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UPS Complaint #2 to Regional Office, Singapore



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Tel.: (65) 6302 8000
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Complaint #2 to Regional Office, Singapore:




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Appended to website as follows:



….But Wait!

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On April 7, 2021, we received the following:

Attachments 10:24 AM (59 minutes ago)

to me, mkrittawan,

Dear Sir,

We already complete to add your name in the customs system but pending for customs to release your parcel. Because of customs require the complete SDS that show ingredient 100% which we are also try to get the correct but not found. Could you please to ask to your sender for the complete SDS that show ingredient 100%. **TH Holidays** Customs & UPS close in this period. Tue. 6 APR. Tue. 13- Thu. 15 APR. Best Regards, Apichaya on Be haft of Oukrit Akevorawut Department of Import Brokerage (Airport) Tel 02-7289039 Email .



And my reply, sent one hour later:


The proper document was sent to you weeks ago.

That is the same document that was used to clear this same product on multiple occasions over the years.

On this occasion, the same document was sent to you multiple times.

(1) We gave up on this shipment long ago and you were advised of that in writing.

(2) Amazon refunded on this item long ago. This is no longer our order nor our merchandise. We no longer own it, due to the refund.

(3) Complaints have been filed against you with UPS USA and UPS Singapore, and the website has been forwarded to the US State department, Interpol, the US FBI, and to Prayuth's office, among many others.

(4) The dye was re-ordered and shipped using a carrier who was CAPABLE OF DOING THEIR JOB, and it was received days ago, delivered to the door, without any incident whatsoever.

(5) I have lived literally around the world. I have never seen incompetence to the degree or magnitude as that shown by your office. At what point do we cease to call it merely incompetence, and begin to call it a mental issue? At what point do we do that?

(6) Our business is concluded with you, forever. There is no further reason for you to contact us at any time for any reason. You are directed herewith to cease and desist all contact. This is a legal and documented demand. Cease and desist. If you cannot follow this simple directive, we will file a criminal complaint of harassment against you, and we will pay any and all "fees" to force it to the court. We believe there is something wrong with you people, mentally. Clearly,
you cannot perform your work duties. But that is now UPS's problem, not ours, because we will never conduct business with UPS again. Never. I will instruct my corporation in the US to be absolutely certain they never, ever, even accidentally, ship through UPS, NOR RECEIVE THROUGH UPS. If any employee ships any of my products through UPS, they will be fired on the spot.

You (UPS) are a toxic, poisonous presence in the US, but much more so in Thailand. No company on earth acts as you do. No company could AFFORD TO!

Again, you WILL cease and desist all contact with us forever. This is not merely a "request", this is a DIRECTIVE. You have no legitimate business to conduct with us going forward and you have no reason to contact us ever again. DO NOT DO SO.

Sent in utter and profound disgust, April 7, 2021

CC: Website; attorney, UPS Singapore






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