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UPS Complaint to Regional Office, Singapore



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UPS Complaint to Regional Office, Singapore:

Please consider this a formal complaint against UPS in Thailand.

We route this to your office because you appear to be the overseer of the Thailand UPS branch.

We have sent this and many other complaints to UPS in the US. We have received only ineffectual nonsense in response, if we received any response at all, which we usually did not. We have now given up on UPS in the US. Their incompetence appears to be at the root of the problems within UPS worldwide.

This complaint to you involves our complete inability to receive ANY parcels through UPS-Thailand, in Thailand.

You might ask how that could be possible.

We ask the same thing.

The website at the following link will demonstrate the problem.

Our experience is shared by tens of thousands in Thailand -- perhaps hundreds of thousands over the years. Indeed, a Google search showed a staggering two million websites discussing this problem only in Thailand. The UPS brand around the world is highly suspect these days, but in Thailand it is putrid, and for good reason. UPS/Thailand has cultivated that hatred over many years. They've worked hard to make more enemies than perhaps any other corporation in this Nation.

The website is located here:

Please read the page from beginning to end to understand the depth and nature of this problem in Thailand.

You may contact me at, but honestly, there is no reason to contact me. I will never use UPS again. If you contact me to say the problem at UPS in Bangkok has been resolved, it would have no meaning to me -- it is the very nature and culture of UPS that must change and we all know that will never happen. I will never atttempt to purchase products outside of Thailand again. I am currently packing to move to another country. Thailand gets my money no more.

I would have transmitted this URL to you electronically, thus saving you the trouble of typing it in manually, and me the trouble and expense of this fax, but you have made it impossible to contact you electronically unless the complainant has a UPS account. I would never create nor hold such an account in a million years.

The tracking number on the latest UPS fiasco was: [actually it's now unavailable because Amazon has removed it after refunding on the order]

In any case, the tracking number for this particular order is moot. This problem is not limited to one single order; this exact same type of problem involves every order UPS has ever been hired to deliver to us, and this same problem manifests itself in countless thousands of orders placed both by Thais and expats in Thailand, and has continued for decades. I believe there is collusion between the international carriers in Thailand, and Thai Customs, mostly for the purposes of profit.

The shipper was Amazon / US, and Bluewater Chemgroup.

As it stands, it is virtually impossible to bring goods into Thailand through the international carriers, with UPS being responsible, it appears, for the vast majority of problems. Do your research. Hit the Google button. It's time UPS Corporate woke up.

In the future we will send warnings to law enforcement and state departments in developed countries around the world, so that those governments may be warned about trying to use UPS to send merchandise or supplies to Thailand. This website will also be specifically sent to Amazon, eBay, and hundreds of other large retailers in the US and around the world. They deserve to know that their shipments may not ever reach their customers in Thailand.

The complaint is a public document, available on the WWW.




April 5, 2021





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