven himself to be now. Take take take take take TAKE, even if you KNOW you're not entitled to it. If you can get it by any means possible, illogical or dishonest or irrational or maybe even illegal, just TAKE it and let the victim fight later to try to get it back..


500 baht is pennies, really -- about $15us. I spend that much on lunch every day. But this brought back nasty memories of Jay Allan Solomon trying to scam me for 1200b electricity for being in his condo for the last four or five days of my stay (the one where he replaced all the windows with THE SAME WINDOWS), and I wasn't going to go for it a second time. I said no. Period. I wouldn't pay for a leak that clearly had been present for weeks or months before I ever signed the leased. A non-seating valve doesn't just start exactly on the first day of one month. It starts leaking very, very slowly, probably over the curse of six months. I was beginning to feel quite annoyed by Jay Allan Solomon because, after all, every human being he ever comes in contact with is eventually supremely annoyed by him.


He and Robert (Bobby) Tillotson tried for awhile to force me to pay. I kept saying no, but that I wanted to see the photos taken of the water meter at the moment of the signing of the lease. Two Thai girls had been there from "Mr. Hankey Property rentals, Pattaya, Thailand (Gecko)", taking pictures of everything. Unfortunately, they had "somehow" forgotten to take pictures of the meters, even though I saw them standing outside exactly at the meters, with cell phones pointing at the meters.


Did they ACTUALLY have a picture of the water meter, showing clearly that the errant water over-use had occurred BEFORE we ever got there, and didn't want us to see the pictures, so they could try to scam us for the relatively huge water bill? That's what I now believe, based on subsequent behavior by Bobby Tillotson and Jay Solomon. Imagine, going to such incredible subterfuge, for a lousy $12. I already considered Jay Allan Solomon a scammer. I had never had any inkling that "Mr. Hankey Property rentals, Pattaya, Thailand (Gecko Properties)" were also scammers. At that point I had to reassess.


In the end I kept refusing to pay anything more than a pro-rate of the 30 days of water use for that few days. Jay Allan Solomon was absolutely clueless about pro-rating anything at all. I had to explain the concept and the process to him again and again and again. He finally grasped it, sort of. I think Gecko (Mr. Hankey Property rentals, Pattaya, Thailand) understood the concept well enough from the get-go, but wanted to play stupid and so tried their hand at silly obfuscation. The pro-rate calculation came to something like 80 baht ($2.20) for my share (for God's sake you take the amount of the bill and divide it by 30! For God's sake that's all there is to it! Really! That's the entire concept!). I paid it, and that particular fiasco was done, but it was a harbinger of many more things to come. In the back of my mind, the alarm bells were starting to tinkle. On the shadowy periphery of my consciousness I began to wonder what we had gotten ourselves into with Jay Allan Solomon and "Mr. Hankey Gecko Property rentals, Pattaya, Thailand". And by the way, what was Jay Allan Solomon's background before coming to Thailand 20-some years before to buy a bunch of shitty condos and try to rent them out at a profit? He'd been a Real Estate Agent in New York City. I never knew why he left, except that he said his wife hated his guts. But now I wondered if he was yet another stupid, incompetent failed American businessman who had been forced or driven from the US by his failures and enemies. And now he has a few in Thailand, one of them of the mortal variety. Or maybe he came to Thailand simply because he couldn't get laid in America.


Jay Allan Solomon lamented long and hard about his teenage son in the US -- maybe 19 years old and being a basement-dwelling layabout (Jay's description) who dreamed only of being a professional Jewish rapper. Jay Allan Solomon thought that was a silly dream. But the fruit seldom falls far from the tree. I wish that kid great success. He sounded like a worthless spoiled brat.


During one of my previous rental terms with Jay Allan Solomon, he invited me to take a trip with him to Kamphaeng Phet in northern Thailand. Jay Allan Solomon drove us up with his kids and my Thai GF in the back seat. She was to babysit. She had three kids of her own and thought that was fine. Jay Allan Solomon's Thai kids, a boy and girl, were something like 5 and 7 years, both half Thai and speaking Thai. Jay Allan Solomon was divorcing from their Thai mom (he's not really lucky in love, go figure), who vehemently detested Jay Allan Solomon, he admitted frequently, but was allowing him limited visitations with the kids, and we were to return them to her up north.


The trip was from Hell. Jay Allan Solomon's driving was the second worst driving I had encountered in my life and I had worked for years as a semi-truck driver license examiner (test drives with Class-A applicants). Jay Allan Solomon was the second worst. We were almost killed on several occasions and almost killed others on other occasions. Once he drove past a turnoff to a snack booth and just JERKED the car over to the shoulder without a glance. Unfortunately there was a pedestrian who had to literally jump ad fall down to keep from being hit. The entire trip was a long and frightening litany of things just like that.


The kids were abject demons. -The most spoiled little brats I had ever seen (first place) and that record still stands today. GF said if they had been returning to Pattaya in that car with us she would have taken a bus. She was enraged and incensed, but Jay Allan Solomon was completely oblivious to their behavior and thought they were lovely, well-mannered little carpet sharks. I had not interacted with them in any way except to say hello (but not goodbye).


We had stayed in the same hotel as Jay Allan Solomon and eaten out with him every day. Every single meal with him was a profound embarrassment. I remember one occasion in which he ordered an apple from an open-sided street cafe. He was given the apple. He took it, then asked for it to be washed. I think the Thai seller was thinking, well, ok, that's a little weird in a Thailand, but no problem. So she took the apple somewhere and washed it, and handed it to Jay Allan Solomon. He took it, looked at it again, and asked that she wash it again. She looked at him for a long moment this time, trying to decide whether to just tell him to shove it. But she did take it back, and wash it again, and presented it to him again. He took it, and looked at it, and asked for it to be washed a third time. Now the seller was flat-out pissed, and snatched it back and took it to a sink and then yelled over at Jay Allan Solomon, saying, in Thai, as GF related to me later, "See! See! I am washing it for the third time! Will that be enough for you? Will that be enough for you?!" Jay Allan Solomon took it and ate it that time. I apologized to the seller in my bad Thai. I don't know if she understood me or not. But my Thai GF apologized as well. This man simply wasn't litter-box trained and had no business being out in public even in New York without a keeper. Maybe on a dog leash. Once back in Pattaya, GF refused to say goodbye to him.


We did get moved in, in Jay's new home in Nongprue, and had to stack many boxes out in the carport, waiting to be given away or sold. The house was tiny and our shop had been huge. Jay Allan Solomon showed up on many occasions to whine and complain about how much stuff we had. I was close to confronting him angrily, asking if we were violating the lease in some way by temporarily storing boxes in the carport -- completely invisible to any neighbors of course. But I didn't confront him. I regret that now. This jackass needs to be confronted boldly, and often. If not, he'll take more liberties and more liberties and become bolder and bolder and more insulting and more insulting. He preys on the polite. You can NOT afford him that courtesy. Like any spoiled brat he must be kept in line and shown his place or he will overrun any situation. He thinks your good manners and restraint are a license to be a jackass. Many fools think that, right up to the point where their victims have bloody-well had enough and the teeth go flying. Then they're shocked. I wonder how many times Solomon was shocked out on the playground in school. I'm betting more than a few -- or he ran away. But he didn't seem to learn.


In the first week or so we had numerous snake problems. The source was found to be that the entire back side of the house and water tank pad sported a gap of perhaps eight inches high by twenty feet long. The entire underside of this slab house was a snake den. Thanks again, Jay Allan Solomon. You couldn't have noticed this? We brought out the government snake people who sprayed and put us on the list for emergency service. We did find several and I dispatched them. Malayan Pit Vipers are very common here. Nice touch Jay. After that, every time Jay showed up, he whined about how our storage boxes in the carport were "probably attracting snakes" and that he "wouldn't be responsible if anyone got bitten!" What a fucking jackass. He was trying to compensate for his stupidity in leaving the entire underside of the home open. Everything MUST be someone else's fault. It MUST. It MUST. Because, I presume, his mommy told him it was.


Jay Allan Solomon did agree to pay for having that area capped over with concrete but I had to take care of it even while struggling to get moved in, and do some of the labor. Imagine, you're a week into a new home, trying to deal with five floors of household items stuffed into a tiny one-floor house, yet YOU, the paying tenant, has to locate workmen, oversee them for a concrete job, do some of their work for them, pay them, and then recover the funds later. Nice touch, Jay Allan Solomon. Nice touch.


We had other problems on an ongoing basis. We barely had time to sort out our stuff between dealing with the shortcomings of the home. Here's a list of just a few items I kept on the phone:


This house has more problems than I bargained for, mostly due to improper installations, improper/incompetent (or no) maintenance, and the cheapest, crappiest Chinese parts being used for everything.


Tried to pay first electric bill electric company refused to accept it. Jay Allan Solomon had to physically go to their office in order to straighten out the mistake. Something glitched in their database; it seemed Jay had not properly transfered over the account from the previous owner


Electric gate can’t be used because can’t get in if power is off and wrong gate motor was installed by Jay so can’t reach with key to unlock gate from motor. We were trapped outside twice due to this, once for 35 minutes, and once for over three hours after returning from grocery shopping. All perishables were lost. Now gate motor must remain disconnected and the gate is extremely, extremely heavy -- GF can barely move it, and in the daytime it's too hot to touch without gloves or a rag. When this was explained very carefully to Jay Allan Solomon he said, and I'm going to put his response on a new line:


"The gate remote should be under warranty"(!!!!).


When explained to him again, again he said, “Well I hope it gets better, good night.” Little door to access gate motor was welded shut. Had to grind out welds in order to be able to open it.


Leaking hose in back bathroom causing minor flooding due to NO WASHERS INSTALLED in two hoses (toilet and sprayer!!! We think Jay Allan Solomon installed those but he wouldn't admit it. Imagine, no washers on hose connections -- that is absolutely Jay Allan Solomon's style.


Toilet in back bathroom was found to be covered inside with diarrhea and a glob on the outside as well. Real fun to clean, Jay, --your runs?


[As far as we know, Jay was the only one in the home for the week or two before we got there, unless he had visitors. Maybe prostitutes? The mess was old and dry.]


Fixed broken latch on bedroom door


Faulty lock on front door. Fixed


Black grit everywhere from roof after every rain. No gutters on front side of house (only on the back) and the sand leaches out of the roof tiles. Amazing Thailand! Sand also overflows from a palm tree installation next to the pool that was grossly overfilled by Jay, so when it rains that sand also overflows and is miserable to sweep. Not so bad if you do it with water. To keep the place semi clean you must do it multiple times per day when it rains. Jay LOVES to install all manner of greenery, but never stops to think about the effort it takes to maintain it!


Black sand comes off the roof tiles during rains (continuously in the monsoons, for days at a time). It deposits everywhere on the deck and looks atrocious because, stunningly, the builders installed beautiful eves (gutters) all around the back of the house, but not in the front. Amazing Thailand! If you try to sweep it, it breaks down into something about as fine as flour and refuses to be swept. --Only way is to hose it. The rain won't ever wash it away because the deck wasn't designed to drain; it's almost perfectly level. The puddle, center right, is a result of the deck concrete sagging. There is no designed drainage because, again, the deck is nearly as level as a pool table. In this image, it's not deep, but during more rain it will become deep enough to go over the tops of your shoes. That's fun. So here's the procedure: If you come home with arms loaded with groceries, or you need to go out, you must balance along the edge of the swimming pool to bypass the rain pool. When we first arrived it did drain, albeit very slowly, through the cracks in the concrete right at the center of the puddle. But then Jay Solomon came along, and we all know what happens next: As I watched, trying not to accidentally look directly at his eight inches of exposed ass crack (you'll go instantly blind, or be turned to stone, either one), Jay mixed up a bucket of concrete and....wait for it....PLUGGED THE CRACKS. You can see better pics of his handiwork either above or below on this page. The concrete that filled the cracks in the center, that was exposed and visible, all cracked off within days, but there was still enough left down inside the cracks to prevent the water from draining out. So, now, you get to use brooms or big parking lot squeegees to push the water to the drains under the gate. Of course every time you pressure-spray the sand away, you must again squeegee out the pond in the picture, shown here at perhaps 1/8 as full as it can get (it can get to perhaps 3 inches). Small thing? Sure. But ten thousand small things can PISS YOU OFF.


I remember Obama making a comment about Biden before Biden got into office, it was, "Never underestimate the things Joe Biden can fuck up" --no, wait. That's not verbatim. Here it is verbatim: "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to fuck things up." Let's change it to say, "Don't underestimate Jay's ability to fuck things up." Now you've got it. I debated showing Jay how to fix it properly for awhile, then I thought....naw. After a couple of months we gave up trying to maintain this place at all. We had fixed most things already, with our work and at our expense, so there wasn't a lot left, but even then, if new things came up, we just left them. Enough was enough. Jay didn't care, so why should we?


In one of Jay's condo rentals years before, Jay and very young girlfriend were over to collect rent or something (Jay always insisted on it being paid IN CASH, and IN PERSON. Gee, we wonder what THAT was about, right? The tax folks will be very happy indeed to here this testimony). In any case, I was commenting to Jay that even though the condo was old and it showed it, it was a nice layout and I liked it, except for the single blasting bar down in the soi -- the one so loud it blasted out all the other loud bars. But I motioned toward the door frame between the living room and bedroom as an example, one of dozens in that tiny apartment, which had been freshly painted before I moved in, and commented to the effect that it was sure a shame the workers who painted the place had done such an incredibly bad job. It was a criminally bad job. In places where one color was to stop and another color was to start, they often slopped over with the old color, onto the new color, by as much as four or five inches, just random sloppy brush strokes, like they were watching TV while they painted. It looked like a painting job done by a drunken three year old and there is not one gram of exaggeration in that. It was just hideous. The colors were nice and so forth, but the painters couldn't even begin to paint within the lines. I was just idly musing about that because it was bad enough that it made the place look 30 years older than it had to look. It was perhaps the most horrible paint job I had ever seen, and I asked, why in the world would painters slop so far over into the next color but then not fix it? His young girlfriend instantly looked at Jay and her face dropped, and Jay looked at her, and then both looked at the floor, and I KNEW. THEY had painted that old condo; it seemed crystal clear.


In this new house, Jay had erected a fake greenery latticework over the middle of an exterior wall. It looked sort of ok, but you also began to wonder why someone had gone to all the trouble to drill holes in the concrete walls and mount this thing, maybe 2 x 2 meters, in such an odd place. No big deal, but one just idly wondered. Jay saw me looking at it one day and commented, "Oh, yeah, that. Well, I put that there to cover a 'mistake by the painters'". And I instantly got THAT, too.


Below: Area of water puddle by pool due to settling deck which creates a large pool after every rain, must be manually drained after every rain. Tired of doing it, sometimes several times a day. The rain creates quite a deep little lake. As it stood it would drain slowly if left alone. But Jay Allan Solomon decided to “fix” it by filling in the little drain cracks with concrete. Now it never drains.



Above and below, examples of Jay Allan Solomon's handiwork a few weeks ago(!) using concrete to patch (1) the drain holes in the area where the rainwater pools, blocking the walkway from the front door (now there's no drainage at all), and (2) Jay Allan Solomon's notion that a crack in a walkway in the back needed his professional attention. For what? We never knew. But he does it so well! I watched him do these and other repairs, all the while trying to avoid accidentally glancing into that shadowy Grand Canyon that was his hairy ass every time he bent over. He must have asked me fifty times, "Is this ok? Looks great, right?" Since this was occurring soon after my resolution to make a "new start" with Jay Allan Solomon, I just kept repeating, "Yes! Wow! Looks fine! Looks great, Jay!!" To which he would reply, "Yeah! I think so! Looks great, doesn't it! Looks like a professional did it, right? Right?" I kept nodding. --His house, not mine, but every single thing this man ever touches turns out just like this or often much worse.


In the back, there is a small shed for the pool filter pump. Jay Allan Solomon paid a local to make a door for it. It was made in typical local fashion -- badly -- out of thin CLAY (clay!) panels, maybe 1/4 inch thick, delicate as peanut brittle. Smart choice of materials. Within a week I found a small piece of that clay sheet on the ground in front of the shack, broken off from the bottom of one of the doors. Could have been the pool guy who accessed the shed often, or could have been a damned cat -- it was that delicate. I collected the piece and set it aside to be maybe reattached in some fashion. It was about the size of a coffee cup and didn't affect the function of the shed at all. Jay Allan Solomon noticed it and immediately accused me of kicking it. Instantly ticked off, as usual, I snapped a bit and asked him what might have been my purpose for kicking it, Jay?!? Jay said he didn't know, but maybe I had. Total cost to replace? About $1. Jay suggested repeatedly that I should force the pool man to replace the panel at his expense. I said, "Jay, we don't even know if the pool man did it!" His response was always to intimate that maybe that didn't really matter. He would shrug and say, well? [I was going to pay (PAY) the pool man or his friend a few hundred baht to replace the tile with a matching one, but soon after Jay began going lazy and mental, and I said to Hell with all things Jay and this home and stopped fixing anything.]


Jay Allan Solomon only had this place a few weeks before we moved in but he was ever so busy "repairing", so now the whole property is an absurd patchwork of Jay Allan Solomon's handiwork. Eventually it will look like a cheap bush home.


Looks like a little kid was playing with play-dough, doesn't it? Work about three weeks old, same as above.


By contrast, two images below show the concrete snake barriers I had to arrange, design, contract and pay for, AND HELP BUILD, to deal with the pit viper nest(s) under the house and water tank platform. Had Jay done it, it would have looked like the above. Imagine, you're just moving in and it is one Hell of a mess. You're trying to condense down the belongings collected over years from two shops and a five-story double shop house, into a tiny residential home. All the moving, all the arrangements, all the selling off of excess stuff, buyers coming ten times a day, a million ads to create, post and respond to, crates and crates going to storage -- you know this because you've moved before, though maybe not a move of this magnitude. But we are then immediately hit with SNAKES GALORE. Under the tables out front, in the daytime, in the night time, right at the doors, on the rim of the pool, in the back -- snakes, snakes, and more snakes, Malayan Pit Vipers. Nasty little spuds. The government folks came out and said yep -- you have a problem! But Jay can't be bothered to simply come in and FIX IT. Nope. Jay probably had Bangkok girls over, one after another, as fast as he could "process" them. So he simply dumps the entire problem on us and tells us to take it out of the rent. Thanks Jay, you worthless piece of shit! I think that by sealing off this home, the nests were contained under the house and all the snakes (lots of babies too) probably died under there, but no way to really know. They could have tunneled out somewhere, especially on the side that's adjacent to the neighbor's chicken lot, and could well be hanging around, making more babies. If Jay mentions this AT ALL to the new tenants, I'll be very curious to hear how he downplays it, or just lies outright (don't worry, we'll be writing to ALL his tenants to advise them of this website and to ask questions). In time we will be contacting every single home, condo, or whatever, that Jay is involved in in any way, and they will all receive a copy of this website. I truly have no words for this guy. I truly don't. I can't count how many landlords I've had around the world -- I can't even count the countries. But this pathetic jackass takes the cake.

Above and below, MY concrete snake barriers, taken care of by me because Jay was too "busy"


Light bulbs broken off in sockets everywhere! All fixed


Wheels on main sliding doors frozen solid. Not turning at all for years, little wheels worn flat. Fixed one door, not the other


Broken pool light. Can’t fix because idiot previous owner actually stripped out all the underground wire(!!).


Water comes in through front sliding doors and floods living room dramatically during heavy rain if the wind is against that side of the house. Gutters might stop it, but no gutters except in the back!


Faulty tank float when first arrived. Jay Allan Solomon tried to claim I had somehow messed with it. The water bill was five times normal because it had been leaking slowly but for weeks before we moved in. Jay Allan Solomon tried to make us pay for that bill even tho we had not lived here. Fixed


Snakes! Had to concrete accesses to under house and water tank. Snakes were everywhere. Fixed


White flecks from water pipes, because pipes can’t handle hot water (Jay Allan Solomon had for some bizarre reason installed a "whole house" "water boiler" in the back, instead of the "on-demand" heaters used all through SE Asia. No clue why. So now very hot water goes through PVC pips not designed for it and causes the plastic to slough off the insides of the pipes). Had to remove all faucet screens. Jay actually knew about this and his solution was to just go around and clean out the faucet screens every couple of days. Forever, Jay? Forever?


We endured quite a confrontational demeanor in Jay when we first moved in over the pool maintenance man, a Thai who speaks passable English, always, always shows up on time, and does excellent work. He was doing two pool cleanings per week for a total 1500 baht per month which is about $40us (total for the month!). That didn't include chemicals. He cleaned the pool, surface and bottom, and adjusted all chemicals, checked the filters and replaced as necessary, and did a spot-on perfect job, every time. Chemicals were extra, at a few hundred baht per month (a hundred baht is about $2.60). Jay thought this was beyond outrageous. Far too expensive. "Thais just want to get rich off us!" Jay would exclaim. The payment for the pool man was paid by me, directly to the pool man, and taken from Jay's rent. Jay pushed me very, very hard to fire the pool man so he could find someone cheaper. I pushed back. The man said he just couldn't continue working for that wage, and cited all the extra work around the property that Jay had sort of conned him into doing for free, or for very, very small money, with the inferred promise that he could keep managing the pool, then Jay wanted to fire him. The man was also saying he had to quit because the pay was too low and Jay wanted me to fire him because he felt his pay was too high. I finally told the man to have his boss renegotiate with Jay and if he couldn't come to an agreement, I'd personally bump in 500b per month to the existing deal, just to keep him employed. In the end, Jay said ok, he would allow the man to be paid 2000b per month but he had to supply the chemicals himself. So the man got a raise of about $5us per month, for eight complete pool services during each month. This kind of thing was jay's M.O. for every single interaction, whether with me, or anyone else. I know for a fact that he is hated and reviled in numerous condo buildings by their management, and this kind of BS is why. I so deeply regret getting involved with this idiot a second time. This website will be DELIVERED to each and every building Jay has a condo in. I promise, it will.


[Just as an aside, Jay is always in need of normal, on-demand hot-water heaters because the ones you buy in Thailand are straight-up Chinese junk, and will last one to two years tops. He has around 13-17 units in Pattaya, perpetually for rent. The Chinese on-demand water heaters cost around 2500 baht. You can buy a good quality heater, German made, for around 7-8000 baht and it will last 14-20 years or even well beyond, literally. When we moved into Jay Solomon's home here in Nongprue (Nong Prue, Banglamung, Chonburi), Jay made a habit of rudely rooting in our boxes out in the carport without permission, asking if we wanted to sell this? How about this? What does THIS do? Wanna sell THAT thing? What is THAT for?? Then he would usually make some tiny joke that was nonsensical and do a sort of giggle, like Mash's Frank Burns, as if he was ever so clever and cute. It was all our personal stuff, but that's how Jay rolls (obnoxiously). At one point he noticed our two German hot water heaters that we had pulled from our commercial shop. One was UNUSED (NEW) and the other used about 9 months. Jay wanted to know if they were for sale. Yes, they were, 1500 baht for the used one or 2500 baht for the new one, still in the box; they had cost 8000b and 13,000b respectively. Jay reacted with disgust, saying he could buy the Chinese ones for 2000 baht "and they last as much as TWO YEARS!!!" No point in arguing with a genius like this. I replied, "Yes, yes Jay, you SHOULD continue to buy the Chinese ones and I hope you do." He didn't even blink an eye. No point in buying a calculator for people like this. And replacing them is so much fun too! But of course Jay Solomon is a Master Repairman. What could go wrong?]


Jay Allan Solomon had installed a non-standard water heater at the rear of the house. Water heater can’t be turned above "warm" or water tank will boil and air will blast from faucets, scalding users. Showering can only be warm.


No water when power is off because water ONLY comes from electric pump (it'll go for a minute or two, depending on what stage of pressurizing the tank was at when the power failed, until the pressure in the pressure tank has bled off). No pressure from government water because hooked up incorrectly and tank isn't high enough to gravity-feed water through pipes (top of the water level in the tank is actually below the shower heads all through the house. Brilliant!). Very nice when in the middle of a shower. Power is off several times per week. You shower quickly and pray.


Noise from partying family diagonally opposite. Jay Allan Solomon had mentioned them but said they were "mild". Honestly, they were almost tolerable if that had been the only problem. Our one neighbor, Sue, is apoplectic about the chaos and noise because it hits her directly. Her home value is in the toilet because no one would ever buy her home knowing that was an issue (except Jay), and no way to get them to either quiet down or move (they were gifted the home by the gay man who owned it with his gay lover and he then moved in the entire extended family). I spread the word that neighbors were moving away because of it (two of us were) and they quieted down somewhat. Will see if it lasts. Update: it didn’t last. That house is louder than ever and our other neighbor says she is moving because of that specifically. Wish I had known before signing. Jay will grossly under-report any and all problems instead of just being upfront. At first he said the family was really no problem at all, but later admitted that when they were, his solution was to just go inside. Well what if you don't WANT to go inside but would like to enjoy your own pool without a raging party from the bush family? Nope. Jay's solution is to just go inside and that's what everyone else should do too. Got a lovely poolside dinner planned? Oops -- the bush family is acting up. Cancel it and go inside! What right do you have to being able to enjoy your pool area anyway? Why, you have no right at all, fool!).


Had to erect a tarp to stop a neighbor from drenching our stored household items and electrical and computer items in our carport when they watered their plants. With a fire hose!? Jay saw the tarp and reacted with unmasked disgust, as though the little tarp was ruining his property value!


Once again (following month) had to fight with the electric company all day and evening re June 2022 bill before they would accept the electric payment for June, 2022. They refused to accept payment, saying our power was already turned off from May due to non payment. We showed them the receipt from May and also that the power was on. After a whole afternoon and night they relented and accepted payment. Something is screwed up in the database regarding this home and owner must fix it. The tenant cannot. Jay Allan Solomon refused to go sort it out, saying he "had a girlfriend over" (quote)(how old? just curious). The gov electric company was threatening to yank our meter but Jay was "too busy" to straighten it out. It was just dumb luck that they finally accepted payment. It will be another fiasco next month. THE OWNER MUST STRAIGHTEN THIS OUT BECAUSE THE ELECTRIC ACCOUNT IS IN HIS NAME. We’ve wasted too many hours on it already. It's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, Jay! Can't handle these rentals? Then get the fuck out of the business.


People from in the Soi have begun parking in front of our gate in earnest. We made them move once so we could get out of our own gate. They came back after we left. Had to make them move so we could get back into our gate. We left, came back, and they had blocked entry again. We demanded they move AGAIN. We parked inside and they blocked our gate again immediately. Jay Allan Solomon was contacted and his best effort was to suggest that maybe in the future he could find a no parking sign(!!). Jay Allan Solomon had told us very clearly and specifically and explicitly that the area in front of our gate was ours to do with as we wished. It was, he said, part of the home property. He was very, very clear and volunteered that at least three times with witnesses. Now, when asked how to solve this problem, Jay Allan Solomon said on Wed, June 29, 2022, that the area in front of our gate does NOT belong to this home at all in any way and we have no control over it. He lied to rent the house. Period. I would never have leased it knowing what I know now. It was misrepresented, poorly maintained, and lied about. Jay Allan Solomon seems to be of used car sales ilk. He will twist and misrepresent a property and ACTUALLY LIE to make a sale. He figures he can obfuscate and dodge and weave and lie some more when finally confronted. He can do that, yes, and he is -- but he's being confronted in writing and in public this time, and I'm sure it is the first time in his life and I have no doubt he is shocked to the core and outraged to apoplexy. Well, Jay, that's pretty much how your tenants feel WHEN YOU LIE AND FUCK THEM OVER. Get used to it. I predict there's a hell of a lot more of it comin' your way -- more than you can possibly dream imaginable. I will poll every single tenant of Jay's to see what they had to endure as well.


If you scroll down you'll see a couple of images of what was supposedly our OWN parking area adjacent to our gate in our new home, rented to us by Robert (Bobby) Tillotson and Jay Allan Solomon. We even had these loudspeaker seller trucks come down that tiny soi and sit in that very spot, blasting their chaos! I chased one out by pounding on his hood with my fists. I hope I dented it.



Same problem, different day. We have trucks and buyers coming all day and evenings to buy our entire household and to take away giant loads of free things and this will continue for two more weeks. Each and every time, we must go find the owners of the vehicles and make them MOVE so we can back the buyers and haulers in there to load things up. Sometimes they simply refuse to move because they KNOW it's community property. Sometimes you can't find them. You can't keep these people out completely and you never, ever will and I simply won't fight this kind of losing fight. You could if you had impound authority. But you don't. Jay Solomon lied. Jay Solomon is a liar and that's not an opinion, that's a fact. Period. And that's the end of that story.


This time they've placed flower planters in front of our gate. The gate was open a foot; had to close it to stop the kid from trying to snag our belongings and drag them out. Great neighborhood. Anyone would just love it here. Lesson: ANYTHING to do with Jay Solomon is going to be a disaster unless he ACCIDENTALLY bought into a decent property. He's not smart enough to do it intentionally. He seems to have a God-given knack for buying up only the shittiest, most problem-riddled properties. Why? Because they're the cheapest.


Every time you need to move your car in or out of your own carport you must go door to door, searching for these assholes. Maybe you'll find the driver. Maybe you won't. Maybe they'll just flip you off and close their door. Sure is fun, right? The point is, even if you find the driver in a few minutes and they apologize and run over and move whatever vehicle they've parked there, who wants to go through it? Ever? It's absurd. You come home at night with a load of groceries and you're blocked -- so you can't even park IN THE SOI or you'll block someone else. You must park out on the main avenue and guess what -- there's usually no place to park out there either. But finally you do find a place and you walk home in the rain and next morning, you have to go searching for the offenders AGAIN. It's a bullshit way to live. Had I known this space had nothing to do with this home, I never, ever would have rented. Not in a million years. But Jay Solomon actually said three times it was PART OF THIS PROPERTY AND WAS OURS TO USE EXCLUSIVELY FOR ANYTHING WE WANTED. Thanks again Jay Solomon, you lying, scamming piece of shit. I knew a bit about what made this jackass tick from years before. It's partly my own stupidity and my own erroneous desire to let bygones be bygones, that is responsible for this. I should have known better. But since YOU are reading this, now YOU know better. Just say no to this idiot used car salesman. That's all he should have been. He came to Thailand with a lot of money. Where did he get it? From lying to and scamming others in New York? I bet.



Here's how the gate mechanical problem was explained to Jay Allan Solomon slowly, clearly, painstakingly and repeatedly, and his solution to the problem is at the end. By this time, with all the other problems and only having been in the home a month or two, we were beyond exasperated and we had come to absolutely hate, loathe and detest Jay Allan Solomon. We were at the end of our tolerance for incompetence, unprofessionalism, and bullshit from this man. The man was a Goddamned oaf, a disaster, a walking malfunction -- we honestly considered him, and currently consider him, to be somewhat mentally handicapped. After struggling fruitlessly for weeks to get Jay Allan Solomon to address the gate problem in SOME WAY, we gave up and tendered our notice to vacate as follows, to Robert (Bobby)(Digger) Tillotson, the agent at Mr. Hankey (Gecko) Property rentals, Pattaya, Thailand.


Here's the text:


"Vacate date is last day of august 2022. July and Aug rents have already been paid. The deposit is up for grabs. Let’s see who wins. Here’s another straw that bore down on the camel’s spine:


When the power goes out here, which is many times per week, the electric gate doesn’t operate.


No power = No gate. Right?


Ok. No problem.


Many gates can NOT be moved by hand when the power is out; the reduction gear ratio on the gate motor prevents it. If the motor is hooked up to the gate, you MUST have power to open or close the gate. Just the way it is.


Because of that, all gates are equipped with a key mechanism with which to disconnect the motor from the gate so it can be opened by hand.




No power?


Can’t move the gate?


Easy solution.


Still following this?


You just open the little trap door in the gate and reach through and use the key and disconnect the gate motor and then push the gate open.


Simple is as simple does.


We came home once and no power.




Open the trap door.




The trap door was welded shut. For God's sake WHY??!!


So we waited out in the heat about 35 minutes.


No big deal. Power came back on. We opened the gate and went home. Easy.


I then cut the welds (welds!) on the trap door and fixed everything about it including a new lock (I had to cut Jay's lock from it because there was no key -- why do you put a lock on a little door that's welded shut, Jay?). Jay Allan Solomon could have never been bothered to fix it so I didn't ask, and he would have just screwed it up somehow anyway. This was a few more hours of my time.


A few days later we came home with a load of groceries on a motorbike.


Electricity was out.


No problem.


We unlocked the trap door that I had recently fixed and serviced and opened it but quickly realized that Jay Allan Solomon had installed a gate motor of the wrong configuration and it was impossible to reach the key hole to disengage the motor from outside, using the little gate hatch. Physically impossible. Key hole is on the wrong side of the motor.


Jewish Jay Allan Solomon said he’d gotten a "great deal" on that motor (he'd had to replace it because the original didn't work at all) — now we know why Solomon got such a great steal on that motor. Getting a “great deal” on things, irregardless of whether they ACTUALLY WORK, is Jay Allan Solomon’s Hallmark.


We waited in the heat 3.5 hours. All our perishables ruined.


Power came back on and we went in. I relayed all this to Jay Allan Solomon in exactly this way, repeatedly.


Jay Allan Solomon’s reply was....wait for it....


Really, try to understand what the problem with the gate was, and then, and only then, read Jay's response to the problem.




Are you sure?


Solomon said (and I have archives of this chat session with him) to buy a new gate remote.


That’s not a misprint. I’ve saved his texts.


Jay Allan Solomon’s reply was to BUY A NEW GATE REMOTE.


He actually said this, in writing, suggesting maybe the old one had a warranty. The GATE REMOTE.


Want me to type it again?


Ok: The Gate Remote. Buy a new one and the gate will work just fine when the power is out, right Jay? the Impossibility of Reason? Yes, indeedy, it is.


That's the extent of this man's brain power and it always has been.


Nearly every single interaction with Jay Allan Solomon is this crazy.


It took me weeks of explaining this over and over and over AND OVER(!) before he slowly understood it and gave up telling us to get a new gate remote.


Then his suggestion was that we (We! Not Jay. We!) go to some gate man in the area who works out of a pickup alongside the road and try to resolve it ourselves by making a deal, ourselves, with the man, on the CORRECT gate motor. Jay Allan Solomon was too busy. Maybe too many girls.


And yet another argument as to why Jay A. Solomon couldn't be bothered to address the gate problem was this (wait for it):


Jay said the neighbor had disconnected hers.


Hard stop.


End of discussion.


--As if that absolves him in some mysterious way from the responsibility of repairing his own property.


I replied, "YES SHE DID! Because (1) SHE DOESN'T OWN A VEHICLE AND DOESN'T NEED NOR USE THE GATE ANYWAY! and (2) SHE HAS A SEPARATE NORMAL DOOR TO GO THROUGH IF THE ELECTRICITY IS OUT EVEN IF SHE HAD A CAR!! (see image below, regular door for the neighbor, on the left). Indeed, this man is too fucking stupid to breed, although he did apparently get it done somehow, though I don't know how, but judging from the two offspring I suffered through on that road trip with Jay, and all of Jay's whining about his apparently idiot son in the US who proclaimed he was a "professional rapper" having never had a single appearance or made a single recording except on his cell phone, I think Jay fucked girls badly and incorrectly. Beyond that, I never saw a single other thing this man could accomplish without screwing it up, and not in small or insignificant ways, but royally.


At least no one is blocking our gate! It doesn't matter because......yet again the electricity is out and we can't open it anyway. It's almost daily. It might even be daily. Sometimes it's several times a day. Sometimes it's out for a few minutes. Sometimes it's out for hours. Sometimes it doesn't go out for a whole week. Girlfriend had re-engaged the motor to the gate because at 36kg she had to struggle to open and close it. Regardless, we PAID FOR AN ELECTRIC GATE. We came home just now to find that ONCE AGAIN we couldn't get in. Lucky no perishables this time, eh Solomon. Maybe someone in the future will take their ruined food and shove it all up your ass. Would that help you grow a brain?


And this is for Jay Solomon: Try to grasp this you stupid son of a bitch:


This has nothing to do with the gate remote. The remote works whether the city power is on or off. For God's sake man, try to grasp this but if you truly can't, seek professional mental help because you are far too stupid to be managing rentals. You're too stupid to be restocking shelves at 7-11 too. You never WERE smart enough, but you've devolved and your faculties have deteriorated in the past seven years from merely a run of the mill stupid moron to a World Class moron. For God's sake, someone call Guinness. Please.


And here's another one of Jay's proposed solutions to this gate problem, and I have the fucking transcripts:


He recommended buying a diesel generator and having it installed inside the gate so that in the event of a power outage, one could reach through somehow and start up the gen-set which would power the gate. Chances are high he would have installed THAT TOO so far from the gate that no one could reach it to start it. But what would that have cost? Maybe $5000us? Even a tiny, unreliable gas unit would run $1500us. And what would it have cost to take out the wrong gate motor, sell it, and install the correct one? The values of the gate motors would be close to equal, so you might have, say, $30 in labor (Thai labor cost, say 1000 baht), instead of $5000 or even $1500. JUST FIX IT CORRECTLY YOU RETARDED FOOL.


Years ago, this man's rank damned stupidity drove me out of his rentals after a couple of years. I just couldn't take any more stunning, stupefying dumbness. This time, how long did we last in one of this imbecile's rentals? Three months. DAMN me for trying to be decent to this jackass and for trying to give him a chance to conduct SIMPLE HONEST AND COMPETENT BUSINESS. That's as far beyond Jay Solomon's abilities as flying an airplane is for a G-damned Gecko and that's pathetic.


To Bobby:


I have no line of communication to Jay Allan Solomon anymore. I've blocked everything. Please keep all (all) correspondence in writing so we have clear records. If LINE doesn't work for some reason, my email is, but email is quite clumsy compared to LINE. Due to spams and scams I do NOT answer phones anymore in Thailand. This house isn’t going to work out. Way too many issues. From a myriad small things broken that I’ve had to fix, to horrible neighbors, to cars blocking our gate (often the same cars repeatedly) and a host of other things. When I have a vacate date I will give it to you. I will interact with you only now. I will not interact with Jay Allan Solomon again. Years ago I could barely do business with him. Now I can’t at all.


Nearly every day has been something. Fortunately I’ve kept track of it because I’ve rented from Jay Allan Solomon before. I was so damned stupid to rent from him again. Almost every day is Just. Like. This. And now the people blocking the gate. As I said, it was just a little straw, but it was THE straw. I’m done. I refuse to go through what should be a peaceful retirement trying to deal with BS like this several times per week. So the last day of August, 2022, is my last day. Then we can fight over the 25,000b deposit. I will simply turn it over to the attorneys, along with my logs and this website, and I’ll detail every aspect and development on a website at as the case progresses. I will likely go back to the US. They have a thing called The First Amendment. Feel free to try to sue me, Jay. Sorry it didn’t work out. Maybe I should have only dealt with [Robert (Bobby) Tillotson] on this home. Jay Allan Solomon used to be out there circling Neptune. Now he’s Circling Pluto.


Note that as of this interaction, I still thought "Robert (Bobby)(Digger) Tillotson" at Mr. Hankey Property rentals, Pattaya, Thailand (Gecko), was a semi-decent sort (and at the time I thought Gecko Property management was part of "The" Gecko conglomerate out of the US. No, Gecko Property management in Pattaya is just a Brit guy in Pattaya with an office and probably a laptop and a bunch of listings in a database). The whole enterprise could be run on a Mac book Air. But anyway, with regard to Tillotson, I thought he was just a neutral party, running errands for Gecko Property management-Pattaya. I still stupidly thought that. Of course there had been his weirdness over the excess water bill which should have been a red flag on the field and a few really off-color comments he had made in the course of regular conversation....for the purpose of....what, exactly? I never knew, but I dismissed them as Bobby simply being British. And sometimes people can be assholes and then later get their heads out of their asses and regret it and start behaving like better humans. I assumed Robert (Bobby) Tillotson would do that. Jay Solomon did tell me, however, that the only renter he ever had serious trouble with was a Brit and that he had little or no use for them (Germans also -- Jay loathed the Germans; maybe the Nazi thing, who can say).


I emailed Robert (Bobby) Tillotson at the office as follows. I instinctively knew this was going to ramp up into something ugly and I was preparing for it:


At this point I still assumed (there's that ugly four letter word) that in Robert (Bobby) Tillotson I was dealing with a more or less honorable, competent, non-scammy agent. Little did I know.


Robert (Bobby) Tillotson replied as follows:


From Robert (Bobby) Tillotson:




To Robert (Bobby) Tillotson:


I’ll work up a list of problems with the home and lies about the home and we can look at whether we can resolve the finances amicably or must resolve them legally.


From Robert (Bobby) Tillotson:


if you decide to move out it would mean breaking the contract then that would result in forfeiting the deposit paid


To Robert (Bobby) Tillotson:


[The contract was already rendered invalid by Jay Allan Solomon's misrepresentation (lies) re the property being leased]


Ok then. Let’s resolve it legally.


From Robert (Bobby) Tillotson:


What do you suggest? Per the contract In the event that the LESSEE is in breach of this AGREEMENT and vacates the PREMISES early the LESSEE will forfeit their deposit of the SAID PREMISES to the LESSOR


To Robert (Bobby) Tillotson:


I don’t know yet. I have to detail out the problems and try to figure out which problems and lies the owner is liable for, then submit that for discussion. Yeah, the lessee can be held on the hook for deposit SUBJECT TO MISREPRESENTATIONS OF THE LESSOR. I SPENT YEARS IN YOUR BUSINESS. Let’s see how it shakes out after I present you with the case. You don’t even know what the case is yet but are trying to assert your position. You don’t know MY position but you are assuming yours trumps mine. Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t. In any case the website will be quite extensive. One suggestion to you: be very very careful in your business dealings with Jay Allan Solomon.


From Robert (Bobby) Tillotson:


[Here's where it begins to become quite interesting and revealing about the morality of Gecko Property management, Pattaya and Bobby himself]:


Please show proof of payments for the months of July and August. Can we all meet at the house to clear the air and reach an agreement as if not both parties will have to take the legal route which will cost you both in the long run


And here's where the fun begins. Robert (Bobby) Tillotson is asking for proof of payment of the rent for July, 2022. I had already sent him the bank slip for that payment, as I always do, and it appeared in the chat he was communicating from, right there three messages up from where he asked for proof of rent payment. It was RIGHT THERE, only about an inch or two above his message. There was no way to miss it. Not only that, Jay Allan Solomon had already messaged saying, "Rent received, thank you". So exactly what was Robert (Bobby) Tillotson's game here? He knew the rent had been paid because he had the bank receipt right there, staring him in the face. He had already deposited my payment AND PASSED IT ON TO Jay Allan Solomon, and it had gone through the banking system and been placed in Jay Allan Solomon's account, and Jay Allan Solomon had thanked me for it in writing. So what was Bobby's angle here? Was it Robert (Bobby) Tillotson's idiotic plan to now try to say I had never paid the rent? My God! There was an electronic trail a mile long going through three banks. Was he going to try to come and kick us out for non-payment of rent? That was all I could think of. What a Goddamned scamming piece of shit!


I replied to Bobby:


You were already sent proof of rent payments for July, Bobby. As for the month of August, that was paid upon move-in as the last month’s rent. First and last, remember? Standard contract. Deposit of 25,000. And as for meeting here, you can’t park here anyway as cars have taken our space again and we have no recourse to move them. I see no reason to meet. I won’t live with Jay Allan Solomon as a landlord. Period. I will re-send proof of payment for July when I get to the computer since you have apparently lost it, even though it is still right there in this Line chat. I have begun the website. Would you like the URL? [] If you want to start spouting about legal action, I promise my own action will hurt your company vastly more than any action you can bring against me. That is not a smart approach for you to take with this. It truly is not smart. My rent has already been paid. Exactly what legal action are you proposing on a rental in which the rent has already been paid? Please explain what the suit would say. Let’s see: the tenant has paid the rent, but, uh, your honor, we demand that the tenant pay the rent. Is that your case? That won’t fly even in Thailand. Please don’t lie and say you didn’t receive it. It’s right there in this chat, Bobby. All you had to do is look.


What a stupid, stupid son of a bitch. Now I had a good idea of what Bobby Tillotson was made of. He was as dumb, or maybe dumber, than Solomon. The farangs here in SE Asia are known to be stupid and obtuse, but this was a new low. It's a cinch he hasn't shown this exchange to his bosses yet -- unless of course they're cut from the same scammy cloth, then they'd all high-five and carry on. I wonder if the principals in this business (Dead-Gecko Property Management Pattaya, Thailand) are ok with Bobby's scam attempt. Why not ask them yourself?


From Robert (Bobby)(aka Digger) Tillotson:


I did not say we did not receive it, please check chat history i was asking if you had proof of payment that was all.


Let's see. Tillotson's not saying he didn't RECEIVE it (there's a bank paper trail as long and wide as the Mississippi), but he's asking me to re-send the exact same proof of payment that already is displayed right there in the chat session that we're using to discuss this. I can see it myself, right there in Bobby's own chat! But he is.....what? Trying to suggest that if I can't provide that same receipt to him a second time, then he will claim we didn't pay the rent at all? What kind of utter Goddamned insanity is this? At this exact moment I realized that Bobby had just become my new enemy and that he was a wanna-be scammer. That's the word: Enemy. They say that the Impossibility of Reason. And there we were.


To Robert (Bobby) Tillotson:


But YOU ALREADY HAD IT. What kind of game is this? I suggest YOU check the chat history. It’s right there a few messages up IN THE HISTORY. I’m sorry but you are beginning to show a side to your company that if true is frankly pretty ugly. You do understand that every message and interaction here will be in the public domain once I am out of Thailand? I suggest some care as you represent your firm.


At this point I RE-SENT the document from the bank, as shown below. I simply copied it straight from Robert (Bobby) Tillotson's chat, and pasted it BACK INTO Robert (Bobby) Tillotson's chat.


Below, bank receipt showing rent of 25,000b, less 2000b for pool maintenance that was to be paid directly by us.




To Robert (Bobby) Tillotson:


When you ask me to prove, again, that “I” have proof that I paid the rent, even though you had received that rent and that proof only three days before, and Jay Allan Solomon had acknowledged in writing that he received the rent — and then you try to insinuate that maybe if I could’t PROVE A SECOND TIME that I had paid the rent, maybe you would then try to assert I had NOT paid the rent. Sorry. That smacks of an attempted scam. That isn’t respectful. That shows me that your firm is looking for any way under the sun, no matter how dishonorable or sneaky, to get at me and cause grief and schlepp money. That doesn’t make us trusting business associates. That makes us adversaries. In the end Jay Allan Solomon may end up with 25,000b that is not morally due him. He lied about this property saying the space out front was “ours”. Here’s a quote, “That space out there is yours. It goes with the house. You can park another car there. You can put anything you want out there. That space is yours.” That was one, verbatim, of three such statements in front of clear-headed, sober, articulate witnesses. But as it turns out we can’t even stop drunken locals from blocking our gate! Jay Allan Solomon lied. Period. I would have never, ever rented this house knowing that was actually a common area. So Jay Allan Solomon might immorally get the $25,000 in the end. Maybe. Time will tell. But the publicity will cost him, and your firm, many many times that. Hewlett-Packard Packard once tried something like this on a fleet of commercial printers I bought from them. I related the transactions and messages faithfully online. Ask them how that worked out. This will shake out the same way. If Jay Allan Solomon wants to assert that he never made any of those three statements then the remedy is simply this: I come from Federal law enforcement in the US. I am not an expert on polygraphs but I know a lot about them and I like them. I really and especially like them when used on suspects that have even a semblance of a conscience. Unfortunately for Jay Allan Solomon, he does. It's not strong, but it's enough to make a polygraph work. He'll know when he's lying and he'll fail the test. He'll lie anyway, but in his heart he'll know it, and that's what polygraphs thrive on. Jay Allan Solomon's smidgen of a tiny conscience is fortunate for the examiner. I imagine Thailand has qualified polygraph examiners. In the US, A one-question test is about $500. I’m happy to pay for Jay Allan Solomon’s test on the condition it will be video’d. On this question alone, Jay Allan Solomon will fail it, guaranteed. The test will be made public. I’ve now asked one witness if she was present and heard those statements by Jay Allan Solomon. She was and heard them clearly. She is careful and articulate in her speech, both English and Thai. She makes an excellent witness. Jay Allan Solomon misrepresented the home. Period. I’m perfectly happy to pay her polygraph as well. But Jay Allan Solomon first, because after that we won’t NEED hers.


From Robert (Bobby) Tillotson:


Okay- i have spoken with Jay Allan Solomon and there is an offer of a compromise as to save both parties going down the legal route and effectively costing you both possible legal fees- the compromise is as follows. The deposit held is 50,000 baht Jay Allan Solomon will allow you to use half of this to pay for the rent for the month of August and then you move out at the end of August after allowing us to do a final inspection, that leaves a fee of 25,000 baht remaining which Jay Allan Solomon will keep:


To Robert (Bobby) Tillotson:


I will think it over and do a legal consultation with my attorney in the next few weeks. In the meantime my rent is paid. Probably best for what may remain of your reputations if you both refrain from contacting me again unless there is some physical problem with the house that needs tending. I hope you understand how famous this will make you, but I’m betting you have no grasp of it at all.


[A few weeks later I did accept this "generous offer", knowing that he who laughs last, etc.].


Neither Bobby nor Jay ever replied to my own "generous offer". How surprising is that?!


As of July 3, 2022, that was my last exchange with either of these rat bastards for quite awhile.


I have now sent the case to my attorney, along with the lease (which I haven't had time to review). Whether the sum of 50000b was a "deposit only" or the last month of rent, is moot. The FACT is that the lease was rendered null and void, invalidated and broken, BY Jay Allan Solomon, the instant he first lied about the property. He was selling something he didn't have to sell. That's called fraud. In the US, I'd have already filed the suit with both Jay Allan Solomon, Robert (Bobby) Tillotson, and his property management company, demanding the full refund of all rents and/or deposits, plus moving expenses IN and moving expenses OUT, plus our time and trouble. It's a slam dunk. I am 96% sure Robert (Bobby) Tillotson was present for at least one of Jay Allan Solomon's loud, clear, verbose statements (gesticulating and nearly yelling just inside the gate) promising the parking area in front of our gate was "ours" and that parking infractions COULD BE ENFORCED. I would bet a million baht, however, that even if Robert (Bobby) Tillotson heard at least one of those statements clearly, he would, in court, say he didn't. He has shown me that's how he rolls. I think that's the level of dishonor we're dealing with in this property management company and in Robert (Bobby) Tillotson himself. I think they're scammers. They erect a facade of professionalism, but deep down, they'll steal the change out of a baby's bib as quickly as they'd kick a kitten. They are scum and are to be avoided, or dealt with harshly if they can't be avoided.


What's my current strategy on this:


I'll wait to hear back from the attorneys. If they say sue, we sue. If need be we hit the PUBLISH key on this page after all clever aliases have been replaced for real names. Then we will do the proper SEO on the page. Then we establish a paid advertising scheme in which every search for Pattaya property rentals takes prospective tenants to this page. It will be funded generously (I'll start it at $1000/month and see if that provides the results I want). That's where we stand as of the first part of July, 2022. Unfortunately, I. Don't. Like. Thieves. or Liars. I went into Federal law enforcement way back when, out of a deep and unabiding hatred for crooks. As far as I'm concerned, these two, Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum, Jay Allan Solomon and Robert (Bobby) Tillotson (and Robert (Bobby) Tillotson's company) are crooks, plain and simple. Jay Allan Solomon may well end up with the immediate reward of having stolen our 25,000 baht. But I wouldn't be surprised to see him experience between 10 to 30 times that much in lost revenue over time (and we're in this for the long haul of years), and maybe three times that estimate for Mr. Hankey Property rentals, Pattaya, Thailand (they have far more suckers looking at their properties than does Jay Allan Solomon). Over the fall and winter we'll work up a living list of all properties represented by Mr. Hankey Property rentals, Pattaya, Thailand and Jay Allan Solomon, and we will periodically do mass mailings to each tenant in each property, advising them of this website. Those services cost pennies in the US. We will also advise every larger condo in the Pattaya area of this website.


Victims and potential victims have a right to know what kind of snakes they've become entangled with. Any responsible member of any society has a profound moral obligation to try to protect that society. If you had a serial pedophile in your midst and there was no effective law enforcement available, it might not be acceptable to become a "vigilante" and go correct the problem yourself, but at the very least you are absolutely and irrevocably duty-bound to make potential victims aware of the bad behavior so as to help keep society safe. I feel that moral obligation as strongly as I feel the need to breathe air. Without this mechanism in any society or community or, indeed, the world, the people are needlessly put in harm's way and possibly, or probably, overcome by the evil. The sheep dog spots the wolf at the edge of the herd and does its best to protect the herd. The creatures of the forest sound the alarm when predators approach. In that way, more stay alive. In this way, reporting one's experiences with bad businesses, more people can avoid being defrauded and stolen from. That's the only way civilization can stay above the jungle.


This web page contains and includes my opinions, hunches, experiences, suspicions and best guesses.


We will also set up several online accounts for dating sites so we can locate Jay Allan Solomon's ads and warn unsuspecting young girls to avoid him. His disgusting sexpat behavior has seemingly only turned raunchier over the years. He now boasts about tricks he has learned to get them into bed. Many males who come to Thailand come because they like girls, but quite a number of them take that pursuit into the realm of the disgusting, and sometimes the illegal. I have come to find these types utterly revolting.


Summary thus far:


Jay Allan Solomon lied.


Robert (Bobby) Tillotson was going to try to claim we hadn't paid rent when he KNEW we had.


In my book, both men are the absolute scum of the earth and will be treated as such by me for my lifetime, and theirs.


Let's see who ultimately wins.


I had stated to Robert (Bobby) Tillotson, further up in this web page, that he should be careful when dealing with Jay Allan Solomon. I rescind that suggestion. Now it is my fondest dream that these two scammers (Jay Allan Solomon, the real liar and scammer, and Robert (Bobby) Tillotson the wanna-be scammer) should continue their business relationship forever. That will cause both of them misery and will cost both of them money and reputation. I heartily endorse Jay Allan Solomon's relationship with Robert (Bobby) Tillotson and with Mr. Hankey Property rentals, Pattaya, Thailand. May it be long.


Jay Allan Solomon lamented to me that he had "big problems" in his life. I wonder if others are after him. I hope his problems aren't health related because I truly want him to live a long, long time. I fear someone will off him. That would be a mistake on their part. To any would-be assassins I say this: To end this POS's life would be doing him a favor. He'll suffer far more from being helped to live. If he's dead, his troubles are over unless you believe in the Christian concept of Hell. But if he's alive, his life will remain the swirling sewer that it has always been and that's gratifying.


If Jay Allan Solomon ends up with another live-in prostitute I'll make sure she gets a Thai translation of this page. That won't convince her to dump him (I don't want her to). But it will give her the green light to pilfer and scam this imbecile even more than she normally would. Jay Allan Solomon is perhaps the most clueless man in Thailand when it comes to prostitutes and girls in general, and that alone commits him to a lifetime of misery on that level alone. I've tried to educate him but Jay Allan Solomon knows best. He KNOWS these 23 year old girls love him for his personality and his looks. He knows it. You can't even gently suggest otherwise. You can't bold-print say it straight up. He KNOWS he's a handsome, handsome man, a hunk, a prize, a keeper, and the ladies just love him to pieces with genuine adoration. I mentioned to him on a number of occasions that perhaps he could learn to treat Thai girls a little better, as in STOP TRICKING THEM INTO SEX-- this, usually, after he recounted some "particularly lucky conquest" in his condo out there in Na Jomtien. He counters these suggestions by shrugging and saying, to the effect, well, it doesn't really matter. "They'll still have sex with you." and note the quotes. He doesn't seem to care WHY they have sex with him (they're hoping for handouts without coming right out and saying they are prostitutes), and as long as they have sex they figure some crumbs will fall their way. If they don't, they ask for a "loan" (the sick buffalo strategy, Google it), and how many repay it? Right. I found him increasingly disgusting. At least when I'd known him years before, when he had the cheating Thai ex-nurse, he only cheated on that quasi prostitute with straight-up prostitutes a few times a month (Soi 6 was, he said, where he went for this). But now, he has no live-in girlfriend, and he is like a raunchy soi dog in heat.


We've now reviewed the lease on this miserable home and sure enough, the agents of the world (Digger and Gecko in this case) have figured out yet another little scam to try to keep even more of your money. These people are becoming a true scourge on the world, a class below pawn-shops and two classes below used car salesmen. What an honorable "profession", eh? Now they no longer write the lease with a first and last month being paid into the lease upfront, with a damage deposit tacked on. They write it with only the first month applying to rent, and then a HUGE deposit equaling TWO MORE months rent, which they can more easily find ways to refuse to refund upon move-out. If you're accustomed to a standard lease where it's first, last and deposit, you might erroneously skim right through that in the contract, as I did. In this case, even though I read the lease very carefully, I must have experienced a blind spot when I came to that clause because for much of my life it has been written as above and I "ASSUMED" it was a standard contract this time too. Indeed, you ARE dealing with scammers and shysters who apparently spend every waking hour trying to find the trickiest, most clever little means of getting fatter themselves, while screwing over the tenant. I fear that victims will simply start murdering these types, and I can't say I would blame them. If you caught a greasy robber with a knife in a dark alley, what would you do? I'd take the life of that robber. And what is the difference between that robber in Walking Street or Angeles City, and many landlords and "agents" these days? Really, there's very, very little.


So in this case, we could have stood to lose the entire 50,000 baht, and had that happened, I'm afraid many might have opted for the socially responsible course of action, a GOOD THING for society. Luckily, Jay Allan Solomon offered to screw us out of (steal) only 25,000 baht (about $1000usd). But the fact remains, there WAS NO VALID LEASE because Jay Allan Solomon invalidated it the first time he promised, in front of witnesses, that the outside space was OURS, that WE controlled it, that it WAS PART OF THIS PROPERTY. That lie rendered the lease null and void at that instant and it was repeated three times on two different occasions. So it's moot whether the deposit was for 25,000 or 50,000b. There was no valid contract at all and all monies should be returned to us.


It could be (probably will be) that the attorneys will come back and say, yeah, we think there's a good case here and we're willing to prosecute it on the grounds of fraud by Jay Allan Solomon with Gecko and Digger (Tillotson) as co-defendants, but you must be present to attend all proceedings. Unfortunately I will be leaving the country soon and will never return. Ten years is too many years in an insane asylum of odious, scamming farangs. Honestly, the sum of 25,000 potentially lost, accounts for only about 15% of my sheer and unmitigated rage over this. The other 85% stems from Jay Allan Solomon setting me up, lying and defrauding me, regardless of the amount. By his premeditated fraud he has thrown my life into extreme chaos and he ain't gonna get away with it. Not in this lifetime, or the next. I've set this matter up so my family can prosecute my plan even if my plane crashes into the Pacific on the way out of Thailand. This website will be completed, and I will then, as noted, undertake a paid advertising regimen across eastern Thailand so that every time a foreigner Googles for certain search strings, like "Gecko Properties", or Robert (Bobby) Tillotson's proper name, or Jay Allan Solomon's proper name(s), or the names of anyone at Gecko, this page will be presented to them in the search results. I'll also find databases of both of their properties, renewed every few months, and I'll pay a US company to send notices on schedules to every tenant, advising them of this URL. And that's only the beginning. And if I haven't mentioned it yet I'll do so here: I own 84 domains, 75 of which are currently free. This site can be moved to any of them, or multiple ones as automatic fail-safes, in, say, 15 minutes.


I. Don't. Like. Thieves.


Jay Allan Solomon thought that by misrepresenting this property (and then refusing to maintain it), he would be gaining a high-paying tenant. Never mind that it was through devious and fraudulent means -- he doesn't care. It's about GRABBING GRABBING SNATCHING all the money you can get, regardless of the dishonor involved to do it. Are all Jews like this? And Robert (Bobby) Tillotson is, it appears to me, his right-hand man in this, and probably in many similar, endeavors. Two peas in a pod -- or three counting Gecko itself.


My rage boileth over and I'm just warming up.


Life in the ancient jungle was just one mousetrap after another. One misstep and you got eaten by a lion or a croc or killed by a sneaking viper or speared by the neighboring tribe. The notion of becoming a civilized society was supposed to be about getting beyond that stage so that society would have the stability, safety and time to think clearly, to learn, to plan, and to evolve into a better people and a better place to live. Unfortunately, what has happened is this: That dream has lulled people into thinking it has actually happened, while all the while, the places and opportunities to set mousetraps have only increased. In the jungle days, one misstep and you were toast. In today's society, due to the "Jay Allan Solomons" and Gecko Property managers and Bobby Tillotsons of the world, it's worse. What a thing to be proud of.


One interesting thing to ponder:


In ten years in Thailand, I have had, overall, about 5-10% the amount of trouble with people as I had anywhere in America.


To break that down:


About 15% of that trouble came from Thais.


About 85% of that trouble came from farangs (usually sexpats, and usually British).


There are 66 million Thais in Thailand.


There are as many as 2.5 million foreigners of all types in Thailand.


There are about 55,000 Brits.


Do the math.




UPDATE, July 5, 2022:


In preparation for my exodus from Thailand, one of the things being sold off is my motorbike.


In Thailand you can't just buy or sell a motorbike, as you might in any normal country. You must effectively "apply for permission" (to either buy or sell). This means that you must amass a pile of documents, and submit them to Thai immigrations, specifying that you need a "certificate of residency" in order to be allowed to sell your own motorbike. One of the docs sometimes required is a lower level "certificate of residency" issued by your landlord. The landlord merely fills in your name, and prints it and hands it to you, and then you take that, with all the other documents, and submit them, and pay your fee (about $10us), and wait a few hours, and if you're lucky, you get the document. Both buyer AND seller must do this for the same transaction. take all that crap to their version of the DMV and begin filling out another whole set of documents. I've had this take 15 minutes and I've had it take 90 minutes and I never understood the discrepancy. Only then is the transaction allowed to go forward.


In any case I asked Robert (Bobby) Tillotson for the landlord's version of the certificate. He said no. I wouldn't need one. While it's true that you can often get by without one, in about 10-20% of my transactions they have refused to give me the actual, formal, government certificate of residence, until I presented the lower level document from a landlord, even if I had the lease with me. That means that if you're in the middle of this sale, it all comes to a screeching halt while you go back to the landlord and ask for his/her version of that certificate of residence document. But maybe they're out of town, maybe they're busy that day, maybe they're incompetent and can't operate a printer.


So how do you handle this situation? It's simple. To be SURE you can get the government certificate without any nonsense, you merely ask your landlord for his document, and then you take that AND your lease to Immigrations, and they absolutely WILL issue the proper certificate. No silliness. No delays. As I said, in 80-90% of cases they'll issue the certificate if you only have your lease, but in some cases, I think just to be obstinate, they won't, and it's extremely vexing. So, the answer is to just get the landlord's document ALSO. It's a very, very simple concept. And it's easy. And it can be done in about four minutes. I've been here ten years. I know how these things usually work, and then, how they "can" work. Better to just be prepared. Unfortunately, Robert Tillotson's brain, like the Grinch's heart, seems to be just six sizes too small to grasp this concept.


Documents required to go get a "permission to sell" a simple motorbike type of paper


I sent a message to Robert (Bobby) Tillotson asking for said document. Here's how that went:


To Robert (Bobby) Tillotson:


I need a certificate of residency in order to sell my motorbike. Please send a PDF by Line. No comment. I’m far too enraged to be able to tolerate any interaction beyond that strictly required.


From Robert (Bobby) Tillotson:


This is something you have to obtain from immigration yourself I can not do this for you.


To Robert (Bobby) Tillotson:


And I have been denied if I showed up only with the rental contract. CC to website.


From Robert (Bobby) Tillotson:


Allour other tenants we have on the books never seem to have the issue you are having.


To Robert (Bobby) Tillotson:


Yea they do. They just aren’t vocal about it.


And that was that. Tillotson steadfastly refused to supply the simple document, even thought it's a Gecko rental contract.


And that, the notion that no one complains in Thailand, is absolutely true. Thais, of course, will never, ever, ever complain about much of anything. They're bred and taught to keep their mouths shut. And farangs don't push back much because they're terrified of Thai immigrations and the Thai defamation laws.


It's interesting to note that Bobby (Digger) was told not to respond, but his punk smart-mouth simply couldn't resist. He has perhaps not spent enough time on the playground as a kid. Usually this smart-ass crap gets knocked out of little jackasses at a pretty early age and they think twice before inviting loose teeth again. But not Bobby. He hasn't learned that yet. I may have said this before: Robert (Bobby) Tillotson is showing the world what a fine, professional organization is Gecko Property Ltd. in Pattaya. This guy has only been there a few months. I hope he stays there for decades, because Gecko deserves him.


You can't publicly say what anyone has done to you in Thailand. That's why there are nothing but 5-star reviews for Gecko Properties in Pattaya. No one who lives in Thailand can say an even marginally derogatory thing about them, or anyone else, or the government, or they can be not only sued, but arrested and held in jail, and it happens many times, every single day in the Kingdom. If you want to know what people REALLY think of Jay Solomon or Bobby Tillotson or Gecko Properties in Pattaya, too bad. You'll never find a single thing, and so that rotten net just keeps on catching unsuspecting fish because no one is allowed to warn anyone else about them.


If you speak out, violent retaliation is also a very real possibility even beyond going to jail for it. And this goes for farangs and expats here as well. I KNOW a number of Jay's renters, and building staff, have had extreme problems with him, and the reputation of Gecko Properties also leaves much to be desired. But no one has stepped up to really take a hard line with them and call them out, BECAUSE THEY STILL HAVE TO LIVE HERE. I don't. And I happen to be well educated in the US First Amendment. I'm in a unique position to call bullshit on people and businesses here who get the idea over the years that they can shit on their customers with complete impunity, BECAUSE THEY CAN. Except for me.


Robert (Bobby) Tillotson has refused to supply the certificate of residence document. I do believe he is legally COMPELLED to provide it, but we're seeing what Gecko Properties is really made of. It may even be a minor criminal offense to refuse to provide it, but try and get that one prosecuted. Shouldn't it at least be entered into the Banglamung police records so they can know if there's a pattern of this? No. Their records are kept on sharpie-scrawled post-it notes for the most part. But think for a minute: Is this the kind of property management company YOU want to be renting from? Only a fool would.


I spent time on a US nuclear sub. The atmosphere was akin to the lobby of a high-end hotel. It was quiet and calm, subdued lighting, and both crew AND OFFICERS were polite to a fault. Everything was yes sir, no sir, thank you sir, I'll take care of it right away sir, and I've even heard officers say thank you. Honestly, that environment was a place I could live in!, and that's the idea. --Being couped up underwater in a space so small that the only privacy you get is to go sneak off to the forward torpedo room and sit back amid the endless sacks of produce hanging from the tubes. The idea is to keep any ambient stress levels as low as possible throughout the voyage (6 months or more) and that psychology works a long way in keeping the crews happy and willing to return for repeat duties.


Decades later I had occasion to be on a UK nuke sub. The decks were littered with wrappers and bits of food. The officers were surly and rude and overtly insulting -- but the crew was too, even back to the officers! They were snarky (like Tillotson) and loud and unhelpful and every third word was fuck. An officer might give them a command and they might simply turn and walk away sporting a disgusted expression. It was an environment I couldn't last in. It was a joke. Where is Robert (Bobby) Tillotson from?


I had trouble with other snarky little retorts from Robert (Bobby) Tillotson in the past but I let them roll off the chat, never suspecting I'd run into this big of a problem with these two shits, Robert (Bobby) Tillotson and Jay Allan Solomon. I wish I'd kept them. I gave Robert (Bobby) Tillotson the "raised eyebrows" response a couple of times for his snarky comments, but I let them slide. Now I see that is his unrelenting M.O. and, truthfully, his insults and rudeness and smart-mouth are what have been one of the driving forces of this website. Congrats Bobby -- you're doing your employer proud. YOU, Digger, are, in significant part, responsible for this page. Digger is an insulting little jackass, a proper mouthy British punk who thinks he is irreproachable, like trolls think they're in "protected space" when they set out to roam the Internet and interject their stupidity and meanness into the workings of Net society. And they ARE hard to find. But this guy ain't and he should know that. He's been warned multiple times to act professional, but he can NOT resist the snark. So be it. He is not invisible. He is not. The thing with too many Brits is, they seem to think they can act this way with impunity, that no one will bust their teeth out for it. They are dead wrong -- plenty will. I'll be 8000 miles away in a few days, but I'm betting there are others here who have just about the same view of Tillotson as I do, and I'm betting he'll meet up with the wrong ones eventually. It happens to all smart-mouth punks sooner or later.


But trolls tend to usually only partake of this kind of insult when they are pretty sure they are far enough away and behind enough barriers that no one will call in their hand. In this particular case, Robert (Bobby) Tillotson is correct, in a way. He won't lose any teeth over this particular little bout of assholish behavior. He'll lose much more as people come to see him for what he is and his employer for what it is in continuing his employment. Employees like Digger are what every bad business deserves. In any case, the main objective at this point is to simply vacate Thailand and deal with Robert (Bobby) Tillotson on this website and in other ways he can't even imagine yet. I don't need a stint in Thai jail, even though, at this point, that's pretty close to what would be considered the socially correct and responsible thing to do. Bobby seems intent on showing his bosses what a great ambassador he is for the firm. If they're willing to hire and maintain the employment of a smart-mouth punk, then what does that say about the owner and management? And when his new potential bosses Google him up after the interview, and he will have many in his life, will they be so quick to hire him on? If they do, they'll deserve him.


And Gecko contracted with Jay Allan Solomon; they deserve Jay Allan Solomon and as much as Jay complains about Gecko, he deserves them too. It's a match made in Heaven. If they haven't yet figured out what he is, they will.


Are all Brits this annoying? No, not all. It seems to depend largely on the region they come from, and the quality, or lack thereof, of their parents, and you can often predict what your experience is going to be with any Brit by their accent.


As I said, I accepted Jay's "generous offer" to live out August here, and he keeps the 25,000 baht half of the deposit. But I wonder how much he'll regret that deal in the future. I'm thinking, a lot..


Jay Allan Solomon has apparently refused and declined my generous offer to pay for his polygraph (no reply to the offer in twenty days). Just think, Jay Allan Solomon, had you taken (and passed) that polygraph, you'd be free to bad-mouth me forever and ever. I would truly be "the bad man" in this. I'd have no court case, no claim, no gripe, and no website would be possible. I couldn't even post this page without admitting you had passed a polygraph. You'd be in the clear! But you're a liar, Jay Allan Solomon, and a shyster and a scammer, and by refusing to take a prepaid polygraph, that pretty well cements the allegation.


Sorry guys, you don't lie to me and steal from me and scam me, and get away with it. This review will remain public for the rest of your lives. Wanna try to sue me? Please, I beg you, try.


I have a strong hunch that had I NOT been unlucky enough to stumble upon hands-down-his-pants Jay Solomon, and had I NOT been unlucky enough to have drawn Digger from Gecko as the property agent, I might have had a perfectly enjoyable experience in a new rental. But I wonder at a company that would hire and then maintain the employment of a smart-mouth punk, and I wonder at a company who would enter into any agreement with the likes of Jay Solomon, who bad-mouths them profusely at every opportunity. I don't know how long they've dealt with Jay -- maybe time will educate them. I think Bobby has only been with Gecko for a short time but I'm not yet sure (amazing what kind of records you can obtain in Thailand with the smallest amounts of Thai baht).


To reiterate, if you're looking at this company, remember this and remember it well:


NO ONE who has had trouble with Jay Solomon and/or Gecko and/or Robert (Digger) CAN EVER STATE THAT PUBLICLY, NOT EVEN IN A REVIEW SITE, AS LONG AS THEY LIVE IN THAILAND. They will go straight to jail. Go research the poor dumb bugger who booked a hotel through TripAdvisor. Here's a short clip from this guy's story:


American Wesley Barnes was facing up to two years in prison and spent two nights in a Thai jail after Sea View Resort in Koh Chang had him arrested over a negative TripAdvisor review, as Insider's Kelly McLaughlin previously reported.


Wesley did go to jail and was sued and was lucky as Hell to escape the country. For a hotel review! On TripAdvisor! He eventually got out of it by lying and saying that, after all, the hotel was a lovely place, or some damned thing like that. But this isn't just common here, it's the law of the land and is done every single day. If you want to check out a business before you get entangled with it in Thailand, forget it. You won't find a single negative comment ANYWHERE except from pissed off people who got screwed, then returned to the US, and wrote about it from there, and those are rare.


This web page contains and includes my opinions, hunches, experiences, suspicions and best guesses.


This is why so many farang "businessmen", who've been run out of their own countries due to their bad behavior, even criminal activity, come to Thailand, where Silence is Golden. Silence doesn't even have to be paid for. The government will protect you for free, as a function of one of the dumbest laws in the entire world, no matter how putrid you are or how many people your company cheats, scams, steals from or commits crimes against. The thinking here is 180 degrees backwards in that regard, and that has added to my growing desire over the years to just get out. It's an insane asylum and a haven for the worst farang businesses in the world.


How can you possibly, possibly ever know if a business is good or bad in Thailand? You positively can not. You can't! It's completely and utterly impossible, at least not in any substantiative way. A business here in Thailand might be comprised of a drunken, LSD popping gaggle of machete-wielding farang pedophiles, BUT YOU WILL NEVER KNOW. Reviews on mainstream review sites operating in Thailand would never, ever allow a bad review because they can be held just as liable as the poster. The companies themselves (i.e. Gecko) hand-cull their reviews (most are likely fake anyway), and they only post the most glowing accounts.


I was a commercial fisherman for many years. Every once in awhile a net would break loose and go on walk-about and be lost forever. It became a bad and nasty thing, sitting down there on the bottom of the sea in the dark until the nylon webbing rotted away (100 years?), and what did it do all those years? It caught and killed unsuspecting fish. They died in the net. Rotted. Eventually broke apart. And that spot in the net was free to catch another and another and another and another forever. Why? Because there was no way to warn the fish away. If you're a bad business, come on down to Thailand. You'll be home free and almost completely untouchable.


So why WOULD a property management company team up with a someone like Jay Solomon? Either they don't know him yet, or their greed has surpassed their common sense (they're stoopid), or they have no business intelligence at all. There are no other answers.


Regarding the certificate of residency that Digger refused to supply, on this occasion we did not need the low-level certificate from the landlord, but it was just the luck of the draw. It depends on which office you go to, and who's on duty or who's at lunch or Who's On First-- and probably whether or not you smile at them and probably how good they think your Thai is, whether they think your shirt is acceptable, etc., and, honestly, many, many of these things depend on whether you bring a Thai with you. In any case, we got the document we needed, no thanks to Digger (Robert Tillotson from Gecko Properties in Pattaya, Thailand).


We are still waiting to hear back from the attorneys regarding what to do about Jay and Digger and Gecko Properties (Pattaya) and Jays lying misrepresentation of this property which will ultimately lead to his stealing 25,000 baht from us, because I want that 25,000 baht back and I'll spend 100,000 baht to get it. I suspect those attorneys will screw around so long that it all becomes moot and we just allow Jay to steal the thousand dollars and move away. What he and Digger don't seem to grasp, however, is that every time that lost and stolen $1000 is remembered, it will cause me to think up and implement a new method of exposing these two louts (the smart-mouth punk, Digger Bobby and the actual liar, Mr. Solomon), which will incidentally and completely by happenstance cost them business and reputation and money far in excess of the lousy grand. Are they penny wise but dollar stupid? Yes, that would be the phrase. I'll glean one Hell of a lot more satisfaction from costing them $50,000 in lost revenue, than from collecting the lousy thousand, and THAT is the gift that keeps on giving.


UPDATE: July 7, 2022:


Last to Bobby (second time accepting Jay's "generous offer"). I'm wondering if Bobby even forwards this stuff to Jay? I'm starting to think not:


Per Jay’s “generous offer” we will be here through August. Jay will keep the 25,000b deposit (for now). Of course he will then lose 10-100 times that in revenue lost as a result of the heavily promoted website but Jay isn’t bright enough to figure that out and that’s fine. Gecko will lose far more than that. I don’t have the time to drag this through a highly dubious court system here and will be out of the country anyway after we vacate. In the US or any other habitable country, you’d already have been served for fraud. Your final walk-through day can be any of the last three days in August. No need to schedule. We will be in and out but nothing will be locked. You shall NOT speak to either of us. To do so would be a grave mistake. I cannot stress that enough. Please try to grasp it. But I’m betting you will not be able to resist and the result will be on your head. Bobby I have warned you in the past to carefully consider your written snarky, insulting replies to me because they were all going public on your website. But you couldn’t help yourself and you persisted in showing the world what kind of man you were, and what kind of company Gecko Properties in Pattaya is. So be it. Now I encourage you to continue the rudeness and snark and unprofessionalism. I will dutifully add it all to your web page(s) because you deserve the publicity and your potential customers deserve the transparency and the opportunity to avoid you. So go for it, Bobby. Show us more of what makes you and your firm tick. Please, continue with your smart-mouth snark. Again, here’s your first URL: There will be other domains in the future for redundancy and more thorough coverage and a translation to Thai. I have 84 domains, 75 of which are currently unused. Time to put some to work. I suggest you deliver this to Jay in its entirety. He’ll see it in the website eventually anyway and wonder why you truncated it. There is no legitimate reason for you to respond to this. Line will show it has been read. But I’m sure you can’t stop yourself :-)


UPDATE July 10, 2022:


Jay never even attempted to fix the gate. This is typical Jay Solomon Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). I doubt he understands even now what the problem is because, like the Grinch, and Tillotson, his brain is simply six sizes too small.


The drunks opposite us now have a party nearly every single night. They open their gate (WHY?!) so any noise goes straight out to the two occupied homes opposite of them, and ours is the luckiest of the two (our neighbor gets the worst of it), and they sit around in lawn chairs and drink and hoot while the ladies beller and the kids scream and cry. They're not THAT loud. But they're annoying, and now they continue this almost every single night until perhaps 2 a.m. We use white-noise generators in the bedroom so we don't hear the outbursts as much. As I've said before, if this was the ONLY problem, we might try to work through it. But it's by a wide margin not the only problem [Update: By the end of July, this has quieted down significantly].


More cars parking and blocking our gate today, all from the family opposite. I finally got tired of hearing their engines rumble and opened the gate and stood and stared at them. They moved up to the loud house they were visiting, and blocked the soi there instead.


In the first week of September, 2022, or maybe much sooner, the lives of Jay (Shiron), and Bobby (Digger) and of the "corporate" heads at Gecko Property Management in Pattaya, Thailand, will begin to change. Within six months after that, they'll be wondering why they ever got involved with the likes of Jay Solomon or Robert Bobby Tillotson. Or....maybe not! Maybe they're just too fucking stupid to figure it out, and maybe that's a good thing. Bobby will eventually piss off more and more customers and the company's reputation will suffer from it, and that makes us feel warm and fuzzy.


Of course Shiron (Jay) and Digger will be on their very best behavior for awhile, struggling hard to show folks that this website about them couldn't be farther from the truth. But Jay can't keep from screwing things up for long, and Bobby's mouth will betray him always because it's in his DNA to smart-off to people when he thinks he's out of fist range. Sooner or later, they'll both revert to defaults: Incompetent and dishonest, and smart mouth and devious.


UPDATE July 18, 2022:


We heard back from our attorneys and their consensus was that:


(1) Jay rendered the lease null and void the first time he lied about the property


(2) Jay rendered the lease null and void the first time he refused to repair equipment and accessories that were part of the home and necessary to the comfortable operation of the home (gate).


(3) Such a verbal representation of the house and parking area was legally binding and became part of the overall agreement.


(4) As such, it was technically enforceable in Thai law.


The operative word here is "technically".


To try to use "the law" in almost any country these days, even the US, is often an exercise in futility, a fiasco in which only the attorneys win. But in Thailand, to prosecute it would take years.


I'm pasting in, below, today's bizarre developments with Bobby Tillotson of Gecko Properties, Pattaya, and Jay Solomon:


From Bobby, today, forwarding a message from Jay Solomon:



Back to Bobby Tillotson, Gecko Properties, Pattaya:


I received no email from Jay. I do not trust Jay to honor anything at all. I’m going to paste in his original offer which he seems to now want to change. This agreement, below, states clearly that half of the deposit will be used as the rent for August. You guys truly do not understand what’s coming your way once I’m out. You have no idea. According to the original message to me, below, the rent for August will be taken from the deposit. You cannot change the deal now.


Jay's original offer, tendered to us from Bobby Tillotson at the beginning of July, 2022:


"The deposit held is 50,000 baht Jay will allow you to use half of this to pay for the rent for the month of August and then you move out at the end of August after allowing us to do a final inspection, that leaves a fee of 25,000 baht remaining which Jay will keep."


See the actual screen-print below:


From Bobby:


As we have said many times we are just the middle man- trying to help you both to communicate the best you can- regards to the threats towards us please read up on the defamation laws here in Thailand.


Ah! So Bobby KNOWS they are screwing up, and they are beginning to become nervous that someone might find out about it (i.e. THE WORLD?), hence the reference to Thai defamation law. That's the old standby brick wall that protects all scurrilous businesses in Thailand, and Gecko is now trying to intimidate us by warning us about it. Fortunately, the US doesn't have such idiotic laws and that's where this website will be posted and hosted and it will remain in public view for the rest of Tillotson's natural life. They have been advised of this repeatedly, so why try to intimidate us with threats of Thai defamation law? Are they really that out of touch on this case? Seriously? Do they truly not understand how this will play out in their futures?


Let's look more closely at Tillotson's comment, "Please read up on the defamation laws in Thailand". This guy is showing us he's so far behind the power curve on this problem that we are becoming embarrassed for him. Explanation: I made the decision to leave Thailand the moment I first discovered that Jay Solomon had lied about this property. The sexpat mentality had reached a toxic level in my soul and I was done with this place. Thais hate, loathe and detest farangs now, BECAUSE OF THE SEXPATS AND THE WAY THEY ACT, and Jay has certainly done his part in that regard. And I don't blame the Thais. I, also, am profoundly embarrassed BY and FOR the farangs here, mostly the Brits. I can hardly stomach the sight of them anymore. I always tell Thais that in America, the people are about 50-50, good and bad, but in Thailand, the farangs are easily 99% bad and maybe even worse than that. It is exceedingly rare I meet a good or worthwhile farang in Thailand. I've met MAYBE three or four in ten years. The rest are write-offs in every way. I know of only a tiny handful of decent and worthwhile, honorable, honest, straightforward farangs who can stand to stay here indefinitely themselves because, basically, if you have ANY morality at all, if you cherish justice and truth and honor, this place will drive you out. I'll say it again: the Impossibility of Reason, and there is very little "reason" in SE Asia.


Jay's lies about this property were merely the straw that broke the camel's back for me. Enough is enough. Enough sleazy, slimy, revolting sexpats and their blatantly amoral behavior both in their personal lives and in their business lives. By God that's enough. At the moment I decided I was done with Thailand, a whole new array of opportunities opened up to me in terms to righting and exposing Jay Solomon's bullshit (and now Robert Tillotson's, and by extension, Gecko's bullshit, as well). If I am back in the US, I am free to use the US First Amendment to expose what Solomon, Tillotson and Gecko have done. While I'm in Thailand, I can't say a word, which is why there are no bad reviews for any of these people and that is the ONLY reason you won't find the Internet positively riddled with putrid reviews for these people. Thai law, for whatever bizarre and counterproductive reason, will bend over backwards to protect the scum -- and what does that get them? More scum who KNOW they can continue to scam with near total impunity.


[UPDATE: Amazingly, just a few short paragraphs above, I updated that the loud family across the soi had quieted down of late. I thought that was a positive development. I was wrong. As of this writing, nearly 01:00 am, the whole clan is out there, gate wide open, partying and hooting. We will have to start up the white noise generator to be able to sleep.] Thanks again, Jay.


But in the US, I am free to report. This website is hosted in the US, by a US citizen, and is protected under the US First Amendment. I am an expert in that area and I maintain a dedicated First Amendment attorney to keep me in the clear. Tillotson was made aware on more than one occasion that I would be leaving Thailand and that this website would be hosted and posted in the US and was fully protected under the US Constitution. He also knows full well neither he, Jay, or Gecko have been "threatened" with anything, yet he keeps trying to interject that into this case. There is no threat. I have stated a FACT that it will be posted. It's not a situation where, if you do this or don't do that, a website might be posted about you. There is no "if". It's a done deal. There is no threat, ONLY A PROMISE AND STATEMENT OF FACT. So knowing all that, Tillotson stupidly writes, "Please read up on the defamation laws in Thailand". And he thinks that warning will accomplish WHAT, exactly? Of course, being a quasi-scholar of the American First Amendment, I educated myself on Thailand's conspicuous, alarming and bizarre LACK of any First Amendment type laws within months of coming here a decade ago. That's why this website can't go live until I have left Thailand, which will be very, very soon (flight's already booked). But Tillotson still, for some bizarre reason, thinks that I would be intimidated by Thailand's defamation laws. That he would think this, shows me that he has not listened to nor understood one single damned thing that has ever been said to him. This tells me Robert Bobby Tillotson is nearly as stupid as Jay Allan Solomon, and, honestly, people this shockingly stupid are pretty-much all you will find here. They're the only ones who can "stick" here, almost exclusively. The decent people all leave after figuring this out and only the imbeciles, scammers, sexpot-sexpats, fools, thieves, idiots, fraudsters and criminals stay. Thailand is a gigantic sieve: It strains out the crap and keeps it. And why wouldn't the creep-factor stay? This is the first place in the world they have ever found where people are prevented BY LAW from revealing their shenanigans and misdeeds or even their outright crimes. It's win-win for the scammers and fraudsters! Thailand is their Heaven. The decent farangs residing in Thailand can be counted on one or two hands and even those tell me they think every day of leaving. Eventually, almost all of them do. Some just die. Only the scum stays in the bottom of the sieve.


Tillotson still, apparently, thinks I am as stupid as he is. I should read up on Thai defamation law? What an imbecile. Thai defamation law does not, I promise, count for more than one poop dropping from a sparrow in America. Yes, Thailand can struggle to block the domain, though they are only successful in about one in 10,000 cases where they try. But I have plenty of domains and it will become an all-consuming game of whack-a-mole for them, and each instance will only drive more popularity to the site. But they're welcome to waste time trying. These three freaks, Tillotson, Solomon and by extension the company that continues to employ Tillotson, Gecko, are free to go to the Thai courts and scream bloody murder for as long as they live. Thai law does not apply in America. So what is the point of Tillotson telling me to read up on Thai defamation law? It is merely to illustrate just how rank fucking stupid this man is and how he has failed to pay attention to this case and how he will probably never figure it out. We already knew Solomon's cranial cavity was empty except for a waste bin of used condoms and sex supplements. I honestly thought Tillotson was a better human being. Clearly, he is not. I thought Gecko was a better company. But by employing the likes of Tillotson, clearly it is not.


Honestly, all of SE Asia suffers from these same problems with idiot farangs. I've lived in most countries here -- only ten years in Thailand itself. I can't see myself ever returning to any SE Asian country. Thailand? Not in a million years. Maybe New Zealand, maybe Iceland, Canada (my favorite country), maybe even a few places in South America. Maybe Japan 6 months every year. Anywhere where there are no Goddamned sexpats.


To Bobby:


I am very well versed in Thai defamation law. You can sue me in the US. PLEASE.


From Bobby:


No body mentioned anyone sueing anyone- have a good day Sir we will communicate again come August.


I find it sadly amusing that once Bobby finally grasped that this was all going to end up in the public domain, he has made half-hearted attempts at being polite with "sir" and "have a nice day sir", etc.. Is he actually so damned stupid that he thinks this late-date faux courtesy is going to somehow redeem his putrid character as displayed up to this point? Yes, I think he is just that stupid. I thought he was a bit more evolved than that but once again, I am wrong.


To Bobby:


Per Jay’s own words, the august rent will be taken from the deposit.


From Bobby:


Have a good day Sir.


To Bobby:


We are going to the police today.


[In Thailand, it is often the normal procedure to establish a case with the local police before considering any other action. They typically sort of screen and moderate things, even before there is an actual problem. We are establishing the case with friends in the local precinct so when Jay Solomon and little smart-mouth Bobby come to try to evict us, the police will already be aware of the case. Unfortunately, I have a flight out on July 26 to go look at another country, so I won't be here for the "fun" part. But girlfriend will, and she's a force to be reckoned with. Jay and Digger (Bobby) will wish they had dealt with me instead. BTW, why did Bobby Tillotson end up with the nickname Digger? Because he so valiantly struggles to dig his own hole, and he (and Jay and Gecko) will fall into it no later than September 20, 2022. They'll have no understanding of how deep the hole is until probably mid to late winter of 2022/2023. The advertising of this website will be taking affect by then and the search engines will have propagated it. Imagine, all this could have been avoided by JUST BEING HONEST. But for this group, that ain't in the DNA.]


From Bobby:


May I ask for what reason have you been broken into or assaulted?May I ask for what reason have you been broken into or assaulted?


For Christ's sake man, learn some English!


To Bobby:


You have broken the agreement and are insinuating that you will attempt to evict us in August contrary to Jay's written offer. That’s enough. We’re done. Now we file with the police.


Finally my girlfriend, who had had way more than enough of Jay and Bobby's attempts at this scam, decided to chime in:


To Bobby:


Hello I am Thai lady. Can you read Thai? ฉันต้องการโทรเรียกตำรวจ?


From Bobby:


No- and no agreement has been broken- you are still in the house and no one has evicted you. I do not speak Thai- the mesages are just a waste of your time.


Ah, Robert Bobby Tillotson, ever the smart-mouth punk eh? He can't help it. He could have just said he didn't read Thai, sorry. But no, not our Bobby Tillotson. That would be too easy and way too polite and business-like. He MUST smart off. He MUST. Maybe Gecko will give him a raise after this? I'm betting they do. "...the mesages are just a waste of your time". Girlfriend was going to try to deescalate things a bit. But Bobby triggered her, as he probably does just about everyone in his life. Shove it up your ass you smart-mouth jackass.


To Bobby from girlfriend:


So we can stay to August?


From Bobby:


yes- as i said we are the middle men. What Jay decides to do in August is up to him not up to us Gecko properties.


To Bobby:


Him want we to pay more. But we not agree. We can talk not have him email. Okay if him want more money I ready to go police Today.


From Bobby:


I can only pass on messages he has sent i am not in control of what he says or decides. when did he ask for more money?


At this point I simply pasted in the very same thing Bobby had just sent to us, appearing to state that we could no longer use half of the deposit for the rent for August, but that we must now pay upfront for the month of August, and Jay would "pay us back" at the end of August. Of course such a notion is ludicrous. Jay is a liar and a scammer. It would be like trusting a shark with a hunk of meat (sure, I'll give it back to you in a month). It's so absurd as to be laughable. Here is Jay's "new deal", again:



To Bobby:


I suggest to have Jay rewrite this, above, to be crystal clear, because as it stands it looks like you’re demanding that we pay August upfront and Jay will refund it when we leave. Yeah, right. Less than zero trust there now. So make this clear. Do we stay in August and the rent is taken from the deposit, or is Jay trying to schlepp even more money from us on a lease that he broke when he lied about the property? Get it straight and articulate it clearly.


But of course Bobby couldn't be bothered to go to Jay and merely ask for clarification. Instead, he replied with the lunacy shown below:


From Bobby:


A written text mesaage is not a legal binding document i will await Jay's instructions come August, as of now no one is currently in breech of contract.


Bobby: Let's have a Goddamned lesson here. It goes like this: English sentences use little marks called PUNCTUATION. They can be commas, periods, etc., and other strange and wonderful things too. They have books about this. Most of us began reading those books in second or third grade. When you read those books you'll find those funny little marks in them, showing rules and explanations. They can make the text much more readable if you figure out what they mean and how to interpret them as you read to yourself aloud. And we use capital letters sometimes too. You can do this, Bobby. I'm sure of it. It takes time and practice. Try to get up to speed. (Regrettably my damned spell-checker caught and corrected most of Bobby's second-grade scrawlings before I caught it and stopped it. Too bad.).


Is the reader finally beginning to grasp the slipperiness of these people? FINALLY? A written text is not a legal binding contract. IT SURE AS HELL CAN BE!



BELOW: Even a VERBAL agreement can be enforceable and a WRITTEN agreement sure as HELL is around the world, and it can be in Thailand too:




To Bobby:


But you are suggesting we will be [in breech], on August first. We will go to the police at that time with Jay's written offer. I am updating your website at this moment.


From Bobby:


Please feel free to do so and again I wish you a good day.


Please feel free to do so -- I don't think Tillotson understands what he just said. But let's give it time and see! My God this man is stupid.


From Bobby AGAIN:


I am suggesting nothing I am just passing on messages once you are in breech of contract I will let you know.


This guy can NOT stop the comebacks, even if there is no point to them. It's in his DNA.


To Bobby:


You can NOT stop. It's a phenomenon! We already know we're not in breech of contract. Cease and desist contacting me until and unless you have something of substance to say. That's enough. Cease and desist.




So as of July 18, 2022, Jay Solomon has:


Lied blatantly and repeatedly about what this rental includes.


Refused to repair the unit as required.


Made a written offer to allow us to stay through August, using one half of the outrageous deposit as payment for that month.


Been made aware of my acceptance of that offer.


Then rescinded that offer, saying we must pay for August upfront, intimating that if we do not, we will be in breach of contract and will be evicted.


Have you ever, in your entire life, seen such a worthless piece of dog feces? There are a few worse scammy louts in the world, but honestly, not a lot. I've been literally around the world my entire life. I worked in Federal law enforcement in the US for years and some of those crooks are still in prison at my hands. I was captain of a rescue tugboat and commercial diver raising 131 shipwrecks and performing 321 shipping rescues for hire in the Northeast Pacific, including the rescue of the United States Coast Guard twice. I've been a commercial pilot, and I've owned large, successful Internet businesses (still own a piece of one). I've been forced to shoot two men on different occasions, both ruled justifiable. I've worked with every kind of human being on the planet and mostly have gotten along (ok ok, except for the ones I killed). I've seen some real bastards, some real shysters and liars and con-artists and scammers and --- but Jay Solomon is right up there near the top of the list. He's tied for first or second and that's saying a lot. What a slippery, dishonest, dishonorable, lying piece of worthless snake meat. It is really something to behold. And I consider Bobby Tillotson to be a Jay Solomon in the making. He's learning his trade well and he is, in my view, cut from the very same cloth. It's all about the scam.


This web page contains and includes my opinions, hunches, experiences, suspicions and best guesses.


Current status:


As of July 21, 2022, we are packing and waiting to see what Digger and Shiron (I mean Bobby and Jay) decide to pull next. They have no legitimate reason to even talk to us until Aug 1. My guess is they will try to swoop down and evict girlfriend from the home. We'll just have to wait and see how that goes. I think on the last day of July I will send to Digger the following, just to let Jay know he's not going to get away with stealing from us as easily as he hopes:


Bobby, deliver this to Jay:


Jay Solomon:

Below is the offer Bobby says you sent to him. Honestly, I am beginning to wonder if Bobby is accurately relaying this information back and forth and I am beginning to wonder if, in some instances, he does not relay it at all. I consider him to be stunningly unprofessional. If this is not delivered to you verbatim, in its entirety, you'll sooner or later see it posted on your website and you can ask Bobby why it wasn't delivered to you. In any case, Tillotson claims these are your words, below, in quotes. You made an offer. We accepted that offer. Done deal. But then, later, you tried to rewrite that offer on an airy whim, to be much more favorable to you. Sorry, the buck stops here. I will not tolerate your dishonesty and scamminess (new word) any further. It was your lies and fraud that caused us to terminate this deal in the first place. You should be held accountable for all rents paid to date, plus the refund of the entire deposit, plus moving expenses in and out, plus time and trouble. You'll pay it eventually, but probably not directly to us. It will come out of your pocket in other ways. Don't worry; that'll come clear to you in time. In the US the suit would ask for punitive as well and we'd win it. In Thailand, the law is another story entirely, which is one of the reasons you're here: you can get away with so much more. Or can you? Let's find out together. In any case, you made an offer. We accepted after considerable thought. Now you want to try to change the deal. Sorry. No more. No more, Jay. This is the end of the line. We will stay in the home through August as you offered and as we agreed. We will not pay you another dime. We believe you are a scammer and a thief. We don't believe we would ever, ever get any money back from you no matter how many times you promised. Indeed, you have demonstrated clearly that you will try to change any deal you make. Your word is worthless. Your walk-through days can be any of the last four days in August. You will NOT speak to us. To do so would be a grave, grave mistake. As you offered and as we agreed, you will keep the 25,000 baht. That was the deal. Try to break it again at your peril. You can't just come along every week or two and make up a new deal, Jay. Sometimes people will stop you. On the one hand I'd like to conclude this mess smoothly at the end of August. On the other hand, I would dearly, dearly love to go to all-out, flat-out war with you for years and years to come. Everything on my end is primed and requires only a few mouse clicks to set in motion. Either way is fine. Your choice. No need to reply (please don't). We're sick to bloody death of you. We don't trust you and we would never again believe a word you said. We will wait to see what kind of counter-productive stunt you attempt in August and act accordingly on that. I have tried hard to give you a heads up on this -- you and Bobby both. I have tried and tried to let you know that actions beyond your wildest dreams will be undertaken the instant you try to come at us fraudulently again. Bobby doesn't begin to grasp that. I doubt you do either. But TRY. You've screwed us over enough. Try it again and we will stop you. It'll be eminently legal and eminently stunning to you. Here are your words, as represented by Bobby, taken directly from his chat to me:


"Okay- i have spoken with Jay Allan Solomon and there is an offer of a compromise as to save both parties going down the legal route and effectively costing you both possible legal fees- the compromise is as follows. The deposit held is 50,000 baht Jay Allan Solomon will allow you to use half of this to pay for the rent for the month of August and then you move out at the end of August after allowing us to do a final inspection, that leaves a fee of 25,000 baht remaining which Jay Allan Solomon will keep."


[UPDATE July 21, 2022]:


I am just now informed that Thailand has a law making the collection of more than one month's rent as a deposit, illegal. I'll be researching that once back in the US. I would be surprised if Thailand had enacted such a common sense law. I would not be surprised to learn that, if it exists, both Jay and Gecko knowingly broke that law. I see Solomon is quite active in rental forums in the region. I plan to become so as well.


This web page contains and includes my opinions, hunches, experiences, suspicions and best guesses.


Note: I have delivered to Robert Tillotson and Gecko Properties, Pattaya, Thailand, on several occasions, the URL of the opening page to this website at That opening page will actually change its current content once this website goes into full production, publicly, but for the past month that has been the introduction page and Bobby has been made aware of it repeatedly. How much you want to bet he never bothered to forward that to Jay Solomon? Just a thought.


I'll be out of Thailand very shortly. Bags are packed. Taxi has been organized.


But what about Thailand? Won't I miss it?


I've traveled every inch of the place on or in every kind of conveyance and I've seen some lovely things. Moving things. The south has its charms. The north has it charms. Isaan has no charms at all. But honestly, not a lot of charms for either north or south, once you've done everything ten times in each region. Been there done that. It becomes like Chevy Chase at the Grand Canyon. Look over the edge. Nod. Get back in the car. It's a really small country and it gets smaller as you age.


What about the people? Out of the cities, Thais are pretty decent. Crooks? Violent types? Fear of being attacked? I had to shoot people on two occasions in the US (legally justified, don't worry). Plenty more deserved it. I never once felt the need to defend myself to anything even remotely approaching that level in Thailand. So the fact that "I" never "felt" that threat maybe just means I'm stupid and/or lucky. Plenty of farangs get murdered here.


I generally like Thais. I like them more than farangs by a wide margin. My Thai language skills were never up to snuff so I missed a lot of interaction with them, but I also experienced a lot. I liked them. I did. I just did. I just liked them. It's the farangs who ruin Thailand. It's the farangs who ruin Thailand. If I were King of Thailand I'd kick them the Hell out. Almost none of them bring anything of value to Thailand and the vast majority are a supreme detriment to Thailand and to Thais. Even their money upsets the system. Thailand sure as Hell doesn't need the Jay Solomons or Robert Tillotsons of Gecko Property Managements of the world; Thailand has enough problems without importing problems from other countries. Thais are better off to stay to themselves and work out their own problems. They should STUDY other cultures and learn about them, and take actions to emulate the good parts of other governments and systems and societies, and reject the bad parts of other societies, but they don't need idiot farangs in Thailand. Japanese in Thailand? Fine, if you can get past the rudeness. Mainland Chinese in Thailand? Not such a good deal. I will say that the THAI Chinese I dealt with in Thailand were not bad. I liked them more than the farangs, but then I like Cobras more than I like the farangs. Farangs are too far removed from Thai or any SE Asian culture to ever integrate seamlessly and the farangs you see in Thailand are almost exclusively the very worst of the worst, the dregs of western societies. If I were a friend to the King I'd be suggesting this every single day. What have a bunch of sexpats contributed to Thai society? Well, they built Pattaya, on the backs of the poor girls that they obnoxiously, wantonly, desperately fucked and then abandon -- but without them, the farangs, there is no Pattaya. So what has that accomplished for THAIS? Not much at all. Pattaya was once a peaceful fishing village. It should have stayed that way. Now it's an overflowing squat toilet.


The girls?


Nope. Won't miss the girls. Nope.


I do like the prices in Thailand, though many of them are now approaching western costs, and some are significantly higher. And the quality of goods is so far below anything I've ever encountered that I finally learned this lesson: DON'T BUY STUFF IN THAILAND.


Medical care? It's substandard, but in the better hospitals, not substandard by a lot. I once had an infection and went back to a regular licensed doctor (not a clinic nurse) again and again for months. The abs themselves were slowly killing me. Finally he called me in for "one last injection" (and said don't come back if it doesn't work)(literally, he said exactly that). He hit me in the ass with an equine syringe and pumped in about the volume of a frappe of some white gook. Hurt like hell! When it was done I asked him for the name of the antibiotic, so in case it worked, I'd have that in my notebook. He laughed and shrugged and said he didn't know; a friend had given it to him. Could have been frikkin' vanilla pudding.


The traffic? The drivers? Nope, I won't miss any of that. But I will say that about 85% of the problems I've had with really bad drivers has come from FARANGS, and not from Thais. In a weird and backwards sort of way, Thais are better drivers than farangs.


Will I miss the holidays? Nyet. There are too many.


So in the end, what will I miss? Sleazy, scamming landlords? Nope. The greasy sexpats? Fuck no. The drunks? The pedophiles? Would I miss a reeking septic tank full of the world's lowest class of farangs? Nope. I'm ecstatic to be leaving these losers behind. The Jay Solomons and Digger Tillotsons of the world own the sleazy hoods of Thailand now, and they're the ones who MADE them sleazy. What a pile of slippery, stinking turds, are the farangs in Thailand.


Will I miss the Brits? When I first came here I had no notion of the British whatsoever, except that brief stink in the UK nuke sub. Now, my opinion is forged in Titanium. There MUST be good Brits, right? There MUST be! But I met less than a baby's handful in Thailand.


Will I miss the New Yorkers here? I used to own a large online retail business. I still have a piece of it. After years of studying demographics and stats on sales vs problems, I realized that THE most problematic region in the entire world, for my global retail business, was Manhattan, New York. After due consideration I blocked all orders from Manhattan, and life became measurably sweeter. Not many New Yorkers here. But there are still too many here.


The Russians? Two decades ago I adopted the policy of never, ever, ever, never, under any circumstances whatsoever, allow any Russian into my compound, whatever or wherever that may be. When selling all my stuff to leave Thailand, I made an exception. Only one. A Russian man and wife came to look at a motorbike and computer. After mercilessly "Jewing" me down, they bought both. They needed to go into my office to print some transfer docs and I went with them. After the printing, the man asked me to show him something on a shelf. I did. The wife was doing something behind us. After they left I realized she had stolen a 36,000 baht camera lens. Will I miss the Russians? Give me access to "The Bomb" and see what happens. I'm bloody fucking sick of them. Show me a good one. Can you? No, I don't believe you can.


East Indians? You know, virtually everybody I know here hates them. Personally, I sort of like them. I've never had any trouble with them. But I have not heard one single positive "review" of East Indian males from one single lady in Thailand. Not one.


Americans, Canadians, the French, the Scots? They are what they are. I come from that stock. It's difficult for me to see them clearly or judge them, from the inside looking out. I THINK they're a better class here. I've never had trouble with ANYONE from ANY of those countries, here in Thailand, except the New York city tossers like Jay Solomon. But, admittedly, there are very few other Americans, Canadians, Scots, etc., here.


Germans? I've had NO good experiences with ANY German here, and I got tired of almost losing my lunch watching them pay for sexual favors in broad daylight on the family beaches of Thailand from very young Thai boys. I won't miss the Germans. I found them to be effeminate and dishonorable, but fussy and bitchy also, like cranky old women. What's the upside of Germans? I think they used to make good clocks. Anything else? Anything else?


Muslims? Not a lot here -- I have known two, a man and a woman, unrelated to each other. Both stole from me, right out of my home. Both. Large money items. That's the only experience I have with Muslims. It's two for two, in the dishonesty category.


The food? I'll miss the flavors but not the e. coli and salmonella and other crap. I was hospitalized many times for both, sometimes both together, because I loved, loved, loved that street food and I thought I would eventually build immunity. I didn't and for the most part, you can't. I once laid on a gurney in Bangkok hospital (a really, really nice place) for six hours because their food poisoning floor was FULL. The entire floor was FULL. I swore I was near death. The nurse said they had people in comas from food poisoning. The nurses see it all and they'll tell you in no uncertain terms DON'T EAT THE STREET FOOD. --Not unless the cook/seller is your mom, and maybe not even then. But that goes for ALL SE Asian countries. Except Singapore, and Hong Kong, and to a lesser degree, Malaysia.


Do the Asians get sick from mishandled food also? Yes, they do. They will tell you that they don't because, they say, "their stomachs are strong but farangs are weak". There's a small shred of fact in that -- Asians really do build up a small, small amount of immunity to bad food bugs by eating contaminated foods from birth, but, as I said, it's a small advantage. The fact is that my girlfriend gets food poisoning as much or more than me if we eat the same things in the same amounts. I swear she spends half her life running to the toilet but that's ok with her because she was born and raised with that standard and she thinks it's normal and you can NOT explain to her that this isn't normal in most other countries. She wonders why I am annoyed. Nowadays, I barely eat ANYTHING that's not packaged from the factories. Prepackaged. Sealed. Preferably frozen. I came to that same conclusion in Cambodia also.


I think the biggest annoyance about Thailand is that there is no true citizenship possible. Had there been, I would have tried harder to find ways to stay here, to help change the bullshit, and to ignore, to a degree, that which cannot be changed in this lifetime. But SE Asians don't want anything changed or improved or solved. For what? What would be the point in trying to help a Kingdom when you can never be a part of it? There's no point at all. What most expats don't grasp is that in Thailand, you are living under the Sword of Damocles, always. You can be deported at any moment, regardless of how established you are, even if you have a wife and family and business and homes and buildings (well, you can't actually own anything in any normal way) and have been here forty frikkin' years. It simply doesn't matter. You can and will be deported, even permanently, for the CRAZIEST of infractions. Can you buy your way out of such predicaments? Usually, but not always.


I had one friend who did go through all the unbelievable processes required to obtain "Permanent Residency", but it is NOT real "citizenship". It's better than any other visa, but it's still a PITA. But it's not real, bona fide citizenship. You can still have the rug jerked out from under you for anything the government deems. This guy said it took him five years to obtain that and the process was so absurd he would never do it again and when they did finally award it to him, he said he just plain didn't care. His attitude at the end was give it to me, or throw it in the trash, he didn't give a shit. He honestly didn't care. He said he almost threw it on the ground and stomped it and walked away. I've never known anyone to love Thailand more, yet that's what they drove him to to get that standing. It's easier now. But not enough easier to be worthwhile. For true citizenship? Sure. THAT would be worth fighting for. But not for so-called "permanent residency"; it's much a facade. He didn't care when he finally got it. It had taken that much out of him. Then of course he died of Covid, so, whatever.


This web page contains and includes my opinions, hunches, experiences, suspicions and best guesses.


What wont I miss? Many, many things, but chief among them is Thailand's defamation laws. It states right in the law book, in cases of defamation, "The truth is no defense." Well, if it's TRUE, then it AIN'T DEFAMATION!


"What is an example of defamation? What Is Defamation? Defamation is a FALSE statement presented as a fact that causes injury or damage to the character of the person it is about."


It's like the fools who see a man being stabbed to death on the street and he's going down for the last time but he pulls a gun and kills his attacker. And the crowd calls him a vigilante. It's idiotic. He's NOT a vigilante and the man who speaks fact is not defaming. But Thailand says if it's true you are STILL defaming. THAT is the bizarre irrationality that will grate on you IF YOU HAVE A BRAIN. If not, then sit back at the pub and suck those suds until you stroke out and die.


If something is TRUE, then whether it makes the deed-doer look bad is absolutely immaterial. If people don't want other people knowing what bad deeds they did, then don't fucking do bad deeds. It seems our Mr. Tillotson has finally gleaned an idea that maybe his firm, Gecko, isn't so pure after all. So what does he do instead of standing up straight on his own two clickety-clack little cloven hooves? He could apologize. He could make things right financially. He could return stolen money. But no. He tries to intimidate me with threats of using Thailand's defamation laws. Go for it, ya smart mouth little twat, because that's how I've finally come to see this guy. Go for it and I hope you spend a lotta money trying. Ask Hewlett Packard how it worked out for them. I'll defend America's First Amendment with my life, literally. Others have, and that's why we still have it. I can also. It's the ONLY thing that keeps people accountable. Turn on the light and the cockroaches scurry. It's fun to watch.


Let's hit this again: Don't want people talking about your bad deeds? Don't do bad deeds. It's a simple, simple concept. But wow, does that logic piss them off when they're caught. The First Amendment is one of the very few points of logic and decency the United States has left. It still allows us to tell true things without fear of recriminations. It is the polar opposite to Thailand's head-in-the-sand approach to reality and that is a mind boggler. This is one very major reason Thailand is as thoroughly screwed up by the farangs as it is. There is no accountability! None. No one is allowed to call them out. It's all about "face". Thou shalt not cause another to "Lose Face", even if they deserve to lose face! Even if it's better for the community if they lose face and stop doing bad things because suddenly people know what they're up to. But Thailand will PUT YOU IN JAIL for this. That means, you can't call out the screw ups, the farang thieves and con-artists and scammers, the idiots, the jackasses, the pedophiles. Even when farangs are scamming Thais, which they do copiously and routinely, the Thai government STILL protects those miscreant, bamboozling farangs, and doesn't allow their own Thai people to expose them. THAT IS WRONG. If the government is going to allow the dregs of the western world to flood into Thailand and set up their shops almost with the premeditated intent of screwing over Thais, then the government ought to allow Thais to speak up loudly and clearly and publicly and warn their own countrymen of these vipers in the grass. Yes, Gecko Property rentals of Pattaya, Thailand, contracts mostly with farangs, but they also contract plenty with Thais. You've seen how Gecko has handled this case, and you've seen how it is being handled by me. How many Thais have the knowledge or wherewithal to stand up to an outfit like Gecko when they get shafted on a rental deal? Virtually none. To the Thai government I say this, and I am respectfully appealing directly to Prayuth and to the honorable King of Thailand, King Maha Vajiralongkorn: GIVE YOIUR PEOPLE THE FREEDOM TO CALL OUT AND EXPOSE THE BAD FARANG BUSINESSES that are figuratively raping them every single day through illegal, dishonorable business practices. Untie their hands so they can fight back against an invading scourge of farang scammers. Drastically rework your archaic defamation laws so your own people can fight bad farangs on a level playing field. AT LEAST ALLOW YOUR PEOPLE TO PUBLICLY REPORT WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM AT THE HANDS OF FARANGS. Please.


If they lie, then they can and should be punished. THAT is DEFAMATION. But if they simply tell the truth so that other Thais won't get caught in the farang mousetraps, PROTECT THEM! For God's sake these are your own people! The Truth is Sacred! Protect it! And protect the Thais who speak it!


Studies have shown the peer pressure is as effective, or more effective, as a deterrent to bad deeds and criminal behavior, as being put in jail for those bad deeds and criminal behavior. But Thailand circumvents ALL peer pressure with their defamation laws because no one can tell anyone else what the bad people are doing. So what incentive is there for the bad people to stop doing bad things? Well, there's the risk of being caught and incarcerated. But Thailand barely yet has the infrastructure to arrest and try and incarcerate all the dishonest farangs flooding back into Thailand. If the Thai law isn't in a position to protect its own people in this regard, then LET THE PEOPLE PROTECT THEMSELVES. I REALIZE I AM REPEATING MY MESSAGE BUT IT'S AN IMPORTANT ENOUGH MESSAGE TO WARRANT REPEATING. A whole lotta peer pressure is needed in Thailand TO MAKE BAD FARANGS AND THEIR BUSINESSES ACCOUNTABLE. I don't believe this healthy change will come about in Thailand in my lifetime, but I am free to leave, and I am. Fine and well -- "I" don't have to be here. But Solomon does. He can't survive anywhere else. Gecko does, because they're too invested. And Digger does because I suspect he has no place else to go.


But what if some friend wanted me to come with him and guide him around Thailand for a vacation? After all, I know every nook and cranny, every scam, every mousetrap (except the ones Gecko and Solomon used because I was frankly caught off guard by so much reprehensible behavior coming from MY OWN PEOPLE). I'd be an invaluable guide, what Myth Busters might expert. But if a friend asked me to do that, I'd tell them to choose a country that wasn't so dangerous. Dangerous? Like from robbers and bandits and rapists and murderers and lions and tigers oh my!? No. I mean that Thailand's complement of farang businesses is dangerous -- not ALL, but plenty. Probably most. They're scamming their own farangs as fast as they can, but also scamming Thais at an even greater rate. LET THAIS TALK ABOUT THAT! Let the Thai people TURN ON THE LIGHT so the world can see how these western businesses operate.


In my early days in Thailand, I could live with Thailand's foibles and quirks and relatively minor dangers and and hazards and annoyances. Thailand was like a house of mirrors in those days: weird, a little disconcerting, but fascinating. Now, due to too many farangs setting up bad businesses here, where they know they can scam and lie and hurt Thais with virtually impunity, it's like a house of booby trap grenades hidden behind every mirror. Bad farang businesses like Gecko Property Co. Ltd. have contributed to the bullshit in very, very big ways. They're just more leeches and Thailand doesn't need any. Not anymore is this a fun place except for the greasiest, hardest-core bleary-eyed staggering wanton panting drunken sexpats with pot bellies and gray pony tails and swollen legs and two year old motorcycle tattoos and calf shorts. And by the way, grease-pats, do you really not know that the Thais think you look absolutely ludicrous in your baggy half-calf Thailand shorts? That's for Thais, NOT YOU. Do you even have the faintest clue what the Thai bar girls say about you after they come back from your hotel? I guarantee, you do not. They relate opinions of you that would gag a maggot. Sometimes they cry. If they got your wallet or your watch, they laugh. I used to be horrified by that behavior. Now I encourage it. Greasy ancient rats like Solomon deserve no less.


What will happen to me as a result of this website?




I'll sleep better, knowing I helped some people avoid trouble.


I'll stay busy for many months setting up paid advertising regimens to make sure this ranks high in the search engines for years to come when people look for rentals in Pattaya. Staying busy is good. And this website will develop and evolve and improve over many years.


Gecko and Digger and sexpat Solomon will petition the Thai government to block any visa renewal I might ever attempt. Good for them. Rock on.


Gecko will try to sue for defamation in Thailand. Good for them. Spend all the money you can spare.


Gecko may win a judgment in Thailand. Good for them. Good money after bad. I'm delighted.


Solomon will scream NO! NO! None of it is true! That bastard (me) is Lying! Lying! Lying! He made it all up! But it's Solomon who refused my "generous offer" to pay for his polygraph. Solomon is more, more than welcome to come back and try to sue me in the US. Once again, ask Hewlett Packard how that worked out for them.


Digger --er, I mean, Tillotson, will whine and moan and fret and wring his pasty hands and work his punk's smart mouth and think about trying this and think about trying that and curse me and denounce me and badmouth me and lie about me and try to think up devious ways to get back at me. "Oh I fucking hate that guy!" Digger will lament. Good for him. I want to see him get ALL THREE of those little brain cells fired up, instead of only one. They need a workout.


All of these entities will try harder for awhile, maybe a year, to stand up and act right, because they'll feel they need to demonstrate that THEY are the nice people, not that bad man with the website. Go for it guys! The people win if you do that! But why couldn't you do it BEFORE this bomb dropped? Oh -- never occurred to you. I see. But make no mistake, they'll revert back to their scammy defaults in time, because that's who and what they are at their cores. A dog can't change its ears. No. Wait. A sexpat can't change hi-- No, that's not it either. You can take the girl out of the bar but you can never take the bar out of t-- Dammit! How does that go?! Oh yeah. A leopard can't change its spots.


Would any of these shits ever try to "send someone" after me? Oh I hope so! But they won't. So many tried that when I worked narcotics enforcement for the Feds several lifetimes ago. Some are STILL locked up and some are STILL dreaming of "getting at me" when they come out, forty years after the fact (homicides during drug deals, not mere drug deals). Good for them. I'm happy they have a purpose to keep them going in their stinky little sweat boxes. I swear, you can smell them coming a continent away. Does that strategy work both ways? I'm not sure.


Soon Thailand will be just a fading mist, dispersing in the contrail of my jet, and I'm very content with that. I have my photos, and memories, and scars and lessons and experiences and that's as close as I need to be to Thailand, ever again.


So.....what will I miss?




Can't think of anything.


Yeah. One thing. I'll miss being able to walk around at night without a gun -- can't do that in the US so I guess I need to play catch-up at the range.


I've done the SE Asia thing for ten years in Thailand and many more years in other areas like Cambodia, Singapore, the Ph, Lao, Vietnam, nearly all of them-- They're all different, yet all the same in so many ways. I do like Singapore but you'd be bored to tears there. I liked Hong Kong until China stole it. I won't be back to this region. Not in this lifetime. Enough's enough. The Thais didn't drive me out. The Thais welcomed me and helped me and nurtured me and to varying degrees, offered me their very hearts and souls. It's the fucking white man that drove me out, as they drive out so, so, so many in SE Asia. It's time to depart instead of ending up in a Thai prison for the crime of cleaning out some of the black fungus that has crept into the Kingdom, from the lands of my own people. Thailand would be better off for my efforts, but Thailand would be duty-bound to punish me for it. I can take care of this one with logic and truth and words, in any case, so it's better to settle it that way, unless some other method becomes necessary.


For the rest of my life I'll travel light and I'll never own so much that I can't stuff it all into two bags for a flight. For the rest of my life I'll be a little better prepared to see the Jay Solomons of the world coming, and to step out of their path. The lesson? Don't coddle fools. Don't suffer them. No need to be nice to them. Go around them, or under them, or over them, or through them if you must, but get them in the mirror. I so stupidly thought I was being what Jesus might want me to be by struggling so fucking hard to tolerate this embarrassing, mentally handicapped dumb-ass, Solomon. I've learned that lesson now. I won't waste the time or courtesy again on people at that level. Better to have listened to Buddha. Or the Great Pumpkin (my personal favorite).


I'm going back into aviation for awhile -- some planes I have yet to fly and for some odd reason I find myself keenly interested in extreme, extreme long distance flights in single-engine aircraft. No idea where that compulsion comes from but it sounds fun. Then off to some other adventure. Maybe back to Alaska. maybe Hawaii. Maybe Greenland. It's really really cold there, unlike Iceland. Go figure. But for now it's enough to just be free of a land that protects western scammers. There's plenty of insanity all around the world. I'm just ready for a different flavor of it.


I'll be Jay Solomon's mortal enemy for the rest of my life and beyond (this website will go for most of the lifespans of his children. Maybe they'll look him up someday to see if papa is famous?) That I am Jay's enemy is an absolute fact. I have three. Jay is the fourth. Congrats Jay! You're special, but you always knew that because your mommy told you every single day, didn't she? Precious little kitten. I will never, ever tire of warning others about his despicable behavior. He took my trust and my patience and stomped them completely to death. Jay Solomon is a bold-faced liar and a scam artist and I put Gecko in that same over-full litter box right behind him. Every society deserves to know what monsters and booby-traps lurk in its shadows. How do you chase away a cockroach? Turn on the light.





We were unaware of this until just now, and this does not bode well at all for these scamming twits. It seems the Thai government is, finally, as full to the gullet of these greedy, money-humping farang creeps, as are everyone else and they deserve my profound and heartfelt admiration for enacting these new (2018) laws, that I was totally unaware of. NOW USE THEM, THAILAND! This is an eminently intelligent piece of legislation (below). If Prayuth was responsible for that, then I owe him respect. Honestly, I didn't think Thailand had this in it. I truly did not.


The law, below, seems to have been established law in Thailand since 2018. I need to confirm it and if true (now confirmed), I will file criminal charges against Jay Solomon, Robert Bobby Tillotson, and Gecko Property management. It can all be handled from the US. If true, I think the proper course would be to obtain copies of every rental contract Gecko has entered into since 2018 (in the US you'd just subpoena them and that's a snap but we'll see what Thailand can offer in the phase of "discovery"), and have them prosecuted for each and every instance, and to refund any amounts they stole FROM ANYONE, Thai or farang, over the past four years. If this reported law is true, this will be a lot of fun! Click the image for more, or click this for EVEN MORE!


Solomon and Gecko -- READ AND LEARN, you embarrassing morons





Landlords can now go to jail in Thailand


Excerpted from above:


“These new laws are done to protect tenants,” said Wirot Poonsuwan, a lawyer with a background in land rights. “On the other hand, landlords will now have their work cut out for them.”

One major change is that long-term leases can be terminated with 30-days notice provided tenants are current on their rent and give “reasonable” cause. That should make things easier for the nearly 20,000 members of the Take Over My Lease group on Facebook.


Excerpted from above:


"Note that while the regulations apply to a “residential lease business” – meaning landlords who rent out a total of five or more residential units – that doesn’t make much difference as a great number of landlords in Thailand lease out more than five properties. The regulations don’t cover dormitories or hotels, which are beholden to separate laws.

Only Two Months Up Front

Landlords can no longer demand advance security deposits of three months’ rent plus a full month in (for a total of four months) on signing a new apartment or house lease. The maximum security deposit warranted is one month, plus another one month’s rent payable in advance, amounting to two months’ worth.

And this is applied retroactively, meaning anything over two month’s worth must be returned.

That means while lessers are rushing to draft new compliant leases, they also must refund the lessee for the security deposits and advance rent charged in excess of what the law now allows."


Excerpted from above:


Tenants may contact the Consumer Protection Board about their landlords by calling 02-141-3437. Property owners can contact the same Board’s Contracts Committee at 02-143-9767 to get help reviewing their contracts to verify they are legally compliant.


[We've now begun the process through the above office]



To Bobby:



From Bobby:


Please forward all this to the owner we are just the middle men as I have said on numerous occasions.


To Bobby:


It's your contract with the Gecko name on it. You are the ones liable for criminal charges.


Bobby did not reply.


Gecko is a real class act. It's the continuing saga of dumb and dumber, Solomon and Tillotson, Digger and Shiron. I have finally now blocked this amazing blockhead. It's hard to imagine anyone being farther behind the power curve on a case than this idiot -- sorry, that's what he is: An idiot. There is no other word that comes to me. Fool? Dolt? Tosser? Oh let's not start calling NAMES now......


Below, the management crew at Gecko; we need to get above the "managing director". In an English-speaking country that's a four-second search. But I don't read Thai:



UPDATE July 22, 2022:


To (Managing Director)


(we'll pull the corporate records eventually to list all the principals):


Steve, It's time for you to step up on this matter as Tillotson's performance has been embarrassingly substandard. This is a dispute with Jay Solomon. We rented a home from Jay which he copiously and profoundly and loudly misrepresented. He lied. He also refused to perform repairs. This is well documented in a lengthy website which has not yet been released to the public. When we realized both of these things we gave 30 days notice to vacate, as Solomon had rendered the lease null and void on several fronts. There is a great deal to this (you can read the website for every detail when it goes live) but let's cut to the chase:


You (yes, you -- it's Gecko's contract) collected from us DOUBLE the amount of the first month's rent. That's a criminal offense since 2018.


We demand the refund of 50% of that deposit.


The attorneys are engaged now. 


I have no contact point with Solomon. He says he has emailed but I have received nothing and there are no blocks in my email database except for old Gecko spams.  Every single instance of contact with Tillotson is disastrous and embarrassingly stupid. 


Here's the bottom line: 


Failing a refund of 50% of the deposit plus our last month rent (total 50,000b) the lawsuit progresses and we will seek in the neighborhood of 400,000b for other damages. We will also seek criminal charges for each instance you have collected deposits illegally. 


That's it!


Have a nice day.



It could well turn out that this current strategy all comes to naught regarding "Thai Law". I've seen people try to apply "Thai Law" countless times and seldom, if ever, does it get actually applied. Solomon boasts that his partner in this home is second under the Attorney General of Thailand. Maybe so, maybe not. Everyone has "powerful friends" who turn out to be assistant janitors with a cousin who used to know a girl who dated the secretary of the county's assistant district attorney. But if Solomon's partner in this home really IS someone of significance in Thailand, I wonder how this friend will enjoy being embarrassed by the sexpat. When time allows, I'll pull the ownership docs on this place and post them right here, no names redacted. But even the attorney general himself does not control the US First Amendment, and that's where this will end up no matter what else happens.


This web page contains and includes my opinions, hunches, experiences, suspicions and best guesses.




We've been advised to go ahead and file criminal complaints now against all three in this unholy Trinity, meaning Solomon, Steve, and little Bobby smart mouth. No reason to put it off. Depending on what the police will accept, we will attempt to file three separate complaints. Gecko is on the contract -- it's their contract. Jay Solomon is the owner. And snotty little Bobby Tillotson is, I believe, the signatory, but I need to pull out the contract to confirm that. Hell, I'll post it right on this page. It could be that we can't come after Tillotson criminally if he didn't sign onto this nightmare of a contract, but there are other punishments for those involved merely in collusion of an act.


I'll be out of town for a few days so will try to see if the attorney can do it. If not, it will get dragged out through faxes and International mail, but it will get done, probably with the attorney's help. There needs to be a paper trail for these entities so that the authorities will have a background on them when the new complaints begin rolling in, and make no mistake, we will be "more than instrumental" in making sure the Pattaya public is made painfully aware of this issue, even retroactively since 2018 (four years) and we'll map out instructions for victims to follow in filing the criminal complaints for each and every instance in rectifying the situation and getting refunds. This law goes back to 2018. How many victims of Gecko do you think we can find? More than six? I think hundreds upon hundreds. Each one will be entitled to a criminal complaint even if they are now refunded. Refunding the proceeds from a bank robbery doesn't mean you're off the hook for robbing the bank. The money was illegally collected and illegally held, whether by Solomon, or Gecko and Bobby, or by a combination of that trio, and it's not only a civil matter, it's criminal with prison sentences waiting in the wings. What about Solomon? He has either 13 or 19 units (more than the five required to make him eligible for criminal prosecution). He's been collecting on these since 2018 and I'm betting he knew full-well all this time what he was doing. How many times has he "claimed" a unit had damage or other expenses and kept the entire double deposit because he knew the tenant was heading back to their home country and probably wouldn't challenge him, or because they were Thai and were intimidated and wouldn't challenge him? All through all those cases, Solomon must have hunched back in the shadows of his condo just rubbing those little claws together so fast they got hot, while counting his money. All of that should be subject to retroactive refunds. I swear to God, I will track those victims down all the way back to Germany and the UK and the US. There will be a paper trail and I'll follow it like a hound.


UPDATE, August 6, 2022:


As mentioned above, we finally came to find Robert Tillotson so smarmy and odious that we terminated our Line App connection to him. We simply couldn't stomach one more interaction with the idiot.


We then directed one last message, via email, to the "Director" of Gecko Property Management in Pattaya, Thailand, which is shown above. That communication spelled out the 2018 Thai laws preventing a landlord from doing exactly with Solomon did and, we believe, by extension, Gecko authorized and assisted in.


Clearly these people knew about the 2018 law. They HAD to.


We received an email back from this man:


Steve Scholey


Gecko Properties

Mobile: +66 (0) 846-564-846



Facebook: Steve Scholey


That email stated that the rental contract (with the Gecko logo on it!) was a perfectly legal contract, etc. etc. etc. and that they had brought their attorney on-board. Corporate types think this intimidates folks and, of course, it does -- it intimidates THAIS.


My response was, essentially, "Fine. Let's go to war."


The following day we received another communication from this man, saying Jay Allan Solomon had agreed to a deal which FOLLOWED THE LAW, in that we could stay in the home through August, 2022, and that half of the illegally collected "deposit" would be used to cover that month of rent. That left the matter of the 25,000 baht deposit (which was really only half of the deposit under the original illegal contract). Jay stated that any unused portion of that 25,000b hunk would be returned to us upon vacating the unit.

This was, as I've said, merely what Thai law FORCED him to do. We suggest that Gecko and Solomon had a quickie emergency pow-wow with their respective attorneys who told them to GET BACK TO THE LAW AND GIVE THESE PEOPLE WHAT THEY ARE ENTITLED TO. So that's what Jay was offering, as represented to us by Steve Scholey.


Imagine, all this fucking around, only to be told to get back in compliance with the law or face not only civil penalties, but JAIL TIME.


Scholey fast-tracked a new contract to reflect this change to conform with Thai law and sent that to us within hours.


We signed it and returned it; Jay signed it and returned it; it's a done deal.


The home is now almost empty. I have returned to the US and that's both a good thing and a bad thing for Jay Allan Solomon.


The bad thing is that this website continues, and the criminal complaints against him continue, and from here, in the US, I am in a much better position to get the SEO done on this page, and to get the advertising regimens set up and running, and get a mass mailer geared up with messages instructing Gecko's and Solomon's tenants and building managers where these people MIGHT be doing rental business, where to find critical information about how to protect themselves from scammers and criminals who will try to skirt and ignore Thai renter's law. The website should be fully propagated by the end of, say, October -- just in time for Gecko's "high season" of drunk farang sexpats flooding into Pattaya, all Googling for rentals and agencies to handle those rentals. It's good timing. This page will go public either a few days before the end of this month (August, 2022), or possibly it will be delayed until September 20th. There are considerations to either release date.


My Thai girlfriend is in the home at present. She has power of attorney. She has alerted friends in the Nongprue police department of this entire fiasco, including the notion that Solomon, and/or Gecko, may STILL show up and try to illegally, physically remove her from the home, so that Jay can enjoy double-rent on some portion of August. Obviously I've already paid for August, but Jay is chomping at his little pony bit to see if he can find some way, any method at all, of getting another tenant in there before the end of August, thereby receiving double rent. Yep -- that's our Jay.


Solomon has called the pool man incessantly, whining in a sniveley little ferret's voice, asking the pool man (THE POOL MAN!) to travel to this home to see if "I" am still there. He seems to have also asked various neighbors to walk over and try to peer through any cracks in the gate. I did say Jay was a real class act and I meant it. For Christ's sake, Jay, you Goddamned spineless fucking reptile, get in your fucking car, drive over to the home, ring the doorbell, and find the balls to stand there long enough to SEE WHAT HAPPENS. I think your shenanigan on the bed (our bed at that time), put girlfriend off enough that she's probably ready to just flat-out unload on you. She's small, but she's wiry, and she's Thai, and she's profoundly disgusted by you. Try to grow a Goddamned testicle, Solomon, and stop pestering everyone in the area with your whiny, pathetic requests and try to stand up for one fucking moment on your little cloven hooves and just ring the doorbell and see what happens. But that's not the Solomon way, is it, Jay -- and it never has been.


Jay has passed word through Gecko that he wants us to pay up all utility bills, and he will refund that at the end of the month.




He also wants the home clean.




I have instructed girlfriend to leave it as is, and I suspect it will be somewhat hideous.


Solomon wants to bring prospective tenants over. Sure Jay! More than welcome. We'll be happy as clams to invite them in, and give them the URL to this website, and tell them what a fine job you and Gecko have done administrating this home. Bring 'em, Jay. Bring them all, right now. All your tenants are going to receive copies of this website anyway, in time. Let's get it started RIGHT NOW .


These items will be taken out of the 25,000b deposit:


Electricity for July.


Electricity for August.


Water for August.


A bed topper ruined by Thai kids eating on it (the very same one we found Jay stretched out on, with his pants unzipped, hand inside them, staring at his cell phone). Did I say class act? I think I mentioned it.


This web page contains and includes my opinions, hunches, experiences, suspicions and best guesses.


He will have to repaint an area of half a square meter on the office wall where Jay's own $3 Chinese swivel chair rubbed against it and left black marks. That's technically my fault -- I should have retired Jay's chair, bought a real chair, repainted the wall, and taken steps to protect it in the future. I asked Jay repeatedly, again and again and again for the color code of the paint. Jay assured me he had it and promised repeatedly to send it. But he could never find the time to actually send it. Typical Jay. Just too many young girls, we might presume.


There is no other damage that I am aware of, but then I haven't been there in nearly a month.


The keys are being left with the pool man.


The amount to be used out of the deposit will be roughly in the neighborhood of 16,000 baht. That leaves roughly 9000 baht to be returned. Both Jay and Gecko have been supplied my banking data. Let's start a poll here, shall we, to see how many people think ANY of that unused deposit will ever be returned. Care to hazard a guess? One baht, you say? I think that's highly optimistic. No baht will ever be forthcoming, and that will propel me forward and onward with even greater resolve.


So that leads us to THIS:


We believe that Jay's lies, frauds and scams, together with Digger's pathetic obfuscation, insults and punk's demeanor, have cost us mightily, both in terms of outright expenses (move-in, move-out, etc.), and punitively for the horrendous amount of stress this has placed us under.


We want a bare minimum of 400,000 baht in compensation.


This mutherfucking sexpat has, I'm sure, been pulling this kind of crap for as long as TWO DECADES HERE, and it's time he was stopped cold in his tracks.


Once life settles down a bit, we will begin the process of attempting to sue Solomon, and Gecko, for that sum, at least.


But wait!


What about this website?!


It's illegal in Thailand. Had I posted it from Thailand, I'd be subject to arrest. Imagine, just illuminating the putrid deeds of bad people lands THE VICTIM of those deeds in jail, while the perpetrator(s) of those deeds are free to go right on scamming, lying and stealing, protected in the shadows by the Thai government. That ain't right. But that is Thailand, and that's why dishonest businesses are flocking to the Kingdom.


So this puts it all in a quandary, right? If we post this site before suing them, our suit will go nowhere, cause of the illegality of this website.


On the other hand, if we sue them first, it will certainly drag out for years, and during that time, the site can't go public, and that robs Thailand of the benefit of knowing about these scoundrels.


This web page contains and includes my opinions, hunches, experiences, suspicions and best guesses.


Oh, what to do!


An award of 400,000 baht would be nice. It could give us a mini-vacation to try to rub off some of the cow shit Jay and Gecko threw at us over the last couple of months. We would feel monetarily compensated by that. But 400,000 baht is actually only about $12,000 -- hardly a gigantic or life-changing sum. It's just loose change. Even 400,000 baht isn't worth keeping the Kingdom, and the world, in the dark about these worthless fools.


I say we tell them to stuff the twelve grand up their hairy asses -- after all, Solomon presents his proudly, every time he bends over. He should be able to find it with a stack of American bills.


And I say we go full speed ahead with the website. In the US we'd simply take them to Small Claims Court, and it would be done in two weeks, and THEN we'd post this site. I've never lost a case there. But in Thailand, it would have to go through a law firm, and that WOULD take years.


So let's just go to war.


This site will post either at the end of August, or on about September 20th, 2022. As it stands this page represents about 1/5th of the material to be presented. I had wanted it completed before release, but I will simply have to keep adding data as I can find the time. This process will take 6-18 months. In the meantime, I'll dedicate $1000us per month to a series of ad campaigns to put this near the top of any search engine results for "rent condo Pattaya", and "Jay Solomon landlord", and "how to find a good rental agency in Pattaya", and "Gecko Properties Pattaya", and "Robert Bobby Tillotson", and about 60 other key phrases that will bring prospective renters to this website. If gets blocked in Thailand, I have 75 more domains to move it to. I can even set them up such that the alternate domains kick in within seconds of being blocked in Thailand. Time will tell what strategy works best.


In about two weeks I'll send one last message from a blind box email account, to everyone at Gecko, and to Solomon, and all incoming from any of them will be effectively blocked. I'm done talking to or hearing from the scum of the earth. Now it's MY TURN to speak. That message will contain a PDF attachment which is a copy of this as yet unpublished website. And at that point my interaction with these stupid scammy fucks is done. They can simply Google themselves to know when the site has launched.


I really, REALLY hate liars, scammers, thieves, smart-mouth punks.


Did I say I really hate liars and scammers and pun---


Yes, I said that already.


But, dear reader, you cannot POSSIBLY know how much.


This crew is right on the cusp of finding out.






It occurs to me that landlords have become nothing more than animal trappers. Maybe they always were, but they are becoming more and more sophisticated about it. As victims, people and governments struggle to enact legislation that will force landlords to just make normal and productive, honest and honorable deals with tenants, those landlords work harder and harder to circumvent those measures that work to make things fair. It's as if landlords have something in the DNA that screams NO! WE WILL NEVER MAKE A STRAIGHT-UP FAIR AND EQUITABLE DEAL! NEVER! THAT WOULD BE STUPID!


Because a fair and equitable deal is, well, it's just too awful to consider. They seem to say, "WHAT!? You mean you want us to only profit normally and fairly from a renter? Oh screw THAT! No, we're in this to rip and gouge and scam and snatch and bamboozle and lie and to scrape every ounce of cash we can out of every single deal, and to Hell with whether it's legal or fair. Show us a law intended to protect the renter and we'll show you a way to get around it." the "Landlord's Creed". I know, because I was a landlord for decades in the US. I saw a million ways to stick it to tenants, but to my credit I never engaged in a single one of them and I still made money.


I had one honest landlord in my decade in Thailand, and he was a prince. He was a Brit, one of the very, very few good ones I ever met. ONE. Jay Allan Solomon is the polar opposite of that man.


I think Jay Allan Solomon has been honing his skills of dishonesty for many decades. The animal trapper provides the bait, and hopes to hook and ensnare the victim with cleverly worded contracts and flowery promises of what they'll fix and maintain and then, when you've stepped into that trap, they're nowhere to be found except in bed with some 18 year old hooker.


What part does the "property rental agent" (like Gecko) play in this grisly scenario? Two things: They herd and funnel and entice the animals to the trap, and they make the bait look a lot more attractive than it really is. Often enough they simply LIE, as did Jay Solomon. This, they figure, entitles them to an almost never-ending piece of both the renter, and the landlord. They are parasites. The landlords are the animal trappers, and the agents are the worms that feed on them both.


With regard to Solomon's database of owned properties, obtaining that is a snap. I'll publish it right here in time, and about every nine months each and every renter will receive a copy of this website.


With regard to a database of Gecko's represented properties, that will be significantly more difficult. The list exists in their files of course, but probably only there. I'll make a straight-up standing offer right here and now: I'll pay $1000usd for a copy of that database. It's a sort of "living document", because it changes daily, hourly, but it will be somewhat useful for, say, a couple of years. If I can't obtain that list, I'll simply do a mass mailing to every single condo and apartment building in greater Pattaya, revealing the URL of this website to those managers. In that way, a great many of Gecko's "customers" (victims) will be made aware of this fiasco, but not all, because that mailing will miss the individual home residences they represent. There is another, somewhat labor-intensive way to fill in that gap as well. If need be, I'll resort to that. Contrary to what Thai law currently thinks, PEOPLE REALLY DO HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHERE, IN THE DEEP LUSH GRASS, THE VIPERS LAY IN WAIT. I'm hoping Thai legislators will wake up and give their people the tools they need to be an effective force in protecting their own people from bad farang behavior.


The Thai population has a RIGHT to be protected from shysters like these, and because, clearly, Thai renter's law is being ignored by many or most landlords, the Thai population must be given the tools with which to protect themselves. That means, Thai government, that your defamation laws need a total rework so that Thais are allowed to, and encouraged to, PUBLICLY STATE TRUTHS AND OPINIONS about the behavior of farangs (i.e. the invading species) that effect their lives. It doesn't mean they have the right to lie -- they don't. But they MUST have the right to call out loudly and clearly, "Hey! Look! Right over there in the grass! There's a spitting Cobra! It just bit my child! Don't walk that way!" THAT is what a "bad review" (this website) accomplishes FOR THE PEOPLE. Without this website, how many unsuspecting victims will keep right on walking past the likes of the Jay Solomons, Gecko Property Managements, and Bobby Tillotsons of the world, never suspecting they are dangerous UNTIL THEY ARE BITTEN.


The Thai government is taking BOTH arms of its own people and tying them behind the backs of every citizen, and then strapping on a blindfold, and finally a muzzle, and, in effect, telling the scammy farang businesses to go ahead -- we've neutralized these victims for you. Have at it. They can't hurt you now. Hell, they can't even TALK about the things you've done or are about to do, so, there ya go, farangs. Screw our people at your whim. There's nothing they can do. The current Thai defamation laws prevent the unwary victim from a., SEEING the threat, and b., REACTING to the threat, and c., WARNING OTHERS of the threat. If Thailand wants to evolve and be a fairer and better place, it must unshackle, un-blind, and most importantly, un-muzzle its people. Let them yell out SNAKE when they see a snake. For God's sake this is so elementary. How can it not be obvious!


Yes, yes, I understand the concept of "Face". A GOOD man, woman, or business, does NOT deserve to "lose face" and I will work tirelessly to protect GOOD people from LYING people. If they've done nothing wrong, then protect them from DEFAMATION. But if they HAVE done something wrong, paint them neon glowing orange from head to toe and light them up like ocean beacons on a reef, so people will know to avoid them. But bad people and bad businesses DON'T HAVE ANY FACE IN THE FIRST PLACE. They can't lose something they never earned and don't have. The rapist, the pedophile, the drug dealer, the pick-pocket, the child killer.....THEY DON'T HAVE ANY FACE. You can't take something away that an entity doesn't have. Bad people and bad businesses SHOULD be made to feel public embarrassment. It's just peer pressure, and is at least as effective as incarceration, according to major scientific studies. If people don't want the public to know about their shitty deeds, then, uh, well, let's see -- what could they do? Hands please? Oh! There! The skinny little girl in the second row with glasses and freckles -- what's your suggestion? The fourth grader stands up beside her desk and trembles slightly, then finds her voice: "Well, I was just thinking, you know. I'm just saying. If people don't want the world to know about the terrible things they do, well, you know, maybe they could NOT DO TERRIBLE THINGS?" She looks around self-consciously and sits down quickly. But the class erupts in applause.


How heinously the Thai people suffer at the hands of BAD FARANGS. Most farangs in Thailand see the Thai people as marks, victims, people to be fleeced and taken advantage of and they become bold at it BECAUSE THE THAIS ARE NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO STATE PUBLICLY WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM. The farang businesses know this and they love it. That's why many or most set up shop in Thailand. Look at little Bobby Tillotson's own verbatim threat to me, trying to back me down by invoking Thailand's defamation laws. If he wasn't doing anything wrong, why would he be afraid I would talk about it? Thailand, GET THEM GONE. Kick out the sexpats, the drunks, the thieves, shysters, scammers, rapists, the bad businesses -- purge your country of the people who drag you down. You owe it to your people. But if you're not willing to do that, AT LEAST ALLOW YOUR CITIZENRY TO POINT OUT THE DIRTBAGS! Thai people have enough of an uphill battle in life without allowing a preponderance of truly shitty farangs dragging them back into the swamp of feces every time they crawl a few inches up the bank toward dry ground. Just get the farangs gone. If you MUST have their tourist dollars, fine. Limit ALL Visas to 60 days. Do NOT allow these shits to establish themselves or build scammy businesses. Let them in on VERY short term visas, take all the money they're willing to give your people, and then GET THEM GONE. No Goddamned visa runs. I'm not even in favor of retirement visas unless the farang is EXTREMELY well vetted. Now there is no vetting at all.


I know the current King is not a fan of sexpats and rude, condescending, insulting, violent, sloppy-drunk farangs, and that shows his very good taste. Decent, honest farangs don't even like the 98% crowd of farangs in Thailand. NO ONE DOES. My suggestion would be to allow NO farang businesses. They contribute NOTHING to THAIS or Thailand. They cater only unto themselves and as we've seen here, they can't even do that honorably.


It occurs to me, at this moment, that there may be a place on one of my domains for a forum, open only to Thais, which would serve as a public podium for Thais speaking out against or about bad farangs and bad farang businesses in Thailand. As it stands, if a Thai gets screwed by a farang or farang business, s/he has NO RECOURSE AT ALL. Oh, the law? Thai law enforcement is so poorly funded and understaffed that they barely have time to investigate and prosecute even the worst offenders. If the likes of Gecko Property management in Pattaya, or a landlord they represent and protect, steals from a Thai -- and Thais are increasingly able to afford the kinds of homes Gecko represents -- then what can the wronged Thai do? Well, they can go hack up the thief with a machete, and while that might be an eminently proper thing to do for the good of the community, Thai authorities WOULD find the time to prosecute THEM, so that option is effectively off the table.


But they could take the farang to civil court, right? No, because the farang will have vastly more money to invest in attorneys, and they'll just slip a few hundred thousand baht to a corrupt official anyway, if the case begins to go against them, so Thais cannot really find any relief in criminal law enforcement OR civil law enforcement. So what do the Thais typically do? They just quietly lose. They suffer in silence, because Thais are accustomed to suffering. The Thais suffer and the farangs profit, and ever it was thus.


But they can at least speak out about the skulduggery of the farangs, right? NO! That's what this website is about!


But "I" can speak out because I have returned to a country that learned all these lessons hundreds of years ago and enacted the strongest possible laws to ensure everyone's right to publicly state TRUTHS AND OPINIONS and to be absolutely, positively protected by any rotten apples and comers who don't like being exposed. America's First Amendment was it's FIRST Amendment. That's how powerful it is.


I'll think hard about setting up a domain for the purpose of allowing a forum for Thais to speak out publicly about the terrible ways farangs screw them over in Thailand. I will NOT become involved in Thai on Thai disputes. Those are exclusively the domain of THAIS and I have no business interjecting myself into those or even providing a platform for them. But I DO have an interest, a right, and an obligation to help Thais air out their problems with farangs, because I am one, and to some degree, I bear responsibility for the horrific deeds of my fellow people. I would have stayed in Thailand forever, had it not been for bad farangs. Solomon, Gecko and Tillotson were just the most recent stinky rags I crossed paths with, and they are some of the worst. But still, fully 98% of the farangs I encountered in Thailand built up a toxic effect in my soul and I simply needed to escape them. Many, many, many decent farangs come to this same conclusions and depart SE Asia forever, and some write books about it. The problem with Thailand isn't Thais at all, it's foreigners! Too bad the Thais can't escape them and I am truly sorry for that. The Thais must suffer these fools, apparently forever.


I don't have to.


And I am far and vastly a more powerful force against the bad farangs, working from my own country. I couldn't even point them out from Thailand. Now I can light them up like blazing Christmas trees and that's a bit poetic. Dirt-bag farangs convinced me to leave Thailand, and what they've accomplished is to provide for me a platform from which I can expose them dramatically. Aren't they smart.


A living forum as a destination for Farang/Thai problems would need to be hosted and posted from the USA. Ok, done deal. I have 75 domains to choose from. It would have to absolutely protect the identities of the complaining Thais. Ok, that can be arranged. The Thai government thinks it can track and trace all contributors to any website from within Thailand. No, they cannot, if the route is set up properly. And there is no law in the world that could force me to divulge the IPs of my Thai visitors and contributors to the website. In effect, badly wronged Thais would enjoy the free speech protections of the United States.


The language is a problem, because each contribution would need to be vetted by reading and understanding the Thai language. I always expected the disgusting, revolting, shit-hole farangs would one day drive me from Thailand, so I never became fluent in writing or reading Thai. And Google translate is a bad joke. Such a public forum could not allow threats of violence and would have to be continuously monitored. It would be a semi-formidable task, but certainly doable. There are plenty of big-name forums where drunk farangs go to bash, usually, each other and the Thai governmentand monarchy, but those are, as well, highly monitored and ANY comment that even APPROACHES a Thai law no-no will be instantly culled by moderators. But they cull comments that are considered actionable BY THAI LAW, not their own laws. I am not bound by Thai law now (thanks Gecko and Solomon for the freedom you have given to me), and even if Thailand blocks the domain, I would have 74 more to instantly switch it to. Why would Thailand block a domain that ONLY exposes bad farangs? I don't know that it would. The Thai government is as bloody sick of these farang pukes as is everyone else. I would allow NO bashing of the King or the government in anyway, and such an attempt would result in immediate expulsion.


The Monarchy is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS! It truly is not. I wouldn't allow ANY comments that mentioned, or even alluded to, the Monarchy. As farangs we CANNOT POSSIBLY KNOW the intricacies and nuances of the relationship between Thais and their Monarchy. Farangs need to BUTT THE HELL OUT OF IT, but of course the greasy, drunken, sexpat Brits bombard the forums every single minute with THEIR stupid opinions of what the Monarchy "ought" to be doing. Yes, they embarrass themselves badly -- but are Brits really capable of being embarrassed? I'm no longer sure.


I'll give this more thought over the next months. The bottom line is that Thais need a way to publicly point out the bullshit and losses bad farangs and bad farang businesses heap onto them. They need a meaningful and effective way to defend themselves against a class of humans who travel to Thailand and take up residences and start businesses with almost a premeditated intent of fleecing Thais, and I, for one, am sick to fucking death of it. The government should be sick of it as well. Are they? I'm not entirely sure.


UPDATE August 8, 2022:


We have begun a procedure which will, in time, yield a database of any and all home/condo purchases by Jay Solomon. Some were outright purchases owned solely by Solomon. Some where apparently partnership purchases with Thais (gee, Jay, do you plan on screwing THEM TOO?). Some were probably Jay's own purchases through a Thai Limited Company. All records are available, but Thailand moves slowly and it could be months before we are able to post them here.


We are beginning to amass the paperwork needed to file criminal complaints against Jay Allan Solomon and the principals of Gecko Property Management (whoever that turns out to be). This, too, will take time, and we have absolutely no doubt that Jay and Gecko will employ every single dirty, underhanded trick to try to buy their ways out of any meaningful i investigation or prosecution. That is expected, and if they throw enough money on this fire, they may well put it out, and that's fine as well. In Thailand, were that to happen, the entire matter would vanish, never to see the light of day. The investigation would quietly die on the vine and no Thai would ever be aware of any of it. But I'm not Thai and I'm not in Thailand and I never will be again. That gives me the freedom to report every single development in the effort to get criminals tried and convicted for crimes. If (when) the investigation stops, we will be in a position to report EXACTLY where and when it stopped and by whom it was stopped.


It's like tracking a package incoming to Thailand: When the package goes missing, the tracking will show the last place it was scanned. It's a simple matter to list the names of those having access to that office, and to offer to pay polygraph testing for all of them. I've done this many times. On no occasion was my gracious offer to help them vindicate themselves accepted, even when there was probably only one culprit among half a dozen. That, unfortunately, makes ALL present look guilty. We do have a connection to an entity with great experience in the prosecution of THIS PRECISE CRIME in Thailand. Let's see if that entity can rattle some cages and get the charges filed. Gecko SWEARS the contract they use is bulletproof (we'll bait them to see if they are still using it and will report that too, in the months to come). Let's find out.


Solomon, on the other hand, has been quiet as a church mouse about it. He's hoping it will all blow over, just like everything blows over in Thailand. But I'm not Thai. How stupid this man is. That he refuses to stand up straight and face the issue enrages and energizes me all the more. Stupid, stupid man. Maybe he, instead of Tillotson, should have been awarded the nickname of Digger, because Solomon may in fact may be more adept at digging his own holes than Bobby.


We will be soliciting copies of Gecko's rental contracts (via the reward system) with other victims (er, we mean TENANTS), and we'll post them here, sans names.


What do I now think of Jewish people? I still can NOT believe that either or both that rancid, money-grubbing Jewish attorney nor Jay Allan Solomon are representative of the Jewish people. Maybe they are, but I prefer to have more data before I form a solid opinion. If these two, especially Lying Jay Solomon, really ARE what makes up the Jewish people, then fuck 'em. I want nothing to do with them.


What do I think of the Thais after ten full years with them? I certainly like Thais more than I like farangs (no misprint). Yes, Thais can be scammy. But they can also be pretty damned good people, and that was mostly my experience with them. I had some perfectly admirable experiences with many, many Thais -- experiences that I had and never would have with any farang in any country.


I was once riding a motorbike up near Bangkok and blew a rear tire. I walked a mile in each direction along a busy boulevard but could find no repair shops. I finally flagged down an elderly lady on a motorbike taxi, and offered to pay her to call a tire repairman to come and pick up my scooter. She refused, saying that would be too expensive; instead, she insisted on going to find a repair shop, and to help me get my motorbike to it. She disappeared and was gone about an hour. I gave up, assuming she had lost interest, and I was thinking about how else I could get this resolved. But presently she showed up, and said she had found a shop but that it was quite far away. She insisted on riding my scooter on the flat, because she was far lighter than me and felt there was still a chance we could save the tire, and I rode hers. It was 30 minutes to the shop, and once there, the man set to work to replace tire and tube. The lady stayed with me, to translate if needed, and that operation took about 90 minutes more. At the end of it I asked her how much I owed, and she said 200 baht (about $6 in those days). I was appalled -- that was a ridiculous price. I tried to give her 1000b, which was still an insult for all her diligent help. She refused it. I didn't have anything smaller and wouldn't give her anything smaller anyway and, honestly, I should have given her 2000b minimum. But she said no, if I didn't have small bills to make up the 200b, then it was ok, just let it go; she was happy to help. I ended up chasing her all around the area trying to make her accept the 1000b which, after 20 minutes, she laughingly did. I kick myself to this day for not giving her more. But this was a profound and heartfelt kindness and it really bailed me out. You will NOT find this kind of heart in, really, ANY farang in ANY country. You will, however, find plenty of lying, cheating, bamboozling louts, like Jay Allan Solomon.


This web page contains and includes my opinions, hunches, experiences, suspicions and best guesses.


I had way more than my share, of experiences like this with Thais. Way more. Yes, they can sometimes be scammy. But those are in the vast minority, unless you frequent hooker bars -- like Jay.


I've said repeatedly that, in the US and Canada, where I lived for many years (my favorite country, Canada), the native farangs are about 50-50, meaning 50% good and 50% bad. In SE Asia, however, I found that ratio to be about 2% good, and 98% bad. I don't know why, except to theorize that SE Asia, and particularly Thailand, seem to be a magnet for the WRONG KIND of farang. --The disgusting, revolting, greasy old sexpats, drunks, fools, and assorted bitchy, and malcontented violent vermin. So many times I wanted to get in front of a group of Thais with a megaphone and tell them point blank that the farangs they were being disgusted by and cheated by and lied to by, on an hourly basis, were in fact NOT representative of the mix of farangs in their own home countries. Yes, America and other western countries has way more than it's share of absolute retarded, incompetent shits, like Solomon, and Digger, but they are vastly concentrated in Thailand. Such a proclamation would, however, have no meaning to the beset and discouraged Thais, because one minute later they'd have to go back to dealing with the idiots and assholes of farangs among them, and they would never believe the notion that there really are SOME good farangs -- just not in Thailand.


I have been back in the US for a month or so as of this writing, and my Thai girlfriend had been relegated the task of selling off all of our larger belongings back in Nongprue. Most of the customers are farangs. They will arrive at the home, look around, see that everything is being sold and that there is no boyfriend readily visible, and ask her straight-up for "short time", which means they want to pay her for an hour of sex. She tells them to fuck off and die. How many do this? She says 95%. Try to imagine, if you can, what this behavior would bring them in the US or Canada. Many would be simply shot in the fucking face and that would be the proper response and in the best interests of the community. But short of that, nearly all would be reported to the police. A good number would be beaten or stabbed. ALL would be told to vacate the premises NOW or risk physical violence, yet the farangs seem to think this is perfect appropriate behavior in Thailand. Try to imagine just how deprived and depraved and grossly inappropriate a human male must be to try a stunt like that -- and I've watched these assholes extensively; they do this every single place they go. Even many of the prostitutes think it's absurd. They are so stunningly desperate that they will hit even waitresses, female taxi drivers, medical personnel, gas station attendants, females walking with their families on the streets, girls working in mall shops, students, girls waiting at bus stops, ABSOLUTELY ANY FEMALE ANYWHERE(!) with this same request or even demand for sex right then and there. You can watch this play out all day, every day, all across Thailand. Position yourself in the right areas and you can watch it play out every three to five MINUTES. Have these greasy losers never had sex in their entire lives? Not even one time? Have they never even SEEN a woman? You could surmise that! I wouldn't be surprised if Solomon tries this as he travels around. I wouldn't be surprised if Jay Solomon would try this even with my girlfriend! I would not be surprised if he already has, and girlfriend was afraid to tell me for fear I'd fly back to Thailand and dismember the reeking, rancid old jackass. THIS is why farangs need to be driven out of Thailand. I used that word on purpose: DRIVEN. Removed. Banned. Excised. Thrown the fuck out. Get them gone. I do finally see that the Philippines has enacted a strict law to stop farangs from hitting on innocent girls in this manner. It's time Thailand woke up to the revolting experiences farangs are forcing upon good Thai women and pass the same legislation AND THEN ACTUALLY ENFORCE IT. What Goddamned pathetic pigs these bastards are. Thailand, just get them gone. They are a major pollutant to your society. They are bringing your Kingdom down. They are embarrassing you and making you look stupid. Your people are better off without these pathetic losers. As I've said, the farangs in their native countries run about 50-50, good and bad. But farangs in Thailand are more like 98-99% bad. Thailand doesn't need them. Thai society doesn't want them. They are ruining traditional Thai society. I cannot express this strongly enough. The phenomenon is positively sickening. Wake up, Thailand. You don't need these people and you don't want them. You have enough problems without these Goddamned parasites draining the moral fabric your society further. The Jay Solomons in your country are but anchors around your neck, dragging you inexorably into the sewers. Get them out and return your country to its roots.


If "some" Thais are scammy, then vitally ALL farangs in Thailand are scammy. They are putrid and worthless and dishonest and dishonorable almost to a man -- I say to a man because there are nearly no farang females in Thailand.


However, I'm going to mention my farang ex-neighbor, Sue, age 70-something, living alone, who showed nothing but extreme disgust every time the mention of Jay Solomon came up -- to the point where she scowled and her voice and demeanor changed to expressions of profound disgust and contempt for Jay, especially when she quoted outrageous, bogus things he had told her. At the end, however, she apparently did Jay's bidding for him, willingly and gladly, and came snooping around my own house to see if THAT BAD MAN (me) was still in the home. Jay apparently gave up harassing the pool man who, I think it's accurate to say, hates Jay so much he can barely keep himself composed in Solomon's presence, and had refused to reveal anything to Jay about us no matter how many times he called and begged. But Sue was Johnny-on-the-Spot with faithful obedience to Tosser-Jay. She did this, and reported back to Jay immediately, and Jay then showed up to HER home (scared to go to MY home), and she was overheard clearly, treating Solomon with the utmost kindness and respect and offering all assistance. Her son appeared to be a first class human being (who will hate me now for talking about his Mom). This is the lady who ruined a fair amount of the electronic things we had packed in boxes in our own carport when she apparently used A FIRE HOSE to water her hanging plants on our common wall. We were forced to erect a heavy tarp between our homes as a water barrier. That's the same tarp Jay showed great disdain for when he saw it and inquired what it was for. Ah, those wacky Brits.




We are approaching the vacate date for this miserable property at the end of August, 2022. I have instructed girlfriend NOT to clean it and NOT to pay any (any) utilities. Solomon can take it out of the whopping 25,000 baht deposit (which is only half of what Solomon and Gecko struggled to schlepp us out of). Were we to pay the utilities and clean the home we'd never get a penny of that back from the deposit anyway. This is the first time in my life I have ever left a rental less than spotless. First time.


I consider this gang to be as dishonest as folks get, and that's saying a lot for farangs in Thailand. The ONLY way we can recover even a portion of what's owed us from the deposit is to FORCE these people to use it to pay the utilities and clean the home. We didn't need the home during August as I was long gone back to the US in July, and girlfriend already had a room, while waiting for her visa to come through. But at least we kept old rotten tuna Jay (RTJ) from collecting double rent on it and that makes us feel warm and fuzzy. We would have never received a refund for that either. Making double rent on this home was precisely what he was attempting to do and I bet he was rubbing his soft, greasy little hands together so fast in anticipation of that that they nearly combusted. I am fresh out of four letter words to use on this guy -- none seem capable of fitting his character. Maybe more could be invented.


I'm going to end this here, temporarily, as I must go traveling to a new country and set up a home. I will NOT rent from a farang nor will I use a so-called "agent" again in this lifetime and I will lobby hard and long, tirelessly, endlessly, relentlessly, wherever I go, to enlighten the unwary about their antics and scams. Again: Just say no to "agents". Scammier scammers exist in the cosmos, but they're rare.


I'll get back to this once I'm settled again. A few copies will go out before this is posted publicly, to law enforcement, select Thai politicians and legislators, the principals at Gecko Property Management in Pattaya, to Jay, to Digger, to Steve, etc., and to all tenants in all areas in the general areas of Jay's rentals around the region. The principals can Google themselves if they want to know when this goes public. It generally takes up to 2-3 months for a new website to propagate completely through all the search engines, and then another month for any paid advertising regimens to get fully entrenched and producing.


This site will remain posted for the duration of the lives of all involved, and then many more years after that. That's what you get when you lie and scam and try to steal from decent, honest people, and if the principals don't like it, they can shove it up their collective hairy asses. What a bunch of Goddamned losers.


All parties have been given my banking information. They can effortlessly refund any monies due me IF THEY CHOOSE. But we know what they'll choose. They could also compensate me for the outright expenses I've suffered due to Jay Solomon's lies and fraud, and Tillotsons absurd, ham-fisted efforts at obfuscation. I am due 400,000 baht. But we all know how long it will be before that amount shows up in my account.


All incoming communication from any players in this mess, and all communication from all Thailand IPs, will be blocked once this first draft goes out to Solomon, Digger, Steve, Gecko et al, etc. No further communication will be tolerated. Enough lying bullshit is enough.


Either the funds show up in my bank, or they don't. Trust me, they won't.


This page will be re-worked and re-written extensively over the next 18 months. Content will be added in the form of new pages and appropriate links, continuously, for years to come. I'm old. I've been everywhere and done everything. I have raised 131 ships from the sea floor; I've rescued 321 vessels in the NE Pacific (the Coast Guard twice). I've worked in Federal law enforcement. I'd sued a lot of scammers and won every case. I've had a lot of people try to get over on me, and some number have tried to blatantly steal from me (a few succeeded). But I cannot ever, ever remember being lied to so boldly, so explicitly, so convincingly, as what Jay Solomon pulled on this home. And then, after the lies and the scams and the fraud, to double down and try to screw me out of the August rent PLUS the deposit -- fuck you Jay. I'll do my very, very, level best to see you incarcerated and I won't stop in this lifetime. I'll work forever to see to it people are warned about you, Jay Allan Solomon, the slithering snake in the grass. No words from Websters can describe this enduring hatred. You've earned yourself an enemy. A real one.


Thailand: Get these hunks of reeking dog crap out of your country. You have enough trouble without this element dragging your people down. Get the cancer out and set yourselves free.


The following email will be delivered to all principals in this case on or about August, 26, 2022. The emails will be sent from a "blind box: account in which no replies are received from any Thailand IP. They are silently deleted.


This web page sent on August 25, 2022, To:




The culprits, in order of their involvement:


Note that Tillotson's smart-ass, punk-mouth was a not insignificant contributor to our assessment of Gecko as a whole and of our resolve in warning others about Gecko.


Solomon caused the problem.


Tillotson willingly, energetically, crudely and unprofessionally backed him up.


Scholey, for a short time, did his best to mitigate the problem, after a fashion, but his notion that Gecko's contracts are "perfectly legal" (or morally defensible for that matter) is disgusting. We will post the Thai government's official assessment of the Gecko contract as supplied to us, in time, Unfortunately Scholey's behavior descended straight into the toilet when he, also, attempted to set up a fraudulent scam by asserting that since the electricity was off to the pool for 2-3 hours, the pool "might be damaged". Read more about that later on.


Again, no communication from any entity involved will be received nor read. Emails are sent from a blind-box account.;;;tina@gecko-;;;;sabaicup@;;


Jay Solomon:
USA Passport 435914505
215/178 Moo3 Na Jomtien, Sattahip,
Chonburi Thailand, 20250


Robert (Bobby) (aka "Digger") Tillotson
Sales and Rental Consultant


Steve Scholey, Managing Director


Gecko Properties et al





We have endured no interaction whatsoever with the following entities at Gecko Real Estate.Co.,Ltd, and so we have no opinion of their behavior in any sense whatsoever. However we add them to the recipient list so that they may be aware of the shenanigans of their employer(s). We don't as yet have time to pull this company's corporate records; we will be delivering copies of this website to additional individuals once we have time to do that -- Ditto a handful of Thai government offices.



Paul Blackshaw Sales Director


Napaphat Jitklang (Ning)
Sales Consultant


Weeworaya Thongkham (Voon)
Rental Consultant


Nawiya Mitrthong (Tina)
Rental Consultant


Jamjuree Sutjariya (Jom)
Sales and Rental Consultant


Sureerat Singthong (Giff)
Directors Secretary


Kannicha Kaewpan (Guitar)



Final Email Communication TO:



Steve Scholey and all staff

Gecko Real Estate.Co.,Ltd

Date August 25, 2022

Re our and your rental at:


30/7 Park View Villa
Opposite Soi 23/2
Nongprue, Banglamung
Chonburi, Thailand 20150


Owner Jay Allan Solomon + one Thai National, name and details pending.


You will consider this unit vacated on the morning of August 28th, 2022.


Girlfriend has erroneously given the keys to Jay's new victims. Note that our rent is paid on this unit through (THROUGH) the month of August, 2022. No one has been given authority to enter these premises except the owner, the agent, and any cleaning personnel, and even that does not begin until Aug. 28th. Any new tenants using the home before the expiration of our tenancy will be considered trespassers and a criminal complaint of trespassing will be filed with the NongPrue police department.


Perhaps the power will be out when you go to enter the unit. Since you cannot reach the gate motor key box to disengage the motor (say Thank You Jay Solomon!), whatever will you do?


You have requested that we pay all utilities and provide proof of that, and in that case our deposit of 25,000 baht would be returned to us. Unfortunately, we now see you folks for what you are and we know beyond all doubt that no refund would ever be forthcoming no matter what we did or how we left the unit. We do in fact consider you folks to be little more than common thieves; due to that we have not paid any utility bills, nor will we. In that way, you will use up some portion of said deposit, instead of cheating us out of it.


The unit has been purposely left UNCLEANED. This is the first time in my life I have left any unit less than spotless. This was a conscious decision so that you would be forced to use up some portion of the deposit to clean it. The unit is being carefully video-taped upon vacating. We suggest you DO NOT LIE about its condition. But of course you will try; that's a given.


The keys are being left with either the pool man or with the neighbor, Sue. Find them yourselves. We were given only one set. There were two remotes given us. The pool man has one. The other will be left in the unit. The one we were forced to buy (800baht) (thanks again, Solomon) has been rendered inoperable by me, with a hammer. Perhaps you will find the pieces.


Attached is a PDF of the FIRST DRAFT of your web page at the domain (the page above this email, at the URL). It represents only one page of the site, and perhaps, roughly, 20% of the entire endeavor. The bigger it gets, the higher the SEO rank.


The website is not public at this time. We are considering September 20, 2022, as a release date. It could be later as I am traveling again. You can begin Googling yourselves to find out if/when it's live. We may wait until the website is more complete, polished and finished to switch it on. Or not. The site will be updated continuously for at least 18 months (in case you haven't grasped it yet, I really DON'T LIKE LIARS AND THIEVES). We will initially dedicate $1000/month in paid advertising so that this data is available to anyone and everyone seeking rental property in and around Pattaya. This domain is one of 84 we own. Several will contain exact copies so that in case one "mysteriously fails", another is always available to immediately take its place. Feel free to play whack-a-mole to your heart's content (we hope you do).


Again, this communication comes from a blind-box account. No replies or new communications will ever be received; they will automatically be flushed before we are even aware of them. The days of talking are over. Anything incoming from a Thai IP or any other SE Asia IP will be blocked. Anything referring to "Gecko" and a long string of other phrases and words....will be blocked. Trust me, you DO NOT want to enrage me further. You truly do not. Read that 18 times if you're not "getting" it, because "getting it" is crucial to your happiness. Read it 29 times. You do NOT want to miss this point. Read it 217 times if your skull is thick, and I do believe it is. You must grasp and comprehend this one message if you cannot grasp anything else. Do not enrage me further. Do not.


I am informed that the pool man has not shown up at all in August because Jay refused to pay him. Of course his payment should have been taken from the deposit, which I already paid, but hey, if Jay can steal a baht, Jay's gonna steal a baht. That's Jay and I am delighted he is your client. Peas in a pod. Jay has stolen the pool maintenance money. Period. Jay Solomon is, in addition to being a blatant, bold-faced liar and con-man, a thief.


There will be money left over from the deposit even after you pay the utilities, pay cleaners, paint the small patch in the back bedroom wall (which Solomon refused to allow me to paint), and replace the bed topper-turned Thai-student eating area.


You have my bank information; it was supplied to you twice.


Will you refund the unused portion?


Of course you won't. We know you folks and your ilk very, very well.


We have stated repeatedly that Jay's repeated lies, fraud, scams and refusals to maintain the property, forcing us to move, compounded by Tillotson's outrageous smart-mouth unprofessionalism in handling the case, and Steve's obnoxious insistence that Gecko's contracts are legal when Thai law couldn't be more clear that they are not, has caused us untold direct expense, stress and grief. The sum of 400,000 baht would lessen our utter and profound hatred toward all principals mentioned herein. Would you ever pay such an amount? To give that a snowflake's chance in Hell would be laughable. Morality is not your strong suit. We will, however, explore other possibilities in the recovery of a similar sum. Maybe we can prevail; maybe we can't. Let's find out.


Don't care to voluntarily compensate us fairly? That's ok! Every single time I take note that no such amount has arrived in my bank account, I'll be mightily energized and spurred onward to work tirelessly to prevent you folks from pulling any similar stunt on any other living human again. Those efforts will continue well after my passing, and Jay's. Were you operating in the US, you'd already be on the court docket. I suggest you do not operate in the US.


Congratulations: You've created, and then repeatedly cultivated (per Tillotson and later, Steve), one of the most formidable enemies you could ever imagine.


When folks set out to screw over other folks for fun and profit, they MUST understand that, sooner or later, they will bump heads with someone JUST. LIKE. ME. It's inevitable.


Let's go to war.



CC: PDF Web page attachment







This web page contains and includes my opinions, hunches, experiences, suspicions and best guesses.










UPDATE, August 17, 2022:


As of this date, the above email has not yet been sent to Steve or anyone else. It's not yet time. But there are new developments that must be chronicled.


As expected, more and more bullshit sprouts from Steve Scholey at Gecko.


On August 16 I received an email from Scholey stating that the electric company had contacted him and informed him that the electricity in the home was about to be turned off for non-payment. This was more or less an expected event, however the electric company had told US it would be turned off on August 25th. But no matter. We had purposely elected not to pay the bill, but to have it paid out of our 25,000 baht deposit, because we knew if we paid the bill, we would never recover any of our deposit anyway. We had long come to regard Gecko, and Steve Scholey, and Solomon, and Tillotson, as nothing more than dime-store scammers. Just rank, mindless scammers, out to leach every last baht they could get from anyone for anything. That's how we felt about them and they are actively cementing that appraisal of their characters.


As it turned out, the power had been turned off already, but then the bill had been paid from our deposit, and the power was reinstated. I don't know the duration of the outage; certainly not more than a couple of hours.


Steve emailed me to say that perhaps the pool had been damaged, or he hoped it had not been damaged, during that brief period without power.


Let that sink in for a moment.


Let me state that again:


This man, Steve Scholey, was suggesting, in writing, that the pool might have been damaged due to the power being off for two to three hours.


Of course no one on this earth is actually that dumb. Except Steve Scholey.


At that exact instant I realized this man was either mentally handicapped, fully insane, a life-long scammer/fraudster, or all of the above. I now opt for all of the above.


An in-ground pool requires electricity for one and only one thing: FILTRATION. This pool has a filter on a timer that only turns on a couple of times a day for an hour or two. The rest of the time nothing is running and nothing NEEDS to run. Yet this world-class imbecile was trying to put forward the assertion that maybe this pool had been "physically damaged" due to the power being off for a few hours, and his next assertion would be that I had to pay BIG MONEY for some imagined damage to the pool.


Got it?


Are you beginning to grasp the sheer and unmitigated insanity of these people?


If not, re-read this page from the beginning and try harder to see the light.


Are you grasping this yet?


I hope so, because as much as I see them as nothing but scammers, liars, shysters, fools, and incompetents, I do realize that I STILL am not seeing the true depths of their stupidity. It's even worse than I imagine and worse than I CAN imagine.


This instance of attempted fraud by Steve Scholey is SO backward and egregious and insane that I am, at risk of beating a dead horse, compelled to hit it one last time, just to be sure folks understand what they're dealing with in Steve Scholey and Gecko Property Management in Pattaya because if they don't, and they get entangled with this embarrassing fool anyway, they're setting themselves up for exactly this same treatment. So here it is, again, and I will try to use the simplest possible terms:




An in-ground pool uses NO electricity except to run its filters.




Those filters, or in this case a single filter, runs only a couple hours a day -- four at most -- because it's on a timed schedule.




The filter doesn't run MOST OF THE TIME.


Fact: No pool is ever damaged in any way under the sun during those intervals when the filter isn't running.


If that were the case, every pool would be damaged each and every time the electricity was out, and it's out very, very frequently in Nong Prue.


How many pools are damaged due to this?




Not one.


Not one penny or peso or satang of damage.


Not once.


Not ever.


No damage due to this has ever occurred in the history of the world.


That's the FACT.


Got it?




But Steve Scholey is more than suggesting that perhaps SERIOUS damage has been done to the pool at this address by the power being out for a couple of hours.


Why would he suggest such an insane thing?


No pool would be damaged if the electricity was off for a MONTH. Yes, it would need a scrubbing, but NO DAMAGE.


But Steve suggests there will be damage if the pool isn't filtered for a FEW HOURS.


What kind of human being would even remotely posit such an ignoramus thing?


1. A man so mentally handicapped that he should never be allowed to drive a motor vehicle or, indeed, be let out of the house unescorted.


2. A man attempting to set up yet another scam on a tenant.






Ok, I've belabored that enough.


But here's a story:


Let's set this up for the reader first:


Most car engines hold about five quarts of oil -- four in the crankcase and one in the filter. About 2.5 of those quarts are needed by the engine for proper lubrication. One quart is held in the filter at any given time, and the fifth quart is merely a reserve. That means that an engine can lose up to 2.5 quarts of oil and still run perfectly well and safely until the oil can be replenished. Lose a quart? That means nothing. Lose two quarts? It means next to nothing. Top it off as soon as practicable. Okay, so here's the true tale:


I had an idiot uncle once (no blood relation). One day he decided to make an appointment to have the oil in his car changed. At the proper time he went to his car and checked the oil level to be sure it was safe to drive it the two miles to the oil change garage. But it was half a quart low. Being the supreme brainiac that he was, he called a taxi and took it to an auto parts store and bought a quart of oil, then took the taxi back home. There he poured the quart into the engine. Now it was half a quart over-full, which is no problem whatever. A full quart over is PERHAPS a problem, but probably not. Two quarts over-full IS a problem. This intellectual giant called a mobile mechanic to come and remove the half quart overfill from the engine. Once this was done, the uncle drove to his oil change appointment, whereupon they removed ALL the oil and refilled it to the proper spec. Then he drove it home. one stupid son of a bitch by any standard on any planet.


And to try to make the case that a pool filter being off for 2 or 3 hours, or two or three DAYS, will or has caused "damage" to a pool, is stupid by a factor of about 916 orders of magnitude beyond that. It's hard to imagine that anything can BE any dumber, but it probably can.


Steve Scholey is what he is. Take that into hard, hard consideration when thinking of doing business with him or his little company. And remember, not if, but WHEN you have trouble with any of these jokers, neither your problems, or anyone else's, will ever, ever be found on any review site unless the reviewer leaves Thailand and posts from outside the country.


I stopped reading Steve's email at that exact line about the pool being damaged and replied, simply, "Wait for the website". You can't reason with a salamander.


Steve replied AGAIN (!!!) with some nonsense about this issue and I didn't read it except to barely glean what the subject matter was. I replied AGAIN with the same four words: "Wait for the website". guessed it, like any spoiled eleven year old, Steve emailed YET AGAIN with the same kind of nonsense and that was bloody-well enough. I replied, "By God, that's enough childish bullshit. Cease and desist."


But, you guessed it, Steve emailed EVEN MORE with what appeared to be the same adolescent nonsense. I did read one line which said, "I don't care about your website and I don't need to see it. Don't send me the link."


I replied, of course, "Cease and desist", because you can't engage a gecko in intelligent discourse.


I don't know how many more childish tantrums this jackass threw after that because I blocked him along with all the rest of the dirty little Cabal.


Of course Steve, Digger (Tillotson) and everybody else involved had been sent the link long, long before, and many times. Steve then says don't send him the link because he's not worried about this website. Good for him! He can sleep soundly knowing this website is being popped in front of most people searching for Pattaya condo rentals. Good for Steve.


In the US, three unwanted contacts are grounds for a legal restraining order and a criminal charge of harassment. In Thailand, there may be laws on the books to cover those situations -- I don't know because any such laws would be effectively meaningless anyway.


Steve's insane emails were archived, unread until he was blocked. I doubt I'll ever read them except as represented here.


Steve and ALL staff and countless others WILL receive this website on August 26th whether Steve or anyone else likes it or not and he can then shove it up his ass.


The take-away from this bizarre exchange with a man who struggles to pass himself off as a competent professional, is this:


No one in their right mind would ever, for one microsecond, believe that ANY pool of ANY type could be somehow "damaged" by the electricity being off for a couple of hours or even a few days. If anyone did believe that I would have to assume they were so profoundly out of touch with reality that they should not be allowed outside of a padded room without a minder and a leash.


Is Steve Scholey really that far gone, mentally? Perhaps he is. Perhaps he actually is. If he's not, then he must think the rest of the world is that stupid. Employers almost never hire people they think are an intellectual equal to themselves and God forbid, smarter. I suppose the rest of his staff is not even as smart as Steve.


I do think Steve Scholey is just as stupid as Jay Solomon. Exactly as stupid. And that he believes the rest of the world is exactly as stupid as he is and that he can fart out these ludicrous claims and no one will know he's a moron. The US has plenty of politicians exactly that dumb right now. Steve was making a lame attempt to set up a narrative that would eventually turn into a scam (lie) in which he actually would assert the claim that the power being off for a couple of hours damaged the pool in some insane and unknowable way, and he would then assess some arbitrary amount to be paid by me for that damage, taken out of the deposit. To steal the deposit was the plan from the start. This is called, ladies and gentlemen, A SCAM.


I've known from the very beginning of my actual interactions with Gecko, as evidenced by Tillotson's own asinine messages to me (shown in this web page), that these folks were three sheets to the wind when it came to reality or honesty. Knowing that, I knew they would do ANYTHING, make up any lie, perpetrate any scam, erect any charade, to keep from refunding ANY of the 25,000 baht deposit. Once they GET your money, you ain't gettin' it back if they can help it. That's how I instinctively see them and their own actions and messages have reinforced this belief at every single turn as detailed in this page.


As of this afternoon, the diarrhea verbiage from idiot Steve Scholey has stopped. For now. Because I blocked him. I suspect his adolescent brain will get the better of his judgment at any moment, and they will resume, sent by his staff or whomsoever. If they originate from Thailand or the UK, they'll never reach my inbox and if they include any of a hundred or so key words or phrases they won't make it through either; they'll merely evaporate into the ether. There's only so much insanity anyone will stand for and this gaggle of misfits has far exceeded their quota.


The deal is done with these folks: The agreement to stay through August was signed by them; and that's it! It's done. Over. They WILL make up lies and stories and invent damages so as to keep ALL of my deposit and they will con and make up stories and exaggerate situations and claims all for the purpose of schlepping a few more dollars out of me (and you too), because that's who they are at their core: Scammers.


And what will this web page do to their bottom line? It's hard to tell. Maybe nothing at all. If people are dumb enough to continue renting from or through this agency, then Gecko Property Management in Pattaya, Thailand, will continue on as that lost fishing net we discussed so far back up on this page. They will continue snagging suckers forever and ever and ever. Will you be one?


THIS.....and EXACTLY this, is what you're going to get from farang businesses in Thailand. With exceedingly rare exception, this is ALL you're going to get. You're far and vastly better off doing business with the Ferengi. Honestly, I had very little trouble doing business with Thais. I've had nothing but trouble doing business with white westerners in Thailand, mostly the Brits, and the Thais have the very same trouble with them. For God's sake, Thailand, get them gone. Just get them the Hell out and reclaim your nation, your culture, and your dignity. I know the honorable King Maha Vajiralongkorn has indicated the same disdain for the putrid farangs raping his country, figuratively and literally, and if there's any way on earth to get this website, or any part of it, to his staff, trust me, I'll find it.


When we left our huge shophouse, where the non-Thai owner blatantly lied about what she was renting to us -- even lied about it in writing, in the contract -- we hoped to end up dealing with a logical, honest, competent and professional landlord where I could live out my retirement years in peace.


I KNEW Jay Solomon was none of those things. I KNEW he was a liar, a crook, a shyster, and probably even mentally handicapped. I knew these things going into it, so it's on my head for choosing to do business AGAIN with a snake -- a snake who had proven himself over and over and over to be a snake. That's MY fault. I should have been smarter. But I thought (assumed -- there's that four-letter word) that I would ONLY be dealing with Gecko, and I "assumed" they couldn't possibly be dumber or scammier than rotten-old-tuna Jay Solomon.


But I was wrong again.


That's because farang businesses in Thailand are nearly ALWAYS the dregs of society. The dumbest of the dumb. The most foolish of fools.


I KNEW Solomon was a write off and I was right. Again!


I "thought" Tillotson would be an honorable, competent, professional.


I was dead wrong. He's an imbecile with about a Fourth Grade education.


I "thought" Steve Scholey would be an honorable, competent professional.


I was dead wrong. He's an imbecile with about a Sixth Grade education.


That's on THEIR heads, not mine.





I've just been informed that the pool man hasn't shown up for any of August, 2022, because he wasn't paid. The reality is that I ALREADY paid him through the deposit, but Jay has elected to keep that money for himself and not pass it to the pool man. That's Jay! That's Jay in virtually every single interaction, probably for his whole life. I am incredibly glad Solomon is a client of Gecko. They can both devote their time to fucking one another. It's poetic.


Thailand, is this the caliber of human being you really want scamming your own citizens and teaching them how to behave? If the answer is yes, just keep on issuing those visas.




UPDATE: Sept 8, 2022


As expected, and as predicted all through this website, both Jay A. Solomon and Steve Scholey have refused to refund any portion of the 25,000 baht deposit. As a worst case scenario, no more than roughly 15,000 baht would have been legitimately used, leaving a net return of around $300us. This tells me that I have been correct in my assessment of these two shysters all along, and that both Jay A. Solomon and Steve Scholey (i.e. Gecko Property Management, Pattaya, Thailand) are merely common thieves.


Moral: Stay. Away. From. Property. Agents.


Just as it is the viper's purpose in life to kill, it is the agent's purpose in life to steal.


It's in their fucking genetic code.


The website goes public on Sept. 20, 2022, even as a first draft. It will be edited continuously for around 18 months, unless there are new developments, in which case the edits could continue for years. The paid advertising regimen will begin probably sometime in September.


These two fraudsters have earned it.


Now we're not just "headed" to war; we're there.



UPDATE: July, 2024

We were flying from Romania to Sydney and had the thought that it might be fun to drop in to Bangkok to visit some kids we helped escape the rank poverty they were in up around Chiang Rai, many years ago. I decided to check with a Pattaya attorney I had used for over a decade, to see if we would, in fact, face any consequences as a result of Thailand's bizarre defamation laws. Since this website was posted on an American server, while we were not in Thailand, it is probably the case that Thailand's laws can't touch it. Or us. But we wanted to be sure. That attorney had been a good friend for around 14 years and had handled all of my immigration business and a few other cases as well, and his work was flawless. I was disturbed to find he had passed away and his wife was now running the business.

I was more disturbed to find that she had run the business into the ground in only two short years and the firm's credibility is now non-existent.

I was disturbed even more to discover that she is also "friends" with Gecko Properties and of course ran straight to them with my request for clarification on the law. Even serpents can have serpent friends -- rather like a gooey nest of slithering worms.


It would have been nice to visit the kids, but they can always come and visit us - better to get them out of Thailand anyhow. Thailand is, honestly, one of those International quicksand bogs into which decent humans should simply not ever step. You quickly learn that the mud isn't really mud-- it's feces.

I caution anyone and everyone who ever asks me, and I'm asked a lot:

Do not EVER contemplate settling or retiring in Thailand. Want to visit? Sure. Go. Stay in a 4-5 star hotel in a tourist area, stay out of the bars, don't rent a jet ski, don't rent a car or a motorbike, don't talk to ANY Thais or even expats who talk to you first. Go see some temples, sit on a beach, take some pictures, and if you make it back to your flight unscathed, count yourself lucky. You've gambled and won. NOW GO HOME.











This web page contains and includes my opinions, hunches, experiences, suspicions and best guesses.