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Are you SURE you want to ship by UPS in Thailand? Is it "SAFE"?

UPS Complaint to Regional Office, Singapore #3



UPS Asia Pacific Region Office UPS House
22 Changi South Avenue 2
Singapore 486064

Tel.: (65) 6302 8000
Fax: (65) 6302 8008

31 ALPS Avenue
Singapore 498784


April 23, 2021


UPS Complaint to Regional Office, Singapore.

This will constitute our SECOND complaint of criminal harassment against your UPS/Thailand office, in just one day, on April 23, 2021:

Please consider this a formal complaint against UPS in Thailand.

We route this to your office because you appear to be the overseer of the Thailand UPS branch.

We have sent this and many other complaints to UPS in the US. We have received only ineffectual nonsense in response, if we received any response at all, which we usually did not. We have now given up on UPS in the US. Their incompetence appears to be at the root of the problems within UPS worldwide.

This complaint to you involves our complete inability to receive ANY parcels through UPS-Thailand, in Thailand, but it also includes our complaint of criminal harassmernt against your UPS/Thailand office. When any individual or company is told to CEASE AND DESIST contact, what do you think that means? It means to CEASE AND DESIST CONTACT. It means that if you continue to contact that person or persons, you may be found guilty of criminal harassment.

Your UPS oiffice in Bangklok has contacted us twice on this date, despite being told explicitly, formally and officially, to cease and desist contacting us. You are in receipt of previous complaints to that effect, as shown in these pages.

Here is UPS' latest unwanted contact and our reply:




Dear Mr. xxxxxxx

Regarding to your import package by air with UPS PARCEL DELIVERY. The shipment hold in customs custody at Suvarnabhum Airport. In order to do additional customs formal entry process ; we need the necessary documents and information of your package. Please see the file attached for your reference and process clearance as below :

In case UPS clearance, kindly provide information ;

1. Original passport for customs register and add UPS as broker process.

2. Please provide Thai description and the photo of your item.

3. Proof of payment.

4. Brand or Logo for your package. (If any)


Please provide the first page of your passport by email for recheck your name with customs system and UPS provide the messenger service to pick up-return your documents.


Best Regards,

Kanok Pornpanitpiti

Department of Import Brokerage (Airport)

United Parcel Delivery Service ltd.-Thailand

Tel. : 02-7289037 Fax : 02-7289046

Email :






Our reply below:




to kpornpanitpiti

You were told to cease and desist contacting us.

Are you mentally retarded?

Now you would appear to be guilty of the crime of harassment.

We have been through this with you before.

Every time we provide you with the requested documents, you say you didn't receive them.

Sometimes you request the same documents seven times.

This is a game with you.

We know we will never receive this merchandise. It doesn't matter what we do. It is impossible to satisfy all your requirements and we won't waste our time trying.

Now we will file the third complaint against you with Singapore UPS and the USA UPS, and Amazon.

Once again, cease and desist contacting us.

We believe you are mentally handicapped and we will not waste our time with mentally handicapped people in the employ of UPS.

We have no business to conduct with you.

We will obtain a refund from Amazon, as usual, and we will re-ship using a carrier that can do the job. That is not UPS.

This is posted publicly, as are all your communications.

Stop contacting us.




UPS Singapore: You must understand that since you have failed utterly to control this problem, we now consider you to be accessories to this nonsense.

The complaint is a public document, available on the WWW.

All incoming communhications from any address containing the string "UPS" are now blocked.

We thought Singapore was better than this. Clearly, you are not.

xxxxxxx xxxxl

April 5, 2021




Dear xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx,

Your fax to UPS Singapore at 6563028000 has failed because the recipient's line rang but there was no answer.
***We have refunded $1.99 via Paypal. You will receive e-mail confirmation of the refund from PayPal shortly.

Thank you,



Dear djeikrf eujrfie,

Your fax to UPS Singapore at 6563028008 has been sent successfully!
Successful delivery of your fax was confirmed at 1:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time on April 24th, 2021
Your fax included 1 page of coversheet with your text and 3 pages of attached documents.
To view or print the status of your fax, click here.
Thank you,