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Are you SURE you want to ship by UPS in Thailand? Is it "SAFE"?


Oliver Stone Wrote: "Hell is the Impossibility of Reason". Substitute "logic" for "reason" if you wish. If this is true, then Thailand is Hell. I've always known Thais were corrupt. From the day the Thai police stole my iPhone and then sold it back to me, I knew they were corrupt. But I never dreamed they were so corrupt as to go after a little package of cotton buds. That takes the cake. Call Guinness, would ya please? CC to Prayuth



UPS (United Parcel Service), Thailand.

And don't forget to enjoy the amazing stupidity

of this newest Thai Customs stunt, the seizure of a

pack of 12 camera-cleaning cotton buds



This page exists because countless thousands of businesses, individuals, corporations, charities, and private citizens, both Thai and farang, are being impacted extremely harshly by practices of international parcel carriers located in Thailand and by Thai Customs, and this has been continuing for decades


Is this a GIGANTIC problem in Thailand which affects millions of people?

Yes. Just Google it:



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UPS (United Parcel Service), Thailand:

Corruption or Jaw-Dropping Stupidity?

Stunning Incompetence or Mental-Retardation?


Here's a good primer if you're unfamiliar with this region. I would say this report is almost criminally optimistic.


This page will endeavor to help illustrate a huge and rapidly growing problem, and to help bring relief to all entities who are struggling to bring much needed merchandise into Thailand from outside sources. Thailand produces little, and ordering from China is risky at best. You might receive your product from China; you might not. Your product might be the item you order, or it might not be. You might receive an empty box (I have)(on one particular box this was handwritten in clear English: "Dear customer, you do not need to receive this item"). Your item from China might work, or it might not. Your item might last a week, or a day -- too often the latter. And the selection is poor. If you have no choice but to import items from other countries, you may find it nearly impossible to accomplish that, or at the very least, it will be completely unreliable. Businesses cannot be profitable when relying on unreliable sources.


This website will elucidate and illustrate the reasons why importing simple items is difficult or impossible. Thailand (presumably) wants its economy to grow. That requires businesses, but when businesses are prevented from obtaining the products they need to operate, businesses fail, or don't even start up in the first place. This hurts Thailand greatly. And for those private Thai citizens who wish to own items that are not available in Thailand, this problem prevents them from enjoying the lifestyle they have worked hard for, have earned, and deserve. As it stands now, Thai Customs and the international parcel carriers maintain an absolute strangle-hold on incoming merchandise. This is not merely a "tax and control" strategy, employed by any country, though it is that also -- this is an orchestrated program of "obfuscation, frustration, and hindrance" of inbound deliveries. And often enough plain old theft. There is a reason these items are being prevented from being delivered to the end-user (the owners) in Thailand. Perhaps you have a theory as to why the carriers and Thai Customs are acting as they are. Perhaps you have a theory as to why these entities appear to be acting as they do with total impunity.


The incident below is far from isolated. This same problem is affecting hundreds of thousands of Thai citizens and many tens of thousands of expats, farangs, and tourists to Thailand at any given time, but especially since 2014. The total victims over decades is in the millions. It is now at positively epidemic proportions. It is now stunningly difficult for anyone to bring any goods into Thailand. Do the research for yourself:


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Bribes for Customs

Thai Customs Corruption



The tale of the blue swimming pool dye, and UPS in Bangkok:


List of email addresses for the people involved in this case:






UPS United Parcel Service





A brief background:


I tried to have some personal belongings shipped to me in Thailand back in about 2014 or 2015. I had owned them for decades in the US. I sent six big boxes, each valued at around $600US (20,000 baht), to myself in Thailand.


How many of that batch got through Thai Customs?


Zero. Not a single piece from a single box was ever found. The tracking stopped when the items hit Customs and Customs would not admit to having any record of them moving further. Yet they ceased to exist. All my things were lost forever. That was my first significant lesson about importing items into Thailand.


Each box had been shipped from a different US city and all left the US via different ports: Seattle, San Fransisco, Anchorage, Los Angeles, and San Diego. The shipments were strung out over several months. There are only two common denominators in this whole series of missing shipments: Customs at the Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport, and UPS at Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport.


I order a LOT of products from around the world and have them shipped to me in Thailand. All purchases are normal household items because I will go to great lengths to never buy Chinese. Neither do I own any business and would never, ever own any business in Thailand. The most recent import attempt was merely a container of blue swimming pool dye. It doesn't get any more innocuous than that. I don't order medicines or weird medical equipment or noxious chemicals or commercial supplies of any kind or, God forbid, TAMPONS, because tampons were, and possibly still are, banned in Thailand (it wasn't a "legal, on-the-books ban", it was a tariff imposed on tampons that was so outrageous it stopped all imports). It seems someone in the Thai government got the idea that tampons were "sexual aides", and since the Thai government sees itself as the moral authority for all Thais (much to the unending consternation of the Thai citizenry who cannot vote fools out of office), they make bizarre laws like that all too often (just try and import any REAL sexual aide -- oops, you don't have to, because they are available for sale on every other street corner in Thailand in broad daylight). But not tampons. Go figure.


The tampon nonsense is not an isolated incident. It's the norm. This is Thailand. We are finally seeing a few of the big international chain stores carry them now -- I think they sneak them in labeled as other things. I think they just gave up on the absurdity and fear of prosecution, and deferred to what their customers wanted and needed and were prepared to suffer any penalties the Thai moral police imposed on them. They probably figured, "let the Thais explain in court exactly how tampons are sexual aids". I know of no such case being brought against any retailer, though nothing would surprise me here at this late date.


I also bought a new computer in the US and had it shipped here, and that required TWO MONTHS of legal wrangling to WRESTLE it from UPS, even though all duty taxes were properly prepaid by Amazon. Amazon actually pays a bit over the official rate to be absolutely certain the orders get through Customs and are delivered to the people who worked hard and earned the money to pay for them. Unfortunately not even that works.


When the tracking on the computer showed "delayed in customs", I didn't know I was supposed to do anything. I simply waited for it to sort itself out, thinking that Thai Customs would contact me if they needed to. The value of the computer was $4400US. But there wasn't a single peep out of UPS.


After perhaps a month I contacted UPS and inquired. I was told by one Krittawan Muansawat (Nam) that she had tried to contact me repeatedly over the previous time period but had received no response. Shocked, I immediately and meticulously went through my email and phone logs, and found NO such contact attempt in either one. She had NOT called nor emailed. I immediately sent these logs to Krittawan Muansawat (Nam) and asked that she send me HER logs showing the contact attempts she was claiming to have made. She refused.


UPS (Krittawan Muansawat (Nam)) tried repeatedly to make us pay additional taxes and storage fees on that computer, even though THEY were the ones preventing it from being delivered.


UPS demanded my ORIGINAL Passport as part of the long list of requirements to free up the computer. I told them I was terrified they'd lose it. UPS said not to worry. But it was lost.


In the end I brought in an attorney and all bogus taxes and fees were immediately dropped and the computer was delivered, roughly, as I recall, two months later.


My Thai wife lost her Amazon order of feminine products. UPS refused to process them. Maybe they included tampons. Amazon refunded us including duty taxes and shipping. Amazon is waiting for their return to the US, months later.


My Thai wife lost the iPhone she ordered from Amazon. UPS made the process to get it completely impossible (like the case detailed below). Amazon refunded fully, including duty taxes and shipping. Amazon lists it as "lost", meaning the UPS office in Bangkok apparently never returned it to the US. Who has it now? We've initially tried and failed to discover the IMEI number of the phone so we could track it physically to some location in Bangkok or elsewhere in Thailand. We're still trying to get Apple to release that IMEI number to us. SOMEONE HAS THAT PHONE. Who?


Where do all these things go? Is there a mountain the size of Everest somewhere in the world consisting of all the items that the carriers and Customs say are simply "gone"? Maybe Bigfoot or aliens stole this stuff. You can't ask Customs or UPS or FEDEX or Pitney Bowes or DHL because they will not reply to the question.


So let's move now to the bottle of blue pool dye. It is the most recent purchase I made outside of Thailand, and the last, forever.


The blue pool dye in question is THIS:




This dye is just basically really good food coloring. It's used to make the skin of actors blue (how toxic can THAT be?), and it makes a home pool a little prettier. Not a big deal. Not a sex device. Not a gun. Not a tampon. Not something that might catch fire or explode or rot the brains of Thai citizens. It's just a bottle of dye.


Now let's see how the Thais treated it at UPS in Bangkok.


The shipping was paid to Amazon, as was the import duty tax, and Amazon pre-paid that directly to UPS and to Customs, respectively. That's all documented, signed, sealed, and FACT.


It should have been merely delivered to my door in about five days, as items ordered through other carriers are delivered to my door in five days. Done deal. Easy for UPS (it's their job). Easy for Thai Customs. Easy for the world.


The cost of one bottle was $36 and change. The shipping was about $150. The Thai tax was $100.


When UPS finally did contact me initially re this order after it was snagged in their office at the airport, this is how it went:


I knew we were in for a war when the tracking read "delayed in customs at Suvarnabhumi airport". I emailed an attorney and he contacted UPS at Suvarnabhumi. He was told by Krittawan Muansawat that she had tried to call me but my phone was "out of order". Of course my phone was not out of order -- I had used it all day for incoming and outgoing calls without a hitch. I knew then that this "regimen of obfuscation" was just beginning.


I informed the attorney that the phone worked flawlessly. He relayed that to Krittawan Muansawat. Within three minutes she called. The call came in from: 0658737948.


Krittawan Muansawat asked for my first name and to spell it, and every single time I started to slowly and clearly spell it, the woman started loudly talking over me in Thai. Was she talking to me or to someone else? I never knew. I had to stop each time she started nearly yelling in Thai. I finally asked her if she wanted me to spell my name and if it was my turn to talk. She said yes, and when I started to spell it again, she started to talk loudly again. This was repeated perhaps 6-7 times. Then it was the exact same routine for my last name. Then it was the same routine for my middle name. Then it was the same routine for my email address. And before I could finish saying "at", she hung up. That caller was the office manager at UPS, Krittawan Muansawat.


In the past year, how many orders have we placed from the USA to Thailand? 31.


How many items arrived and were delivered right to my door in record time and without a problem? 27.


How many orders were carried by UPS/Thailand? 4.


After the above phone call I received an email from UPS as follows. It would seem that an international shipping corporation, which deals with many thousands of packages per day, would prefer to use English-speaking/reading/writing employees. Around the world, 93 countries more or less speak English. 1 speaks Thai. In any case, this is the initial email, verbatim, explaining the very first step of many, required to receive a very simple bottle of blue dye:


From: 8:52 PM

Dear customer

Now you product import posted to the warehouse at customs house ,Thai customs have to check all your goods, If you wanting all your goods ,please inform to our company then I will sent permission of paper work step by step via-email

#In case clear under the personal’s name : ** the customs require to put  the name title necessary for Manifest system**

#In case clear under the personal’s name : ---------- .** the customs require to put  the name title necessary for Manifest system**


Please see step list below and action

Please support to run the process clearance.

1.                  Please see document attached file document a VAT Registration (VAT20) , Certificate company of Ups , please print all document

2.                   Please registration and submit  Ups broker  at customs department area Leamchabang,  please prepare the original passport you ,T.M.6,90 day reporting immigration ,and document UPS(VAT 20) once process completed ,

                Laem Chabang Port Customs Bureau

                    919 MOO  5 Thung Sukhla, Si Racha District, Chon Buri 20230, Thailand

                   TEL : 038-407777

3.                  After submit  broker Ups and registration importer complete ,please let me know by email  , and support copy passport all stamp pages ,copy T.M.6 (departure card) , copy 90 day reporting immigration (in case stay thailand over 90 day) ,

please scan by machine ,not take a photo

4.                  after that we can submit import entry via customs system,once we got the reply from system then we can process customs clearance.for this process,take time around 3-4 day.we'll also inform the delivery date and total expenses to you in the meantime


Krittawan Muansawat (Nam)

Department of Import Brokerage (Airport)

United Parcel Delivery Service ltd.-Thailand

Tel. : 02-728-9370   Fax : 02-7289046



Very few people would even attempt to jump through those hoops for a bottle of pool dye, but I had actually ordered this for an attorney friend. Having played this game with UPS in the past, and lost, I would have simply waited for the deliver-by date to come and go and report it to Amazon as not-received and get a refund. Clearly, there was no way this item would ever be delivered to us. But the attorney, being an attorney, decided he wanted to play with UPS and see what their game was.


Against my better judgment, I let him talk me into traveling to Laemchabang with him, which is 1.25 hours from here, each way, through Thailand traffic (3rd most deadly in the world if you believe Thai stats, and number 1 most deadly in the world if you believe independent stats). Driving 2.5 hours here is no small thing to ask, and for a bottle or two of pool dye.


We got to the Customs warehouse in LAEM CHABANG and were shuffled from office to counter to another counter to another office to a cubicle -- and all that is more wasted time. Most offices and cubicles don't have labels on them in English OR in Thai. I've been up there maybe 14 times to retrieve packages. It's like trying to do business with the patients in an insane asylum. It's a nightmare every time. There's almost no English, but even if there was, there's virtually no logic.


Consider that in many countries, this item would never been delayed by the carrier anyway, but if it was, the entire matter would be settled with a few keystrokes on their website in the space of under four minutes. Done deal. But this isn't there.


We were finally directed to wait in the queue for a particular cubicle, and so we did. The couple ahead of us were there for the same thing and it dragged on interminably -- it looked to be about 80 pages of documents THEY had to sort through. The man's Thai wife couldn't even figure it out.


We videotaped the session when we finally got through the queue. The nice woman took my passport (and she was nice). She also seemed to know exactly what she was doing, and she did it more or less without delay. She had to step out numerous times to make copies of whatever -- I estimated between 15 and 20 documents were copied. There appeared to be perhaps 40-60 documents on her desk (you can see them in the video at a few points). I was asked to sign numerous docs, using the same name that was on the shipping manifest (first and last, just as it appeared on the manifest), which I cheerfully did. Then, after 20 minutes (about 80 minutes total time in the warehouse), we were done and allowed to leave.


To help the reader get a better grasp of the enormity of this problem in Thailand, please peruse the following links:


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Thailand Corruption



Did the time spent at Laem Chabang produce the bottle of dye?




It was all only to initiate the process of forcing UPS to move on to some mysterious next step. That's ALL we accomplished there at Laem Chabang.


Once the laborious process at Laem Chabang Customs warehouse was completed, that warehouse was to send all documents produced therein to the office manager at UPS at Bangkok. We assumed they did that, and we awaited the next move of UPS.


The next move from Krittawan Muansawat (Nam) was to email me the following:


This is exactly as she has sent it: 7:29 AM

(3 hours ago) to me

Now do you have register paper less (importer) complete ? I already sent permission of paper work via-email , if you have register complete then we can run process Thai customs and delivery ,please wait 3-4 day before delivery ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #In case clear under the personal’s name ** the customs require to put the name title necessary for Manifest system** Please see step list below and action Please support to run the process clearance. 1. Please see document attached file document a VAT Registration (VAT20) , Certificate company of Ups , please print all document 2. Please registration and submit Ups broker at customs department area Leamchabang, please prepare the original passport you ,T.M.6,90 day reporting immigration ,and document UPS(VAT 20) once process completed , Laem Chabang Port Customs Bureau 919 MOO 5 Thung Sukhla, Si Racha District, Chon Buri 20230, Thailand TEL : 038-407777 3. After submit broker Ups and registration importer complete ,please let me know by email , and support copy passport all stamp pages ,copy T.M.6 (departure card) , copy 90 day reporting immigration (in case stay thailand over 90 day) , please scan by machine ,not take a photo 4. after that we can submit import entry via customs system,once we got the reply from system then we can process customs clearance.for this process,take time around 3-4 day.we'll also inform the delivery date and total expenses to you in the meantime Thanks & Best Regards, Krittawan Muansawat (Nam) Department of Import Brokerage (Airport) United Parcel Delivery Service ltd.-Thailand Tel. : 02-728-9370 Fax : 02-7289046 Email : CFJ6CMJ@UPS.COM Thanks & Best Regards, Krittawan Muansawat (Nam) Department of Import Brokerage (Airport) United Parcel Delivery Service ltd.-Thailand Tel. : 02-728-9370 Fax : 02-7289046 Email : CFJ6CMJ@UPS.COM.


Can YOU figure out what she wants?


Of course not.


We did ask UPS Corporate in the US to look into this and we gave them an outline of what was going on here in Thailand. UPS couldn't even be bothered to respond, as predicted, but they did have a "customer service" rep in Thailand contact us. I told them we needed to go far and vastly higher up the chain of command than a consumer-level service rep in Thailand. They replied that they couldn't understand why we would be thinking bad things about the UPS/Customs office at the airport, and they promised they could handle any problem we had. But of course they didn't. We never heard from them again.


I have to mention that one of my businesses in the US used UPS exclusively as the carrier for our products for a few years. We gave up in disgust and canceled our UPS business account and never regretted it for a second.


The attorney intervened here and asked UPS what they wanted.


On March 19th, 2021 UPS told me to send them copies of a number of pages and documents in my passport. I did so quickly (within an hour). Those pages included a document called a TM-6, and the page in my passport showing my extended visa in Thailand.


A few hours later I received an email from a different party in Krittawan Muansawat's office advising that she was out for a day and that he (I think it was a male) would take over for her. I then immediately sent him those same documents, but I didn't just send the ones they requested, I sent every page of my passport, because it's one of their favorite tricks to say you didn't send the CORRECT document, when in fact you DID.


So that's once to Krittawan Muansawat, and once to her temp replacement, both on March 19, 2021.


On March 22, 2021, I received an email from Krittawan Muansawat saying I needed to send her copies of my visa page and my TM-6. Of course this had already been done twice (see above), once to her, and once to her cohort.


I sent it to her once again late on March 22, just for kicks.


Late on the night of March 22, Krittawan Muansawat emailed again to ask for a scan of a passport immigration stamp that had already been sent to her. Exasperated, I then immediately sent her the 33 scans, one for every double page of my passport (it's a special frequent-traveler's passport), and one of the front and also back of every document in my passport, plus the front cover of my passport, plus the back cover of my passport. I was tired of the game of asking for the same documents over and over and over, saying they hadn't received them. Sending every page of my passport should have put a stop to that particular ploy.


20 minutes after I sent the 33 scans, Krittawan Muansawat emailed me back to say she couldn't open the files. About half were PDFs, and half were .jpg images. Yet she couldn't open anything. Here is my reply, and remember that my frustration was due to having been through this kind of thing with her previously on numerous occasions and I knew of countless others who had publicly reported this same kind of experience with her (do your Google research). Once I knew who I was dealing with on this dye, I was already angry:


TO: Krittawan Muansawat: I have sent this to many people tonight [outside of UPS]. Nobody has a file error [on any file]. Only you. I can now view every file on my desktop and so can everyone else. This is your problem, not mine. Honestly, I think you are mentally retarded. Every file opens perfectly for everyone who received them tonight. I am looking at the files in the email now. Every file displays perfectly.


AGAIN TO: Krittawan Muansawat, 22:23, March 22, 2021: I am again asking you for the names of your superiors in UPS. I have asked you before. You have refused to tell me. Now I am asking you again. I believe there is something wrong with you, mentally.You cannot do this job. Your bosses must be informed of this. Yes, you will refuse to answer again. That is what we expect. And when we do find your bosses, we will show them all the times we have asked you for their names.


I then sent all my passport scans to the attorney for whom this dye was intended in the first place. I told him to do with them what he wished but to NOT ask me to do more on his behalf. My patience had run out. I was done.


That attorney then also sent all copies of every page and document in my passport to multiple address as shown at the beginning of this page.


Note: Amazon advertises that it will help with Customs problems.


I opened a chat session with Amazon and asked them to help me with this Customs problem.


The Amazon rep said quite plainly and bluntly that he would not help in any way. I told him to cancel my Amazon account. He said he would not (but "I" sure as hell can). That chat is available to anyone who needs it.


On March 23, 2021, I received a message on my iPhone from someone claiming to be in UPS in Bangkok. The message stated that I would not be allowed to return the item (the bottle of dye) without jumping through another endless series of hoops, which, of course, is impossible to do because they purposely MAKE it impossible.


After reading that on my iPhone I got up and showered and went downstairs five floors to the computer room to paste that message into this website and forward it to the attorney. But the message was gone. It no longer existed on my system nor in gmail archives, trash, or any other location. It was not in the in-box, not in archives, not in Spam or junk or deleted folders, not on my phone, not in the cloud. It no longer existed. I have heard about methods to make emails you send disappear after they've been accessed. I've never used them personally. I can't say that was used in this case. But the email no longer existed after being accessed and read the first time, and that's a fact.


Then I received this:


From: DEAR Customer Please support T.M 6 Front and back ,and immigration stamp last page Thanks & Best Regards, Krittawan Muansawat (Nam) Department of Import Brokera.


TO: mkrittawan from me: I have already sent these to you four (4) times. What is the point of sending them five times? Now the attorney will contact you. There is something wrong with your brain. 11:06 AM to me [why the new send-from address now?], From mkrittawan, Dear Sir, We do apologize for this matter which make you upset and disappointed. If we can’t to complete submit your name as UPS’s client in the customs system also. Then we must to abandon this parcel to customs authorize in the next step..


To mkrittawan: The attorney is handling this now. I will not interact with you further. You may interact with the attorney only.


The attorney AGAIN sent out the passport and document images (every single page of my passport, plus front and back covers) directly to UPS to THREE different addresses in that same office.


What did that accomplish?


They wrote back to say the file sizes (200 dpi images of tiny passport pages) were TOO BIG and they wanted them sent YET AGAIN.


The attorney then rescanned them all (he didn't take a chance on re-sampling -- he manually rescanned every image) at some lower dpi and sent them all AGAIN to three addresses.


No one heard from anyone at UPS in response to that.


The attorney then re-sent all of these requested docs YET AGAIN!!!!! :

VisaStamp14-Sept-2017 small.jpg

Retirement Visa August 2017 small .jpg

TM6 small.jpg

Visa Extension to Aug 2021_small.jpg

90 Day Report_small.jpg


No one from UPS responded to him at all AGAIN.


So the attorney contacted them AGAIN:


To aapichaya, LMH5SJR, mkrittawan,

Good morning, I just wanted to confirm that the email I sent you on behalf of [this case] had been received and no further action on [this case] is required at this point. Thanks [attorney]:


No reply to that was ever received by anyone.


Still don't understand the problems people and businesses face when trying to import items into Thailand?


Browse these and learn:


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From Attorney to me, March 25, 2021: Are you getting the emails I send to ups? Concerned that either they are not receiving them or just won’t speak to me about the parcel.


Me to Attorney, March 25th, 2021: I got them. This is the exact bullshit they have pulled on [me on] every single item over the years. though.


The attorney sent this again on march 25, 2021, to,,

[Attorney] 11:47 AM to aapichaya, LMH5SJR, mkrittawan, Please can you confirm receipt of the emails and attachments. Thanks [attorney] .


No reply from UPS. Are you shocked?


Just to document this even further, as if any further documentation was needed, I sent these same documents to all of these same email addresses, for, I believe, the sixth (6th) time, or perhaps it was the seventh:


To: UPS:,, 13:01, March 25, 2021: You have steadfastly refused to reply or respond to the attorney in this matter even though he has repeatedly send you the scans you've requested. For documentation purposes, I am sending these documents to you yet again. This will be at least the sixth time they have been sent to you. Scans attached: I have attached seven (7) documents. All are small in size, so you cannot say they are too big for your system. All are embedded in this actual email, so you cannot say you can't access them from Google. All are documents your have specifically requested and which have been sent to you again and again and again and again and again-- from two different parties, and these have been sent to all three email addresses shown above, many times. You will not reply to the attorney's repeated emails. You are showing us what UPS is made of.


Then I sent it YET AGAIN, below:



When there was no reply even to THAT, the attorney emailed them again:


From the Attorney: to aapichaya, LMH5SJR, mkrittawan, Please can you confirm receipt of the emails and attachments. Thanks.


No one replied to the attorney's email above.


I then sent this one, sent by me at 13:21 on March, 25th, 2021:



And, the latest move on the Chessboard, as follows: 2:11 PM (2 hours ago) to me, aapichaya DEAR MR. XXXX Please contact customs again Leam Chabang (Chonburi) , please amend your name in customs data not match manifest TG ,please amend from MR. XXXX XXXX IS MR. XXX XXXX XXX We waiting run to process Thanks & Best Regards, Krittawan Muansawat (Nam) Department of Import Brokerage (Airport) United Parcel Delivery Service ltd.-Thailand Tel. : 02-728-9370 Fax : 02-7289046 Email : CFJ6CMJ@UPS.COM From: XXX<> Sent: Thursday, March 25, 2021 1:20 PM To: Ariyawatthana Apichaya (LMH5SJR) <>; Ariyawatthana Apichaya (LMH5SJR) <>; Muansawat Krittawan (CFJ6CMJ) <> Subject: [EXTERNAL] The purpose of these emails.> 4:25 PM (0 minutes ago) to mkrittawan, CFJ6CMJ, aapichaya The new URL for your page is here:


You have been instructed to continue with this case through the attorney, as follows: Is there some reason you cannot follow this simple directive? Is there some medication that you require that, perhaps, you cannot afford? Perhaps we can obtain that for you, because clearly you are suffering and we only wish you well..


The attorney says they have clearly altered the manifest in question (below). This is a serious crime in most countries (the non-blacked version is displayed on the law enforcement website).



7:11 PM (0 minutes ago) to aapichaya, LMH5SJR, mkrittawan, CFJ6CMJ,, CFJ6CMJ@UPS.COM

Re your last communication about the name not being correct, you can see that it was typed correctly in one place, but then hand-written differently in another place, I assume by krittawan herself. In the US, we call this fraud. In the US, you go to jail for it. But this is Thailand, where crooks and thieves and scammers thrive. Or so they believe. There is little effective law in Thailand. That's why it's a filthy, backwards cesspool. But it could be so much more. It could be a shining jewel of SE Asia. If only the people weren't crooks.


There was no further communication to, or from, UPS.




Much later, my Thai wife contacted UPS in the US, since I had given up being civil. They asked for a tracking number and the URL of this website. That was supplied. Then UPS replied to say that all we need do is travel to Laem Chabang to sign more documents, and then, perhaps, the item could be moved along to the next phase of the import process. Of course that had been done, weeks before. UPS was told to go fuck itself, and that we had obtained a full refund from Amazon, long before.


Clearly, UPS in the US is as clueless as UPS in Thailand.


But it appears that perhaps UPS in Singapore is the actual direct overseer of UPS in Thailand. I've dealt with Customs in Singapore, maybe twenty years ago, regarding some valuable shipments that were ordered from my company in the US, and routed through Singapore, bound for India. The entire order was a scam and I alerted Singapore Customs. They were on top of it within minutes. Literally within minutes. They went far above and beyond the call of duty to get the problem corrected and dealt with, even going so far as to make an official visit to the broker in Singapore. I've never seen such dedication and professionalism. I was stunned. What an exact opposite Singapore Customs is to Thailand's version of it. Perhaps, just perhaps, some of that professionalism is carried through to UPS corporate in Singapore as well. Indeed, Singapore is a global model of how things could be and should be done. The rest of the world doesn't operate in any way like Singapore, merely because it's lazy and stupid.


We are drafting documents now for numerous law enforcement and other concerns around the world, because businesses, corporations, private citizens, government agencies, and anyone wanting or needing to ship items to Thailand are constantly being met with this same bizarre treatment. I personally know many businesses in Thailand who can't get either resale stocks into Thailand, or can't get the actual machinery, supplies or other items they need to actually physically function here and carry out normal business. My wife's OWN business can't get international supplies in and is financially impacted by that problem. Expats in Thailand complain by the tens and tens of thousands that every year, during the Christmas season, they can't import simple US or UK or French or Canadian toys to their own Thai children, because of problems just like this and much worse. I know a man in middle management in the Customs warehouse in Laem Chabang who boasts that he takes home 1.5 million baht per year, almost completely due to what he calls "bonuses". This would be many, many times the normal, legitimate wage there. Where ARE all those Christmas toys and gifts? This is impacting the very nation of Thailand as whole, because businesses who may have been on the verge of leaving Thailand because of this, before Covid, are now vowing to never return POST Covid, because they were unable to sustain their businesses anyway, due to problems like this with UPS, FedEx, Pitney Bowes, DHL, and all the others -- even the Thai Post, though some say that's safer than the corporate carriers. That has NOT been my personal experience, however.


You already know what you think is really happening. I don't think it. I know it. I've been here almost ten years and I'm now leaving because Thailand is out of control. It is far and vastly more corrupt now, than when I came. It was sketchy when I came. Now it's a free-for-all of corruption. I honestly thought Prayuth was going to knock down the firestorm. Instead, his presence seems to have been gasoline on the fire. Did he even try? I do believe he tried. He was just outnumbered and ineffective. Perhaps he was too nice a guy and didn't understand how to get down in the mud and pig-wrestle with the corruption. Or maybe they put him on notice and scared him, as they did with John F. Kennedy.


Once I'm out of Thailand, I'll release a vast amount of additional documentation regarding this and other cases. That will also occur instantly if I am sued for this content, or jailed, or "disappeared" (indeed, let's make this website really, really big). The original version of this website is available here, if you have the clearance. The US State Department does.


Is UPS stealing all this stuff, or are they just the pawns of a sleazy Thai Customs shakedown?


Thailand wants to know. And the hard-working Thais who are just trying to create and maintain businesses and bring in normal, quality goods for their families deserve to know. The Thai people deserve far better than they're getting in 2021.


Countless friends, acquaintances, business owners, and Thai Nationals, have related to me similar experiences with DHL, Pitney Bowes (they made copy machines for God's sake -- and those machines sucked -- what the hell are they doing in the shipping business?), FedEx, etc., and their theories all match: They believe the carriers are acting on behalf of Thai Customs to make it impossible for the owners of imported items to ever receive those items -- as many items as possible. The goods are then either sold by Customs with the proceeds being split among government officials and the carrier personnel, or the Customs employees and carrier employees themselves simply root through the unclaimed stuff and take what they want home to their families. What do I believe?


This is a multi-billion baht "industry" of missing parcels, and those raking in the cash won't be happy with this dissemination. In the US I was a Federal Agent. Here, I'm no one. Just another victim of Monkeys Wearing Pants.


As far as we know, no UPS or Amazon personnel at any level have bothered to browse to this website. Maybe that will change. Maybe not.


What ever happened to the blue dye?


We have no idea. We never received it.


We only received a refund of all payments, shipping fees, and duty taxes from Amazon.


Do you think UPS will return the blue dye to Amazon in the US?


Oh, you are silly boys and girls...





UPS Corporate USA


UPS Corporate Singapore

UPS Legal Singapore

US State Department



US Attorney

US Federal Trade Commission

US Congress






Within a few days of this page going public, we have noticed various individuals watching our home. Maybe they are merely admiring the paint scheme, or they're avid bird watchers -- we do have a few pigeons hanging around out front. Or maybe it's something else. Specifically, at 15:23 on this date, two females on a motorbike rode to the front of the home a few feet from the door, looked keenly at the address, and conversed with some one or some people over their cell phones; they then snapped cell phone pictures of the front of the house, and slowly rode away, looking back frequently. The security cameras caught it of course, as did local witnesses. The security footage has been uploaded to a secure server outside of Thailand, and we've set the cameras to now FTP all footage to that server minute by minute. We don't know who they were. Maybe they were selling Avon. In a developed country we'd simply go on the Internet and run their license plate in two minutes flat and we'd have the name of the motorbike owner and their address, and a few minutes after that we'd have an avalanche of data about them; then we'd start looking at who their relatives, friends and employers are, and work outwards from there. Maybe the security cameras caught their faces clearly enough to do a facial recognition search. Federal law enforcement in the US was not without its long-enduring perks.


To look the other way is what you DO in someone else's country. I'll back up and cover my eyes and put duct tape over my own mouth to truly absurd and ludicrous degrees in order to ignore and stay out of the business of another country, culture and people. Until I no longer can. That point is now. Enough is enough.


Honestly, I've traveled all these countries in SE Asia and lived in most, and they're all vastly more corrupt than anyone in any settled country can imagine in all their dreams. But Cambodia is livable, and so is Laos; the Philippines have some good points and some bad, and Singapore is a delight. Hong Kong was once my favorite city. Scratch it off your list now. Malaysia is nice if you can tolerate the anti-white racism, which is pretty thick and obnoxious and growingly in your face. Well, I'm white and guess what? I don't like whites either. So cut the Malays some slack. Vietnam is fine -- they are a BUSINESS-ORIENTED PEOPLE, and that's refreshing. Vietnam is positively booming. Try Saigon (not Hanoi). There are countless alternatives to Thailand. I'm examining them now.


People around the world constantly ask me what is the one thing that most drove you out of Thailand?

Reply: There is no most in the equation. There is only one thing. There is no other thing.

That is the corruption.

In Thailand there is more corruption, Horatio, than is dreamt of in your philosophy.


Complaint to UPS/Singapore is here. Let us see if, six months from now, people in Thailand are reporting the same problems with the same people at the same carrier. If so, then stockholders will know it's time to dump UPS and find more intelligent investment. We'll be seeking a list of UPS board members and stock holders. Doing business like this is absolutely nuts.


But Wait!

There's more!

On April 7, 2021, we received the following:

Attachments 10:24 AM (59 minutes ago)

to me, mkrittawan

Dear Sir,

We already complete to add your name in the customs system but pending for customs to release your parcel. Because of customs require the complete SDS that show ingredient 100% which we are also try to get the correct but not found. Could you please to ask to your sender for the complete SDS that show ingredient 100%. **TH Holidays** Customs & UPS close in this period. Tue. 6 APR. Tue. 13- Thu. 15 APR. Best Regards, Apichaya on Be haft of Oukrit Akevorawut Department of Import Brokerage (Airport) Tel 02-7289039 Email .


And my reply, sent one hour later:



The proper document was sent to you weeks ago.

That is the same document that was used to clear this same product on multiple occasions over the years.

On this occasion, the same document was sent to you multiple times.

(1) We gave up on this shipment long ago and you were advised of that in writing.

(2) Amazon refunded on this item long ago. This is no longer our order nor our merchandise. We no longer own it, due to the refund.

(3) Complaints have been filed against you with UPS USA and UPS Singapore, and the website has been forwarded to the US State department, Interpol, the US FBI, and to Prayuth's office, among many others.

(4) The dye was re-ordered and shipped using a carrier who was CAPABLE OF DOING THEIR JOB, and it was received days ago, delivered to the door, without any incident whatsoever.

(5) I have lived literally around the world. I have never seen incompetence to the degree or magnitude as that shown by your office. At what point do we cease to call it merely incompetence, and begin to call it a mental issue? At what point do we do that?

(6) Our business is concluded with you, forever. There is no further reason for you to contact us at any time for any reason. You are directed herewith to cease and desist all contact. This is a legal and documented demand. Cease and desist. If you cannot follow this simple directive, we will file a criminal complaint of harassment against you, and we will pay any and all "fees" to force it to the court.  We believe there is something wrong with you people, mentally. Clearly, you cannot perform your work duties. But that is now UPS's problem, not ours, because we will never conduct business with UPS again. Never. I will instruct my corporation in the US to be absolutely certain they never, ever, even accidentally, ship through UPS, NOR RECEIVE THROUGH UPS. If any employee ships any of my products through UPS, they will be fired on the spot.

You (UPS) are a toxic, poisonous presence in the US, but much more so in Thailand. No company on earth acts as you do. No company could AFFORD TO!

Again, you WILL cease and desist all contact with us forever. This is not merely a "request", this is a DIRECTIVE. You have no legitimate business to conduct with us going forward and you have no reason to contact us ever again. DO NOT DO SO.

Sent in utter and profound disgust, April 7, 2021

CC: Website; attorney

CC: UPS Singapore as a SECOND complaint








We never heard from UPS in ANY country again. That tells you everything you ever needed to know if you're a corporation trying to decide which carrier to go with in the shipping of your products Internationally. Scratch UPS off your list immediately. Look into carrier pigeons instead. UPS worldwide is a complete and total write-off and will be forevermore. There is ZERO recourse within UPS, and ZERO accountability within UPS, in ANY country -- not even in the USA, which is the greedy stink-hole that hatched that outfit in the first place.


But UPS in Thailand is an absolute free-for-all. It's a class of seventh graders who've taken over the gymnasium and whose teacher has been absent for ELEVEN YEARS. They've killed the principal and barricaded the doors and what they do is what they've always done and what they'll always do. It's chaos, rank and sickening. And the people who work hard and buy these products and ship them in to Thailand and never see their own paid-for property again and can't get refunds -- THOSE are the victims, and UPS DOES. NOT. CARE. This website proves it.


Remember, Brown = feces.


But honestly, we must remember that merely because my own personal experiences with UPS in Thailand has been wildly, stunningly, horrifically, impossibly bad, that the other carriers are not ok either. They are decidedly not. If you Google enough, you'll find the same kinds of horror-stories from Thais and farangs alike, struggling unsuccessfully to bring in the simplest of items, purchased from around the world. Fed-Ex, Pitney Bowes, DHL in Thailand, they all pull the same insane crap, and they have for decades, and they always will, because absolutely no one at the any level of UPS or any other carrier give a flying rat-fuck about how their corporations behave in the world.












Yes, UPS is far worse than any of the others, due, probably, to that one entrenched office staff at the Bangkok Airport, but the others run in second place all across the board.


So how DO you buy things from outside of Thailand and RECEIVE THEM in Thailand?


You. Don't.


Using one gimmick, ploy, trick, scam, charade or another, whether UPS, Fedex, Pitney Bowes, DHL, or a long list of others, The Thais Will Steal it, and the CEOs of the carriers will look the other way.


That's your takeaway from this website.






Complain to UPS World Headquarters (and the best of luck to you) via Fax




To be continued...?


What do YOU think?


Of course this is continued! Read the latest fiasco as of April 23, 2021, HERE.